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Lecture1 ps intro_au11


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Lecture1 ps intro_au11

  1. 1. Who’s Who in Ocean 101?  Majority of your classmates grew up in western WA, but….   Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Oregon, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Texas, Utah   Canada, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Viet Nam  Just as many seniors & juniors as freshman  The most popular reason for taking the course was to fill NW requirement (and it was one of the only classes open)  …most of you wrote that you like to play in the water and are intrigued by the ocean
  2. 2. Course website Net IDAll course materials available on the siteRegister for the cruise through the “Extra Credit” viewCheck daily for announcements
  3. 3. The importance of oceanography to the people and economy of the Pacific Northwest Water, water everywhere: identifying the waters that surround WA state  What and where is the Puget Sound (PS)? How do we use WA waters, especially Puget Sound? How is the Puget Sound important to the economy of our region? Why am I seeing all those advertisements about the health of Puget Sound on TV? 
  4. 4. Location Systems W E N S
  5. 5. Where is the Puget Sound (PS)?  What is the approximate latitude of Seattle?  Longitude? N W
  6. 6. Strait of Juan de Fuca Seattle Puget Pacific Sound Ocean Olympia Western Washington from space Focus on Washington Waters Image: WashingtonSpace.jpg
  7. 7. Whidbey BasinAdmiralty Inlet Main Basin Hood Canal South Sound Puget Sound from Space Where is Puget Sound?
  8. 8. What is the Puget Sound? Sound? Fjord? Estuary? Sound: complex of inland waterways Fjord: system of flooded glacial valleys Estuary: semi-enclosed coastal (salty water) body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it
  9. 9. What is the Puget Sound? How was it formed?  What time scale?  Millions of years ago (MYA)   Mountains forms  Tens of thousands of years ago   Glacier advance and retreat  Five thousand years ago beaches formed  Weather, waves, gravity & humans continue to shape beaches
  10. 10. How was the Puget Sound formed Many millions of years ago (MYA) – topic revisited week 9 Earth’s surface divided into shifting slabs or plates Plates move relative to one another What causes plate motion? What happens at plate boundaries?
  11. 11. How was the Puget Sound formed? MYA (2.4) to tens of thousands of years ago  20,000 years ago PS was under a mile of ice  Covered everything between Cascades & Olympic mountains  Glaciers advance from Canada and retreat graphics/   Heavy pressure   Meltwater creates streams and lakes  Ice dam breaks creates PS
  12. 12. What did the glaciers leave behind? Bulldozed & scattered material Weather, waves, gravity & humans continue to shape Puget Sound Pressure etched on beaches bedrock Layers of soils and rocks Glacial rocks Glacial scrapes Glacial layers
  13. 13. How do people use Puget Sound? Home to 4 million people (2/3 state population) Recreation   Boating: yachts, sailing, kayaking   Fishing: over 211 fish species found   Tide pooling and beach combing Commercial industries and shipping Sewage
  14. 14. How is the Puget Sound important toour economy? Puget Sound economic activities generate $20 billion annually   Tourism   Commercial Fishing   Shipping   Ship Building and Industry
  15. 15. Why am seeing all thoseadvertisements about the state ofPuget Sound on TV?  Frontline “Poisoned Waters” clip 
  16. 16. Problem below the surface Each day 140,000 lbs of toxic chemicals enter the Sound   Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), lead, zinc, copper, petroleum 75% of those chemicals enter by stormwater runoff 549 streams, rivers and lakes with poor water quality ratings Mammals and fish have “among the most PCB- contaminated on the planet” Source:
  17. 17. Puget Sound is in trouble. You can help. A few simple changes make a big difference In your yard: use fertilizers and pesticides sparingly, or just use compost With your car: take your car to a commercial car wash and have oil leaks fixed Around your dog: pick up poop and bag it At home: use natural cleaning products, turn off the lights, turn down the heat, take shorter showers