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The future of healthcare: when mobile disappears


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In today’s digital world, mobile devices are the powerful bridges between a connected ecosystem of healthcare professionals, caregivers and patients. New developments in big data, wearable sensors and the application of social layers are shifting an industry that used to focus on curing diseases to one that emphasizes health and wellness. But the mass adoption of connected healthcare will only happen when solutions are designed to be intuitive and technologies are forgotten. The future of healthcare will happen when mobile disappears into the background, placing the patient in the center and in control of their lives.

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The future of healthcare: when mobile disappears

  1. The future of healthcare: when mobile disappearsMBLT13 - May 15th, MoscowMATTEO PENZO - @MATTEOPENZO
  2. Matteo Penzo@matteopenzo
  3. frog drives innovationfor the connected world.
  4. Mobile devices and sensorstechnology are here to stay.In the future, they just willbe evenly distributed.
  5. US spending on telecoms inhealthcare grew from 7B$ to 8,3B$in 2011.
  6. In 2012 this spending grew with arate of 4,7%.
  7. In 2011 remote monitoring forchronic conditions grew year overyear by 14,5%.Medsmagazine, Sept 2012
  8. The total US patient monitoringmarket is expected to grow at rateof 4% by 2018.Medsmagazine, Sept 2012
  9. © Siemens Medical Imaging AppThe shifting of healthcare business models and ubiquitousconnectivity are changing the way technology is perceived inmost healthcare systems.Connected Healthcare
  10. Patient monitoring has moved from critical tolow-acuity areas in the recent years.
  11. iBGstars is a glucometer for iOS
  12. Alivecor tracks your heart, while you keepyour iPhone in your hands.
  13. Asthmapolis: understanding asthmathrough big data
  14. The Misfit Shine keep tracks of yourmovements. On the earth, and in the water.
  15. Tinke by Zensorium monitors your heartand respiratory rates, and your bloodoxygen level.
  16. A laboratory-in-a-patch approach; a sensorable to gather blood pressure, heart beat,temperature, pathogens and many more.
  17. Smartphones are the enablers ofseamless integration of technology inour lives and behaviors.
  18. “Soon, perhaps, it will be impossibleto tell where the humans end, andthe machines begin” Maureen McHugh
  19. Services based on the aggregationof data coming from multiple nodes(patients).Services based on the aggregationof data coming from multiplesensors.Services based on the lowering ofthe adoption barriers.
  20. Family &FriendsPatientCommunityHealthcareProfessionalsPayer/ProvidersPatientEmpowered individuals supported by engaged caregivers &patient communities. Collaboration with HCPs underprovider governance.
  21. Based on a new patient-centered healthcare paradigm, itfosters a collaborative relationship between the patient,providers and social networks to improve health outcomesand help achieve lifestyle goals.frog Connected Care Solution
  22. Create Meaning from Data1. 2. 3.Making it part ofa conversationConnecting itto daily lifeAssociating itwith shared goals
  23. The applicationrecognizes correlationsand trends, highlightingoutliers so they areviewable at a glance andinstantly actionable.Enriched Analysis,Initiative Care
  24. An IntimateShared CareNetworkCandoo leverages anintimate social networkwithin the application tooffer support throughaccountability andencouragement and tonudge the patient to stickto the care plan withprescribed activities.
  25. On the patient application, the collected data areinterpreted by the Virtual Coach who provides in-context and actionable suggestions for:•Setting progressive targets tailored to userneeds,•Supporting long-term behavior evolution•Providing a contact link to receive direct supportduring critical eventsInterpretation
  26. Catalyze community change, enable social reward.Social integration
  27. Give back value toindividuals andorganizations in return forthe data they contribute.Help build “SocialKnowledge”
  28. Mobile technology is seamlesslybecoming part of our life, ourambients, our body.We’ll cease to be aware of it.It will become transparent.It will disappear.
  29. Matteo