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Tapal Tea Michael Leander workshop part 1


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Part 1 of digital marketing workshop for Tapal Tea in Karachi

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Tapal Tea Michael Leander workshop part 1

  1. 1. Things that matters an awful lot
  2. 2. Your target prospect is exposed to 6000 advertising messages every single day
  3. 3. Buyers are becoming more and more cautious Trust is critical Remember your trust emblems (positive associations, testimonials etc.)
  4. 4. Short attention span, loads of intrusion - how do you cut through the clutter? Brain filter Do I know you? Do I need you? Can I trust you?
  5. 5. How do you avoid being bottom of mind
  6. 6. How to get into the Mind Box? Unique passionate emotional authentic focused interactive meaningful …
  7. 7. Significant changes in the age of discovery Transparency & trust Relevancy Customer intimacy Multichannel mix Immediacy
  8. 8. Think about the future
  9. 9. The new shopping experience • Often starts in search • Increasing percentage starts in mobile search • M-commerce on the rise in Western world • F-commerce expected to take off
  10. 10. Words matter, but only if you know which, why, when and for how long
  11. 11. THE OTS CHALLENGE Message The it’s all over phase Action Increase opportunity to see by 3, 5, 10 Message Message Pre launch phase Message Message Nurture & convince phase Message Action Hard selling phase
  12. 12. Match content and offers to stages – use persona’s if relevant to your situation Prerequisites > Profile insights > Content to match > Good database & marketing execution system > A clear objective driven plan on what you want to accomplish
  13. 13. Match your content assets to different needs & stages Lead generation Nurture specific topic Ongoing OTS – broad or specific
  14. 14. The importance of E’s in your marketing mix • • • • • Expectation Excellence Exciting Experience Emotions (leading to action) • Enablement
  15. 15. New challenges, new opportunities Touch
  16. 16. How do most people make buying decisions? With logic With emotions
  17. 17. Your market is both men and women. You can only use one picture. Which do you choose? Man also known as male Woman also known as female
  18. 18. Our agenda 1. Bits and pieces about the digital marketing landscape – to get us started 2. Details for selected communications channels – as per your preferences
  19. 19. Interactive workshop
  20. 20. Email address: @michaelleander #michaelleander Pictures here:
  21. 21. Quick exercise • Use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn – or both • Write something people wouldn’t expect describing your feeling about our training today – On Twitter mention @michaelleander – On Facebook mention Michael Leander – or tag me if you are connected ( – On LinkedIn, mention Michael Leander
  22. 22. Where are we and where are we going?
  23. 23. The future is already here — it's just not very evenly distributed. William Gibson, 1993
  24. 24. 30+ million Pakistanis have access to the internet – and growing
  25. 25. 104.000.000 … and growing 7 out of 10 Pakistanis
  26. 26. 5-6 million smart phone users in Pakistan Expected to grow to 50 million by 2016 (Ericsson Pakistan) Mian Muhammad Mansh
  27. 27. Mobile internet users: 1 in 4 Facebook penetration: 1 in 4 of online population (total 8 million) Sources: Telenor Pakistan and
  28. 28. 18-26 year olds: high data consumption on feature phones
  29. 29. Models designed for feature phone users
  30. 30. In closing Blackberry & • Feature phones Remember there are two kinds of people
  31. 31. DIRECTION - purpose - strategy - tactics - execution - measure 36
  32. 32. Drive towards your objectives first , tactics & deadlines second ! See video about being objective driven
  33. 33. The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers @shivsingh
  34. 34. The purpose of marketing is to acquire, convert, sustain and grow customers whom then in turn will attract other customers through referrals
  35. 35. Understand what consumers want and then fulfill that want with perfection and extraordinary focus on the customer experience
  36. 36. Knowledge of Customers How do we collect knowledge of our customers In which touch points? How do we use this knowledge? How can we enrich and increase our own knowledge Customer Experience How do we ensure that customers get the same experience across all touch points? On which level must the experience be consistent across all channels? Knowledge Customer Value Customer Experience Customer Value Integration How do we share knowledge of our customers? How do we plan and implement customer activities across the company? How close do we want to integrate ourselves with Integration customers and partners? Balanced effort How do we balance our efforts in relation to the customers value? What effect does that have in our activities? How far will we go? How do we focus on loyalty, retention and cross sales? Which customers have which value? How do we measure it? Which customers will we attract, retain or develop? Which service will we provide the defined segments? Customer Customer Expectation Balanced effort Customer Expectations When are the customer in touch with us and why? Which expectations do they have and how do we live up to them? How do we communicate with the customers? What impact does customer satisfaction have on revenue and profit?
  37. 37. It is never about channels or platforms, but all about understanding … > exactly what you want to achieve > when you want to achieve it > how you are going to achieve it > Which details you need to pay extra attention to in order to accomplish what you want
  38. 38. Multichannel marketers multiply ROMI by 5, 10, 15
  39. 39. Become a ROMI champion
  40. 40. What is the cost of interaction? Strongest Email Marketing Search engine optimization Pay per click Social media networks Public relations TV Online advertising Good Highly variable Low value Hard to measure
  41. 41. Integrate across channels – use launch mechanisms Response increases, 100% for direct mail piece. Teaser e-mail. No online response Direct Mail Combined response from e-mail and direct mail is 125% better than no e-mail. Pre-mail, with online response Direct Mail
  42. 42. Remails & OTS Send Tuesday Send Friday
  43. 43. Think about what Tapal can learn from this campaign
  44. 44. Write what you thought was the most important take away and why
  45. 45. The Power Of A Name
  46. 46. Good or bad brand name?
  47. 47. Cola in Ghana - What is the problem?
  48. 48. What is the problem? Lumia in Spanish? Peugeot in South China Biao zhi
  49. 49. Extra large bags in Finland Snow in Iran
  50. 50. Reputation Globally / Locally Accessible Your name ONLINE Your name in context Own it ! SEO technical
  51. 51.
  52. 52. Thoughts about branding and finding your unique value proposition 1. What defines you? 2. What describes you? • How can you link that to the overall Tapal brand? • What are the consequences of locking what defines you in respect to the different markets you address?
  53. 53. Which reads the most words pr minute – the eye or the ear? 2.500 words per minute 125 words per minute The eye reads 20 times faster than the ear @michaelleander
  54. 54. Visuals stir emotions in a heart beat
  55. 55. People talk about pictures, share them, LOL at them
  56. 56. Make sure the message is somewhat relevant to your brand / offering
  57. 57. Whatever you do, make sure that you create a [unique] feel good feeling
  59. 59. Meet Good ‘ol AIDA A = Attention (Awareness) I = Interest D = Desire A = Action
  60. 60. Challenge: from eyeballs to reel interaction? Make sure you include USP’s and/or branding when appropriate Stir an emotion Call to action: Links and descriptive text needed
  61. 61. Attention Interest Desire Action
  62. 62. Which picture post generated most likes on Facebook?
  63. 63. And don’t forget the tactical aspects - most people like women - cleavage
  65. 65. The power of social is in the share
  66. 66. Quality of engagements first, quantity second Looking for tall male followers with dark hair, between 25-35
  67. 67. Thinking about eacb specific segment, what could be done to improve the “phototorial” and increase engagement on social media as a result of that improvement
  68. 68. AID+LIRA Attention > Interest > Desire + Like – Interaction – Recommendation - Action Engagement Share is good Action is best Like is NOT a currency, engagement is @michaelleander
  69. 69. The power of social is in the share Call to action Page likes 5.000 Shared 222 Reach 23.168 Clicks ? Likes 74
  70. 70. The Power of Paper
  71. 71. Make the onsite share easy - > and make it count Think about - Images - Shared text - How to make the share convert - How to track your success
  72. 72. Quick Facebook tip for attracting more people to click on a Link Get your call to action link inside the first 3 sentences Track all links to be able to measure conversions / effect
  73. 73. Pay attention to details & Don’t be afraid to experiment, don’t be afraid of failure Create a culture of experimentation
  74. 74. Test your way to success Test version A Test version B Main Broadcast Send Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 10,000 Send Volume: 180,000 Sample criteria: Random Sample criteria: Random Click through rate: 5.8% Click through rate: 6.1% Click through rate: 4.5%
  75. 75. Which color is considered most effective for call to action boxes?
  76. 76. Orange or contrast
  77. 77. Check your web properties for - differentiating colors - text, links, images Reference:
  78. 78. Testing digital marketing materials makes the difference between great and mediocre results A/B split testing is simple and easy to do
  79. 79. Use advertising on social networks to practice your A/B split testing skills Simple and fun test anyone can do - 2 target groups - A was men - B was women
  80. 80. Use advertising on social networks to practice your A/B split testing skills
  81. 81. The Danger of Band Wagon & The Urgency of Mobility
  82. 82. New opportunities to interact and get a response from your audience using QR codes (or not)
  83. 83. Me too, me too, me too, me too, me too, me too !
  84. 84. Drink and scan – if you can !
  85. 85. Scan and download a book
  86. 86. But why mobility now?
  87. 87. Quick fix: Social and mobile are intrinsically linked
  88. 88. The Urgency of Mobility & Opportunities in 2nd Screen
  89. 89. New challenges, new opportunities Touch
  90. 90. Does she scroll? • Average pixel length of a vertical scroll?
  91. 91. Responsive web design – make sure you deliver a good to great experience across all devices
  92. 92. Responsive websites 1 2 Laptop view Smartphone view Navigation (1) and Sectors (2) Responsive design takes the Navigation are in one format for the typical and Sector callouts and formats it user (laptop/desktop). automatically to give easy access for the mobile user). Check your own website on your smart phone or tablet. Are you happy now?
  93. 93. Content recommendations on mobile (Google Plus)
  94. 94. Prioritise video in your mobile optimised site. Video content highly effective for engagement & conversion
  95. 95. Social media and mobile marketing • Have a single goal in mind for each channel • Optimise each social presence for mobile (e.g. Facebook apps) • Time your mobile focused posts • Favour image and location based marketing • Use mobile apps to manage your account and activity
  96. 96. What is SOLOMO?
  97. 97. Community engagement – picture economy • The secret lives of luxury shoes • Photos are submitted through Instagram using the hashtag #BGShoes • Image is placed on Bergdorf’s map of Manhattan
  98. 98. Gamification - adds interaction, repetition & sharing
  99. 99. … deeply personal
  100. 100. Mobility & nd 2 Screen
  101. 101. 2nd screen opportunities
  102. 102. Google Currents - automated publishing - increase readership - experiment with “tabletized” publishing -opportunity to attract a new audience - serve existing audience better
  103. 103. How does mobile & relevant ”time and place offers” tie in with the overall customer experience and your webpresence
  104. 104. Automated campaign a massive success ... In Turkey • Sign-up via qualification • IVR • Different Axe girl calls every day Think: Solves a real problem in a fun way (service) and generates continous awarenesss
  105. 105. 7 proven senses to consider for your digital marketing activities • Lust; the anticipation of pleasure, (which we crave) • Mystique; an unanswered question that intrigues us and makes us want to solve the puzzle • Alarm: the threat of negative consequences, which demands immediate response • Prestige: symbols of rank and respect, which earn us status and admiration • Vice: rebellion against rules, which tempts us toward “forbidden fruit” • Trust: certainty and reliability, to which we give our loyalty • Commonsense; use your commonsense
  106. 106. Which senses do this Westin mobile add play on?
  107. 107. Mobility is everywhere and is becoming the de facto standard for finding stuff • • • • • • Think about Google Maps & Places (be there) Think about Google Plus (Google +) Think about Facebook & Places Think about Foursquare Think about Location Based Services Think about how hard it is to find good interactive apps about Greece in general
  108. 108. What is there to think about? Mobile Web Mobile App  Good for engaging new prospects Can work well as a client retention tool  Cheaper and quicker to market  Stronger at driving call to action through push messaging  Provide an additional touch point  Ideal for digital coupons, special user events and offers (local, regional) Mobile Ads Targeted  Performance based  Drive traffic, downloads and conversion of any kind
  109. 109. 5 Minute Exercise What can you do (or what can Tepal do) to leverage mobility – Describe an idea or a project, which will help Tepal attract more customers or retain/grow customers
  110. 110. Want to know more? Here’s what to do • Come say hi & join the fun over at my Facebook page • Stay tuned for more content on Twitter • Join our CMO Group on Linkedin here • If you missed the 7 points, send me an email to