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Ancient history week 2a


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Ancient history week 2a

  1. 1. Ancient History- Week Two
  2. 2. The Sumerians worshiped idols.
  3. 3. These people built a Ziggurat in order to reach heaven.
  4. 4. God did not like itthat they were self-sufficient in theirattitudes. They wereproud. So Godconfused theirspeech anddispersed thepeople.
  5. 5. Man could no longer clearly communicate. Today 5,000 different languages exist.
  6. 6. People moved to their own areas. Because of this, distinct genetic differences started to appear: skin color, eye color and shape, noses,etc. Before long, races of people would develop.
  7. 7. An amazing monument made by man iscalled Stonehenge.
  8. 8. Each rock piece is about 28 tons. They arein the shape of a circle
  9. 9. It is in England. The amazing mystery is how men could have moved rocks of that size without modern- day equipment! It is believe that some of the rocks were carriedfrom as far away as 300 miles!
  10. 10. Another interesting fact is the placement of therocks. They are in connection to the rising and setting of the sun. They were positioned to measure the moon and seasons as well.
  11. 11. There are many ofthese types of Stoneformations around theworld, but none asimpressive as this one!
  12. 12. They may have been used as meeting places,worship or to study the stars. All of them reflect that man was pretty smart.
  13. 13. If you visit England today, you can still seeStonehenge. It was built over 4,000 year ago. Itwould be neat to touch something almost as old as Noah’s ark!
  14. 14. In the early days of Egypt, the land was divided between what was called Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt
  15. 15. Upper Egyptwas in thesouth alongthe Nile Riverand was higherland. LowerEgypt was nearwhere the NileRiver spills intotheMediterraneanSea.
  16. 16. Upper Egyptians were artistic and grew grain. Theirsymbol was the sedge plant and they worshiped thevulture goddess.
  17. 17. The Lower Egyptians were good with tools and buildings. Their symbol was the bee and they worshiped the cobra goddess.
  18. 18. The Minoans lived on an island in the middle ofthe Mediterranean Sea. They are also called theCretans.
  19. 19. They were quite advanced. They had a huge palacecovered in frescoes and had ivory bathtubs with toilets.They worshiped many gods.
  20. 20. These people flourished for only about 800 years. We donot know why they came to a sudden halt. There was aterrible volcano on a nearby island that may explain whythey disappeared from history. No one knows for sure
  21. 21. A man, many years later by the name of Plato,wrote about a city who was so wicked that it sunk.He may have used these people for the basis of hisstory. (Atlantis)
  22. 22. Greekcivilizationwas shapedby much ofthisculture….eventhe sport ofbull leaping!