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Week 9


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Week 9

  2. 2. Robert E Lee was a great leader for the South.
  3. 3. Before the war, Leewas againstsecession, but heloyally served hisstate, Virginiaduring the war. Healso urgedSouthern loyalty tothe country afterthe war was over.
  4. 4. He was a Christian man fullof character.
  5. 5. He fostered religious services among thetroops. He said “I am only a poor sinnertrusting in Christ alone for salvation”
  6. 6. He also said to his son Custis,”I am opposed to the theory of doing wrong that good may come of it. I hold to the belief that you must actright, whatever the consequences.”
  7. 7. Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson wasfirm, resolute, and daring in battlefor the Confederate Army. He wasLee’s right hand man.
  8. 8. He was a strong Christian and taughtsoldiers and slaves about God.
  9. 9. Jackson believed in thesovereignty of God in allthings. “My religiousbeliefs,” heremarked, “allow me tofeel as safe in battle as inbed.” He could not bekilled until the time Godhad appointed, and whenit was time for him todie, he would not beafraid, for he knew he hada reward in heaven.
  10. 10. He wasaccidently shot and killed byone of hisown men.
  11. 11. Ulysses S. Grant led the victorious Union army.
  12. 12. He fought with determination.
  13. 13. He was key in many battles:Shiloh, Vicksburg, and Chattanooga.
  14. 14. He attackedthe Southernsupply lines.
  15. 15. He commanded Sherman to burn the South whilehe cornered Lee in Northern Virginia.
  16. 16. Lee Surrendered to him at AppomattoxCourt House in Virginia.
  17. 17. A few years after the war, Hebecame the 18th president of theUnited States.
  18. 18. Wild RoseGreenhowwas acharminghigh societywidow.
  19. 19. She had befriended Presidents, members ofthe U.S. Congress and military leaders.
  20. 20. Her spy ring supplied information toGeneral Beauregard.
  21. 21. She sweet-talked ranking Unionofficers, governme nt officials and lowly clerks alike, encoded their intelligence, and smuggled messages South.
  22. 22. She was arrested and placed in prison inWashington. She later became a Europeandiplomatic courier before dying when hership sank.
  23. 23. Sarah Edmonds joined aMichigan Regiment atthe beginning of the wardisguised as a man.
  24. 24. Because of her slight build, Sarah in hermale role, served as a nurse, beginningat Manassas.
  25. 25. Shevolunteeredfor a spyoperation.
  26. 26. She quickly became one of McClellan’s mostreliable agents, frequently crossing enemy lineswhile donning a variety of disguises and bringingvaluable information to the North with her.