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9 Actionable Healthcare Tweets from HIMSS 2015

  1. 9 Actionable Healthcare Tweets from HIMSS 2015 Buddy Scalera Content Strategist Marilyn E. Cox Marketing Principal Industry Center of Excellence Oracle Marketing Cloud Industry Solutions
  2. Introduction to HIMSS 2015 • The HIMSS Annual Conference is the largest health IT event in the industry. • This year over 41,000 individuals attended. • Healthcare professionals, clinicians and executives from around the world gathered to explore the value of health IT through education, networking and solutions. • Every attendee leaves having discovered new ways to advance innovation, make a greater impact and improve outcomes. #HIMSS2015 #HCMKTNG
  3. Marilyn E. Cox @MarilynECox The Authors Buddy Scalera @MarketingBuddy Check out Marilyn’s Slideshare:
  4. Actionable Insights At the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) 2015 conference, Marilyn E. Cox tweeted her notes and observations. She shared 100+ tweets with the #HIMSS2015 hashtag. Following the conference, Marilyn and Buddy Scalera prepared these Action Items for healthcare marketers and content strategists. The views expressed in this presentation by the authors do not necessarily reflect the views and position of their employers. @MarilynECox
  5. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #24: Design with patient and caregiver in mind. Understand their wants, what they’ll use, and provide support Insight According to stats from the CDC, "The typical caregiver is a 46 year old woman with some college experience and provides more than 20 hours of care each week to her mother." Action Item Serving patients effectively often means support for caregivers. Consider patient-education materials and compliance resources that can be utilized by caregivers. Note that certain caregivers may offer support remotely. Source: 1
  6. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #60: Empower patients to actively manage health and partner in their health care through secure access to info. Insight According to a survey conducted online by Harris Poll, 37% of people who use a wearable device/fitness tracker wear it every day. And 78% of those using wearable devices/fitness trackers more than once a month feel it is useful for their doctors to have access to that information. Action Item Facilitate a 2-way conversation between patients/caregivers and HCP/wellness teams. Provide access to the information required for managed healthcare, and provide that information across the channels preferred by the patient. Don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach. Source: 2
  7. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #51: Focus on whole-person goals & promote shared decision-making to improve care experience and quality of life Insight According to the CDC, measuring Health-Related Quality of Life (HRQOL) “can help determine the burden of preventable disease, injuries, and disabilities, and it can provide valuable new insights into the relationships between HRQOL and risk factors.” Action Item Healthcare has become focused on specialty medicine, which is essential for advanced treatment. However, every healthcare professional must be aware of the whole patient and consider all relevant HRQOL factors during diagnosis, treatment, and beyond. More on HCQOL from the CDC: Source: 3
  8. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #43: when designing healthcare app consider patient, care team, friends and family, channel, devices, language. Insight There are 43,700+ medical apps in the Apple store alone. However, not all medical apps are genuine healthcare apps. 69% are intended for consumers and patients, while 31% are intended for clinical use. The majority of apps intended for consumers are simplistic in design, and do little more than provide information. Only 159 have the ability to track or capture data entered by the user, and fewer than 50 provide calculators or tools to measure their vitals. Action Item Leverage medical apps to collect insights to better service your audience and guide the direction of new content creation. Deliver interactive content that promotes healthy lifestyles, medication adherence, and empowers all individuals to self-educate and become their own advocate. 4
  9. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #25: Consider multichannel. Integrate check-in kiosks with patient portals for faster check-in and bill payment. Insight According to data from, wait times for doctors has increased by one minute every year with average wait times hovering around 17 minutes. More on wait times: center/press-releases/shortest-average-wait-time- for-doctors-in-major-cities-increased-one-minute- year-over-year Action Item Certain health practices are finding ways to maximize the waiting- room experience. Patients can check in electronically and can fill out update electronic health records using secure mobile devices. Healthcare professionals can also use this time to share important patient-education materials to prepare for the exam- room conversation. 5
  10. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #15: By delivering targeted wellness content at discharge you can reduce readmission costs. #hcsmIRL Insight In order to reduce readmissions, hospitals are relying on technology and content to focus on patient activation, a patient’s understanding of their condition, increased compliance with care plans, and increased support to manage their condition before they experience flare-ups. Action Item Deliver personalized wellness content that addresses the patient experience as well as the patient lifestyle in order to manage their condition. 6
  11. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #14: Important to remember patients don’t just consume, they experience a great deal in the journey. #hcsmIRL Insight According to the Industry Healthcheck 2014 report published by EyeForPharma, 85% of respondents agree that patient-centricity is the best route to future profitability. Many companies are adjusting their strategy to focus on that patient journey. Each patient is unique in how their condition changes over time. Healthcare and pharma must align to communicate to the patient the right information at the right stage of disease progression. Action Item Ensure your key message meets the needs of the patients at each specific point in their disease progression. Enable patients to self-educate about impending condition experiences before they occur. Connect patients and caregivers with information that helps and heals. For more information: dustry-solutions-center-of-excellence/health-and-life- sciences/blog/2014/11/13/is-your-marketing- strategy-designed-around-the-patient-journey-or-the- patient-experience Source: 7
  12. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #5: Care navigators can contribute to physician and patient engagement and improve health outcomes. Consider it. Insight As healthcare becomes more complex, healthcare advocates and health navigators are becoming increasingly important to patients seeking care. More on Health Navigators: Action Item Review the published guidelines for health navigators and healthcare advocates to provide better resources that will help them in their efforts to serve patients. Their involvement can improve patient outcomes and streamline insurance and other financial realities. 8
  13. @MarilynECox #HIMSS15 Tweetable Takeaway #21: Social media metrics must extend beyond “likes” and follows. Pay attention to conversions. Insight According to Google, there are four core ways to measure social impact in their Google Analytics cloud-based software. These include Network Referrals, Conversions, Landing Pages, and Social Plugins. 1?rd=1 Action Item Take a broader, more holistic view of social engagement to measure the impact of your social media marketing efforts. Patients use social media to discuss wellness, illness, and everything in between, so ensure that your content is tagged for maximum engagement and measurability. 9
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