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Jordan uk magazine

  1. 1. JORDAN With Dakkak Petra one of the 7 wonders of the worldDakkak Tours Internationala destination management company since 1955 a division of Dakkak Group
  2. 2. J ORDAN IN BREIFSituated in the heart of the Middle-East, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is a land of mesmerizing beauty andcontrasts. It has been home to some of mankinds earliest settlements and villages, and monuments of many of theworlds great civilizations can still be seen today.Petra is one of the most impressive attractions in the Middle East & is one of the 7 wonders of the world. AlthoughPetra is the Jewel in the crown of Jordan, the Kingdom has much more to offer both business & leisure travelers.Jordans attractions are spread all over the Kingdom. In the north you will find the Roman City of Jerash, Umm Qays &Pella among other exciting sites, while in the center is Amman the capital city of Jordan with its Citadel & RomanTheatre.To the west you will dive 400 meters below sea level to the lowest point on earth; the Dead Sea, Bethany & RiverJordan. Close by to the South is Main Hot Springs, Madaba; the city of mosaics and Mount Nebo overlooking theJordan Valley.East of Amman you will find the Desert Castles which are spread over the golden deserts of Jordan, while in the Southof the Kingdom are Kerak, Petra, Wadi Rum & the Red Sea Resort of Aqaba.The diversity of products Jordan offers, gives the opportunity to all travelers to find what they are looking for. Classical,Archeological, Biblical, Eco & Sustained Tourism and Adventure are only a few of what Jordan has to offer.We look forward welcoming you to our country to feel and experience the genuine Arab Jordanian Hospitality.Ahlan Wa Sahlan.W HY DAKKAKFor years, Dakkak has been providing its clients with first class service, offering value for money and exceeding our clients expectations in all travel services being in-bound, out-bound, MICE, and Corporate Travel Service.Our family has been upholding a tradition of superior customer service in the tourism business for more than half a century in the Middle East, and over 25 years inJordan.We are a full-service destination management company, (DMC), members of international travel associations, fully-bonded and insured, working with top touroperators from around the world, multi-cultural team of experienced executives, tours consultants and guides.Our staff are proficient in English, German, French, Spanish, and Arabic, while our contracted guides have all mentioned languages, in-addition to Japanese, Italian,Portuguese and Russian.Dakkak has wide range of products to choose from, each has its own charm and experience. The diversity Jordan has makes it one of the rare destinations that haveit all. We are proud of … Our ability to work hand-in-hand with our clients and fully understand their needs, providing them unique services and facilities, allowing them to experience Jordan like never before. Dakkak products and services include:  Classical Tours  Biblical Tours  Adventure Tours  Eco & Sustainable Tourism  Beach Stays  Events Management  Incentive Tours  Jordan & Beyond  Jordan Hotel Reservation  All ground services and logistics
  3. 3. C LASSICAL JORDANCARAVAN 5 days / 4 nightsDay 1 (ARRIVAL- AMMAN AIRPORT OR LAND Mosaics, which has the oldest known mosaic map ofBORDERS – AMMAN HOTEL) the holy land. Then to Mount Nebo visiting itsUpon arriving Queen Alia International Airport or at Byzantine Church followed by a visit the Baptismland borders, you will be received by our Meet & site of Jesus. We will continue after that to PetraAssist. Transfer to your hotel in Amman for passing via the shores of the Dead Sea for overnight.overnight. Day 4 (FULL DAY PETRA VISIT)Day 2 (AMMAN – JERASH – AJLUN - UM QAYS – Full day visiting Jordans Jewel "Petra", one of the 7AMMAM) wonders of the world. Return back to Amman forYou will start your day to explore one of the most overnight.preserved Roman cities of the Decapolis "Jerash".Then we will proceed to Ajlun, then to Um Qays Day 5 (AMMAN AIRPORT OR LAND BORDERS)which overlooks the Sea of Galilee. Return to After breakfast, you will be transferred to QueenAmman for overnight. Alia International Airport in Amman or land borders for departure.Day 3 (MADABA – NEBO – BAPTISM SITE – DEADSEA – PETRA)After breakfast, head towards Madaba the city ofC LASSICAL JORDANTHE EXPLORER 8 days / 7 nightsDay 1 (ARRIVAL-AMMAN AIRPORT OR LANDBORDERS – AMMAN HOTEL)Upon arriving Queen Alia International Airport or atLand Borders, you will be received by our Meet &Assist representatives assisting you on your waythrough immigration. Transfer to your hotel in Ammanfor overnight.Day 2 (AMMAN – JERASH – AJLUN - UM QAYS –AMMAM)You will start your day to explore one of the mostpreserved Roman cities of the Decapolis "Jerash".Then we will visit Ajlun and Saladin Castle overlookingJordan Valley before heading to Um Qays overlookingthe lake of Tiberius. Return to Amman for overnight.Day 3 (AMMAN - DESERT CASTLES - DEAD SEA - AMMAN)We will head towards the Desert Castles, forts and huntinglodges, most where the domain of Umayyad Caliphs. Qusayr Amrais a UNESCO world heritage site. The black basalt fort of Azraq is incontinuous use since the Roman times, was the headquarters of Lawrence ofArabia. Then we will head towards the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea.Return to hotel in Amman for overnight.Day 4 (AMMAN– MADABA – NEBO – KERAK - PETRA)After breakfast, head towards Madaba, the city of Mosaics, which has the oldestknown mosaic map of the holy land. After that we will go to view the Jordan Valley from thefamous Mount Nebo. Kerak and its Crusader Castle will be our next stop. Then we will continueour trip down to the capital of the Nabateans, Petra for O/N.Day 5 (FULL DAY PETRAVISIT)Full day visiting Jordans Jewel "Petra" a city fully carved in stones. Upon arrival, you will take a horseback ridethrough the Siq, the only access to this city. Return back to Petra for overnight.Day 6 (PETRA-WADI RUM–AQABA)Depart to the Valley of the moon, which was known as “Lawrence of Arabia land” enjoying a jeep safari and explore thedesert for two hours. Then we will drive to the Red Sea Resort City of Aqaba for O/N.Day 7 (AQABA)Free day in Aqaba for water activities.Day 8 (AQABA / AQABA AIRPORT / LAND BORDERS / PORT - DEPARTURE)After breakfast, transfer to King Hussein Airport Aqaba, land border or Port for departure.
  4. 4. B IBLICAL JORDANBIBLICAL TREASURES 6 days / 5 nightsDay 1 (ARRIVAL- AMMAN AIRPORT OR LAND BORDERS – AMMAN HOTEL)Upon arriving Queen Alia International Airport or at land borders, you will be received by our Meet & Assistrepresentatives, transfer to your hotel in Amman for overnight.Day 2 (AMMAN - UMM QAYS – ANJARA - JERASH – AMMAN)We will drive north of Jordan to Umm Qays. From here you can view the Golan Heights and Tiberius Lake.We will then visit Anjara. We will then head north to visit the splendidly preserved Greco-Roman city of Jerash.Return to Amman for O/N.Day 3 (AMMAN – MADABA – MOUNT NEBO – MEKAWIR - KERAK - PETRA)We will head towards Madaba, the city of mosaics. This town has a long history, being first mentioned in the Bibleand in the Mesha Stele when it was a Moabite town, visit St. George orthodox Christian church the mosaic Map ofJerusalem, Palestine, Jordan, Israel & Egypt. Then to Mount Nebo tour of the site of the Tomb of Moses. From hereMoses viewed the Promised Land. There are ruins of 4th and 6th c. churches whose floors are still covered withmarvellous mosaic. Continue driving via the kings road to Mekawir is the site of Herod’s Palace, where one traditionhas it that Solomon danced and John the Baptist was beheaded. Visit the site of Herod the Great, Afterwardscontinue to Kerak touring it’s Castle (one of the finest examples of Crusader military construction, then depart toone of the 7 wonders of the world, Petra for O/N.Day 4 (PETRA, ONE OF THE 7 WONDERS OF THE WORLD)After breakfast, start exploring one of the 7 wonders of the world with a horseback ride to the SIQ (Canyon) followedby guided tour through the Siq. We will visit the Treasury, city centre, the Royal tomb, the theatre, the High Place ofSacrifice and the Roman Soldier Tombs and many others before returning to the Hotel in Petra for O/N.Day 5 (PETRA - WADI RUM – AQABA)We will head to Wadi Rum, the Valley of the Moon. It is like a moonscape of ancient valleys and towering weathered sandstone mountains rising out of white andpink colour sands. Upon arrival to Wadi Rum, a 2hrs jeep tour to explore Lawrence Road, visiting the most spectacular sights of Wadi Rum. You will be treated for aBedouin lunch at Wadi Rum. Then we will drive to the Red Sea Resort City of Aqaba for O/N.Day 6 (AQABA – BETHANY – DEAD SEA - AMMAN)After Breakfast we will head through Wadi Araba then along the shores of the Dead Sea to visit Bethany: The site of John the Baptists settlement at Bethany beyondthe Jordan Where Jesus was baptized, then continue to Amman for O/N.Day 7 (AMMAN - DESERT CASTLES – AMMAN)After breakfast, start your day exploring the east part of Jordan, the desert castles and palaces, built by the Umayyad Caliphs in the 8th century AD. They built thesecastles and palaces in the Jordanian desert in order to maintain the caravan routes and to secure the loyalty of Jordanian tribes. Return back to Amman. For O/N.Day 8 (DEPARTURE VIA AIRPORT OR LAND BORDERS)After breakfast, transfer to Queen Alia International Airport or land border for departure.B IBLICAL JORDANJERUSALEM STOPOVER 3 days / 2 nightsDay 1 (ARRIVAL – VIA ALLENBY BRIDGE - JERUSALEM)Arrive via Allenby Bridge. Meet & assist, transfer to your hotel inJerusalem for overnight.Day 2 (JERUSALEM)After breakfast, a full day tour of the Old City visiting the Dome of theRock mosque and Al Aqsa mosque, Church of St. Anne, the Pool ofBethesda, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Omar mosque, walk throughthe exotic bazaars with their wondrous aromas.Then drive to Mt. of Olives to the Dome of the Ascension, Church of thePater Noster. Overnight in Jerusalem.Day 3 (JERUSALEM – BETHLEHEM – HEBRON - JORDAN)After breakfast, head to * Bethlehem visiting Church of Nativity, theManger (birthplace of Christ), St. Jerome’s Grotto and the church of St. Catherine, then continue to * Hebron. BothTours will be if situation permits, otherwise, it will be a free day in Jerusalem until time of transfer to Allenby Bridgecrossing into Jordan.* If Situation Permits
  5. 5. G UARANTEED DEPARTURES from USD 560.00JORDAN TRASURES 8 days / 7 nights Day 1: Sunday: Amman Airport – Amman Hotel Upon arriving to Queen Alia International airport, Meet and assist by our representatives through immigration. Transfer to your hotel in Amman. Overnight. Day 2: Monday: Amman - Jerash - Ajloun - Amman Hotel 9.00 AM After Breakfast, head north of Amman to visit Ajloun Saladin Castle overlooking Jordan Valley, continue to visit one of the best preserved Roman cities of the Decapolis (Jerash). Back to Amman for overnight. Day 3: Tuesday: Free Day in Amman Free day in Amman. Optional tours available upon request. (Jerusalem Tour Recommended) Day 4: Wednesday: Amman - Madaba - Mount Nebo - Dead Sea - Petra 9.00 AM After breakfast, transfer to visit Madaba Church with its oldest known mosaic map of the holy land. Then to Mt Nebo to visit the Byzantine church, after which we will continue to the Dead Sea; the lowest point on earth, enjoy floating in its therapeutic saline waters, before we end the tour for the day at Petra. Overnight. Day 5: Thursday: Petra Tour 8.00 AM Full day visiting Jordan’s Jewel (Petra) one of the 7 wonders of the world. The tour starts on horseback ride, then you walk through the Siq to uncover the secrets of the Nabatean city. Back to hotel in Petra for overnight Day 6: Friday: Petra - Wadi Rum - Aqaba - Amman 8.00 AM After breakfast , depart south to Wadi Rum exploring the most spectacular desert landscapes in the world for 2 hours by 4WD. After the tour, we will head back to Amman through Wadi Araba road after a quick panoramic tour of Aqaba. Overnight in Amman.Day 7: Saturday: Amman - Desert Castles - Amman City Tour9.00 AM After breakfast , head east of Amman to visit the Desert Castles , beautiful examples of early Islamic art and architecture, used to be forts and Huntinglodges , back to Amman visiting the citadel and the Roman Amphitheatre. Overnight.Day 8: Sunday: Amman – Amman Airport - DepartureAfter breakfast, you will be transferred to Queen Alia International Airport in Amman for departure.G UARANTEED DEPARTURES from USD 305.00PETRA NIGHTS 3 days / 2 nightsDay 1: Wednesday: Araba Border - Aqaba Port - Aqaba Airport - PetraAfternoon arrival. Meet at Araba border, King Hussein Airport or Aqaba Port. Transfer toPetra hotel. Enjoy Petra by night lit by more than one thousand candles. The tour startsat 8.30PM and lasts for 2 hours. Overnight in Petra .Day 2: Thursday: Petra Tour8.00 AM Full day visiting Jordan’s Jewel (Petra); one of the 7 wonders of the world.The tour starts on horseback ride and then you walk through the Siq to uncover thesecrets of the Nabatean city. Back to hotel in Petra for overnight.Day 3: Friday: Petra - Wadi Rum - Aqaba - Departure8.00 AM After breakfast , depart south to Wadi Rum exploring the most spectaculardesert landscapes in the world for 2 hours by 4WD.Continue to Aqaba for departure via Araba border , Aqaba Port or King Hussein Airport.Special Offer valid until 27th February 2013For More Guaranteed Departures Tours, CLICK HERE>>>
  6. 6. L AWRENCE OF ARABIAORIGIONAL TRAIL 10 days / 9 nightsDay 01 (Amman – Aqaba)Arrive to Amman, Transit Transfer to Aqaba Airport, meet& greet service, transfer to hotel for overnight.Day 02 (Aqaba)After breakfast, we will start by having a brief lecture aboutthe Great Arab Revolt (GAR) and Lawrence before startingthe tour. Then we will depart to see Aqaba Battle site(Aqaba Castle and Shore) which will include thearchaeological and the GAR museum, Aqaba marine lifestation. Then will be time for shopping Aqaba takingadvantage of it being a Duty Free Zone. Return to hotel inAqaba for dinner and overnight.Day 03 (Aqaba – Wadi Rum)After breakfast, we will head towards Wadi Rum through itsback road which Lawrence took. You will have the choice totake either the 4X4 jeeps or have a 3 – 5 hours camel ride.We will spend a full day in Wadi Rum visiting Lawrence Graffiti, Lawrence headquarters, climbingshifting sand dunes before enjoying a typical Bedouin lunch. Then we will visit the natural rockformation, local Bedouin village Rum, and watch the sunset over ever changing colours of RumMountains. Tourists will have the chance to spend a romantic Bedouin evening which will includeBedouin dinner with music and with free time for star gazing, before spending the night in Bedouintents.Day 04 (Wadi Rum – Alhumaymah – Ma’an – Petra)We will start the day by taking the jeeps stopping by the Kharazah Graffiti thatshows 2 to 3 thousand years stories of Arabian Caravans and wildlife hunting.Then we will move to Alhumaymah archeological village which dates back tothe Roman,Byzantine and Islamic eras. We will stop by the 6000 BC Neolithicsite Ain Aljamam before heading to Abu Allusson Battle site followed by a visitto the Hejaz Railway Station in Ma’an which was attacked by Lawrence andoriginally used as a Muslim Pilgrimage Station to Mecca. Then we will head toPetra for overnight.Day 05 (Petra)Full day tour of one of the 7 wonders of the world. Overnight in Petra.Day 06 (Petra – Kingsway – Islamic Judgment Site – Shoubak Castle – Dana Reserve)After breakfast, we will drive along the Biblical Kingsway (1200 BC) stopping by Adhruh, the most famous Roman garrison site in Jordan before stopping by theIslamic Judgment site which was visited by Lawrence.Then we will resume to Aljarba towards Shoubak Castle. You will have the chance to examine the 2nd century Trajan Road (Via Nova Trajana) before heading to DanaNatural Reserve. We will experience a walk in an eco trail then return to the campsite for overnight.Day 07 (Dana – Tafeelah – Jurf Aldaraweesh – Amman)We will start the day by visiting the Biblical Capital of the Edomites Kingdom (1200 BC), before seeing Biblical Sella. Then we will drive to Tafeelah Castle, a placewhere Lawrence stayed at, then to Tafeelah battle site where Lawrence and the GAR Armies won after a harsh fight. Then we will visit Jurf Aldaraweesh battle sitedriving through Alhasa to Qatraneh the taking the 100 years steam engine train riding the Hejaz rail to Almahata in Amman.Day 08 (Amman – Arnoon Valley – Deaboon – Mekawer – Mount Nebo – Madaba – Amman)We will drive from Amman to the dramatic scenery of the Biblical Arnoon Valley “ Wadi Al Mujib Reserve” then to Biblical Deaboon, the place where the Moabitestone was found.Then we visit Mekawer where John the Baptist was beheaded by Herod Antipas. In the afternoon we will visit the Biblical Mount Nebo and the 6th century mosaicmap in Madaba. Overnight in Amman.Day 09 (Amman – Desert Castles – Azraq – Amman)Depart towards the Desert Castles and Azraq Castle where Lawrence of Arabia wrote his memories and did spend much time there. Return to Amman for overnight.Day 10 (Amman)Departure
  7. 7. A DVENTURE JORDANJORDAN TREKKING 9 days / 8 nightsDay 1 (ARRIVAL- AMMAN AIRPORT OR LAND BORDERS – MADABAHOTEL)Arrival to Amman. Meet & Assist at Queen Alia International Airport orat land borders, transfer to Madaba city for O/N.Day 2 (MADABA – WADI IBN HAMMAD – DANA NATURAL RESERVE)After Breakfast at hotel, depart Madaba to Wadi Ibn Hammad. Anarrow sandstone gorge, abundant water and splendid hanginggardens. At the entrance of the gorge lies a pleasant hot spring, springsflow everywhere, supporting a variety of plants. The group will follow ashort trail down into the Wadi bed.On the south bank, a hot spring issues from an elevated terrace whereits water is gathered into an artificial pool. You can enjoy the hammambefore you enter the canyon.Proceed downstream; penetrating slowly into a wonderful world with springs dripping from the banksand with hanging gardens sprouting from every fissure. As you continue walking, the walls of thecanyon draw closer. About 40 minutes from the trailhead, shortly after a little side stream joinsfrom the south, overhead daylight disappears. A travertine overhang was built up here bycoalescing stalactites. The overhang actually touches the opposite wall, forming a solid bridgefrom one side of the gorge to the other. Below the bridge the walls are dyed with many hues ofgreen & red. O/N in Dana.What is The Dana village Hotel?Staying at the Dana hotel is a completely unique experience. As you are surrounded by the natural beautyof the Wadi and lavished with traditional Arab hospitality. Prepare your self to share a cup of tea with locals.The Hotel offer 500 years of living tradition the village overlooks sunsets and natural canyon land escape as faras the eye can see. The village is quaint and small home to 40 families who continue to live a simple lifestyle. Thehomes of Dana are original remnants of the areas first settled inhabitants and are closely centered about the communitymosque.Day 3 (WADI DANA TO WADI FEINAN)After breakfast we follow a spectacular blend of mountains and desert landscapes, as well as an extraordinary botanic diversity, make Dana nature reserve one of itskind the reserve stretches over 300 sq. km from the edge of Edom plateau down to the Araba valley, its altitudes vary with short distances from 1,650m above sealevel to 150m below, creating different climatic conditions and habitats. The reserve is dissected by deep canyons, winding below lofty sandstone massifs withoverwhelming views. To date, 700 species of plants have been recorded in the reserve as well as 200 birds and 36 mammals. The big mammals, though rare, includeNubian ibex (wild mountain goat) wolf, golden jackal, striped hyena and red fox. The botanic diversity of Dana combines Mediterranean, desert (saharo Arabian),steppe (Irano - Turanian) and subtropical (Sudanian) plants. Trees includes red juniper, Oak, pistachio. Oleander, brooms Acacia, cypress, all from the Mediterraneanzone.Wadi Feinan:Feinan was one of the largest copper works in the ancient near East. The site is located in the Araba valley at the end point of the treks of Wadi Dana .What remainstoday are runs of Byzantine churches, an aqueduct and a water reservoir and smelting furnaces.Day 4 (JEEP & HIKE IN WADI FEINAN – PETRA)After Breakfast leaving Wadi Feinan towards the Araba valley along narrow canyons of sandstone and igneous rocks, as well as towering peaks and vast expanses ofcolorful desert landscape. Spectacular fields of red sand dunes all over the Araba. The desert between Feinan and Petra is awe inspiring in its beauty and extraordinarymoon like landscape. Above all, Petra, one of the 7 wonders of the world, the fabulous Nabatean capital is located here, hidden among cliffs of red sandstonemountains. O/N in Petra camp.Day 5 (PETRA)After breakfast at camp, start visiting Jordans Jewel "Petra" The Capital City of the Nabateans, a city fully carved in the rose red stones of Wadi Mousa Mountains. Youwill take a horseback ride; walk through the Siq, the only access to this city. Continue exploring the City. Then visit the Monastery (El Deer). Return to camp for O/N.Day 6 (PETRA)After breakfast at camp, start visiting Sacrifice place, down to Wadi Farasa visiting the Church, then back to Wadi Muthlim. Back to camp in Petra for O/N.Day 7 (PETRA – WADI RUM)After breakfast, transfer from Petra to Wadi Rum, exploring the beauty of its nature, visiting the most spectacular sites off the Beaten track, viewing old graffiti’s andinscriptions, winding throughout canyons and sand dune. Continue to the camp site (Um Fruth). O/N Wadi Rum.Day 8 (WADI RUM – AMMAN)Breakfast at camp, free morning in Wadi Rum for Camel or Jeep tour to continue exploring following the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. Transfer to Amman for O/N.Day 9 (DEPARTURE VIA AIRPORT OR LAND BORDERS)Breakfast at hotel followed by transfer to Queen Alia International airport or land border for departure.
  8. 8. I NCENTIVE JORDANWhy Jordan for IncentivesOnly few places in the world offer you diversity of options when it comes to your incentive travel programs and conference locations. Whether you seek adventure ofa different kind or simply seek a modern venue to host your next corporate meeting, Jordan is the place for you.Jordan has always been a safe haven. It is one of the most unique destinations in the world, from the genuine Arabian hospitality of its people, to the rich biblical andhistorical sites; Jordan has more than you expect to offer. We Start from the Beginning What We Do? Your Incentive Stays  Site Selection and Travel Theme  Managing the venue.  Meet & Greet Services at Airports or Land  Proposing & choosing a theme for the event.  AV design entertainment. Borders  Preparation of a detailed concept.  Unique lighting & special effects.  Luxurious Stays at Hotels & Resorts  Accurate budgeting of all elements of the  On-site staff for supervision  Ground Transportation Individually or as a concept.  Food & Beverage. Group  Organization & logistics.  Motivational Activities  Swift Check-in / Check-out  Finding best site / venue.  Outdoor Activities  Welcome Gifts  Choice & Management of subcontractors /local  Team Building  24 hrs VIP Help-Desk at Hotel suppliers.  Soft Adventure Challenge  Detailed Proposal  Thrilling Adventures  Recreational ActivitiesDakkak EventsEntertaining your team or your Clients is important for all organizations as it strengthens the bond between yourself and your guests. Whether you’re consideringcorporate hospitality, team building or a unique one-off occasion our event professionals are here to help. Utilizing our wealth of knowledge and industry contacts wewill ensure your event stands out from the crowd.Events Management Include… Some Theme Party Ideas... Some Thrilling Events...  Corporate Events  The Roman Feast - Jerash  Jeep Safari - Wadi Rum  Social Events [Farewell Evening, Anniversary  Beach BBQ Disco Night Below Sea Level - Dead  Camel Safari - Wadi Rum celebrations, Inauguration or a Company Party] Sea  Explore the Coral Reefs of the Red Sea - Aqaba  Theme Parties  Meet the Bedouins (Bedouin Nights) - Wadi Rum  Ballooning High Above Jordan - Wadi Rum  Gala Evenings / Lunches / Cocktail Receptions /  Dine with the Caliph - Amman Citadel Out-side Catering  1001 Arabian Nights - Dead Sea / Wadi Rum  Entertainment Events  Challenging Events  Concerts / Musical Shows / Fashion Shows  Traditional Shows / Ancient Civilizations Shows  Team Building Activities and much more...Contact us Follow us:Dakkak Tours InternationalTel: +962 6 5601076Fax: +962 6 5687972Email: info@dakkak.comWeb: www.dakkak.comAmman - Jordan