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Rock Report: Personalization in Consumer Health by @Rock_Health


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Overview of personalization in healthcare, including opportunities, barriers and case studies related to a market estimated to reach $450B+ by 2015. Purchase the report here:

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Rock Report: Personalization in Consumer Health by @Rock_Health

  1. A R O C K R E P O R T B Y personally taking health personalization as a consumer health trend
  2. What matters is you, the individual. Your data. “ ” - Dr. Eric Topol
  3. About Rock Health Rock Health is powering the future of the digital health ecosystem, bringing together the brightest minds across disciplines to build better solutions. Rock Health funds and supports startups building the next generation of technologies transforming healthcare. Rock Health partners include Aberdare Ventures, Accel Partners, California HealthCare Foundation, Fenwick & West, Harvard Medical School, Mayo Clinic, Microsoft, Mohr Davidow Ventures, NEA, Nike, P&G, Qualcomm, Quest Diagnostics, Silicon Valley Bank and UCSF. For more information, visit About this report We wanted to know more about medical and wellness sensors. This report sources data and feedback from interviews conducted with entrepreneurs working in the space. Caveat: we are not professional white-paperistas, just curious advocates who like to share knowledge and further the discussion around the evolving digital health space.
  4. personalize / ˈpərsənəlˌīz/ verb to design or produce something to meet someone's individual requirements; to make personal
  5. Everyone ‘prescribed’ same solutions; one size fits allMass market consumer products can be:
  6. Everyone ‘prescribed’ same solutions; one size fits all Tailored to stated preferences; Product content is based upon explicit user inputCustomized Mass market consumer products can be:
  7. Everyone ‘prescribed’ same solutions; one size fits all Tailored to stated preferences; Product content is based upon explicit user input Product unique to the individual; predictive and automated based on use, sensor data, demographics, preferences, and/or genomic data Customized Mass market Personalized consumer products can be:
  8. Customize your Disney vacation experience, from transportation to hotels and merchandise. Predictive analytics allows for extreme personalization for Target, who can determine if a woman is pregnant based on purchases. Burger King has encouraged its customers to have it their way since 1970 with their popular ad campaign. Starbucks asks ‘What’s your Starbucks signature?’ and helps caffeinated imagine 87,000 options online. The internet has enabled a myriad of personalized experiences, especially in entertainment. Personalization in consumer industries Coca Cola Freestyle allows consumers to mix over 100 drinks from a sleek touchscreen vending machine.
  9. health is personalization’s final frontier
  10. The healthcare system is impersonal Sources: Jones and Fox , 2009, Pew Research Center Agency for Healthcare Quality & Research Statistical Brief #109 2008 Deloitte, 2011 U.S. and Global Survey of Health Care Consumers Adverse drug reactions cause 1.9 million hospitalizations each year Most consumers do not understand how the healthcare system works 70% of consumers are not satisfied with levels of patient- centered care Most physicians spend less than 20 minutes with their patients Patients get more information from the internet than their physician
  11. As consumers, we need to be outraged by the lack of personalization in the system, and we need to strive to transform healthcare. - Aimee Jungman, VP Healthcare Innovation Strategy Group, frog design ” “
  12. principles of personalized health products People-centric Use technology to enhance real life Encourage participation Tailored & customized Balance humanism & effectiveness Focus on both wellness & disease
  13. Lower Costs Increase access Improve quality Empower patients to learn about their unique health risks Enable a better understanding of disease Eliminate unnecessary treatments Reduce adverse treatment reactions   personalized health can improve health outcomes Let individuals monitor and analyze health data
  14. Source: The New Science of Personalized Medicine, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009 Nutrition & Wellness $196B Personalized Medical Care $5-12B 2009 Nutrition & Wellness $292B 2015 Personalized Medical Care $9-118B Esoteric tests & labs, therapeutics $24B Esoteric tests & labs, therapeutics $42B ~$230B ~$400B MARKET SIZE
  16. WellnessFX business: Biomarker analysis, health and fitness counseling pricing: membership from $149 personalization: Combines biomarker and device data with insight from experts; collects data through blood and urine samples, device data, family history “Personalized medicine will be about creating a simple but powerful interface to the wide variety of information available and delivering actionable insights to the individual.” - Jim Kean, CEO A Better Way to Manage Your Health
  17. 100Plus Benchmarking individual health behavior business: health prediction and decision support, games; uses PracticeFusion and government’s health data sets to predict outcomes pricing: first app 100proof available for free in app store personalization: via predictive analytics “We believe that the personalization of experience based on data collected from the user (actively or passively), or from tapping into an existing source of data (such as electronic medical records), is one of the keys trends underlying the potential of digital health.” - Chris Hogg, CEO
  18. HealthTap A free Q&A with physicians business: Interactive health network of medical experts pricing: free personalization: get answers to your health questions from real doctors for free “People who use the internet for health information find it useless because they don’t trust it. There are 1.2 billion health searches every month, but the real trusted information comes from doctors.” - Ron Gutman, Founder & CEO
  19. OneMedicalHealthcare Designed Around You business: personalized direct primary care pricing: $150-200 yearly fee personalization: concierge-style care: pick your doctor, same day appointments, longer visits, integrated personal health portal "The premise of One Medical is to treat individuals like individuals again.  We understand that each person has a different health philosophy and motivations, and incorporate those directly into their care.  We provide information that is critical to patients while being open-minded to allow them to direct their treatment and care based on their own preferences and what works best for them as individuals." - Tom Lee, MD, Founder & CEO
  20. Procter&GambleLeading personalized health investments and acquisitions business: global manufacturer of consumer products with $82.6 billion in sales personalization: acquired MDVIP, a personalized primary care business in 2009; invested in DTC genomics company Navigenics; industry leader in understanding and segmenting consumers “'Personal' products do not necessarily refer to products for a particular person of a particular age--it can be situational and is really based on the job to be done.  This multifaceted aspect of human behavior is a key part of understanding how to best personalize products to meet a range of consumer needs.” - Sonny Jandial, Associate Marketing Director, P&G Futureworks
  21.   business: Weight management services; consumers spend ~$5 billion on Weight Watchers products and services annually pricing: $65 for 3-month savings plan personalization: PointsPlus 2012 program designed to help Weight Watchers members start strong and stay on track; no required or off limit foods on the program; adjustable target allows members to fine-tune their daily habits. WeightWatchers Personalized weight-loss for everyone
  23. “While the market for personalized medicine diagnostics and therapeutics shows great potential, the biggest opportunities exist beyond these core products and services — particularly in less traditional, more consumer- oriented areas.” by 2015 $452 billion market Source: The New Science of Personalized Medicine, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009
  24. BARRIERS‣ Breadth and depth of healthcare problems makes mass customization challenging ‣ Misalignment of incentives leads to disempowerment of consumer ‣ Providers and healthcare organizations may see consumers as adversaries rather than partners ‣Doctors remain important resources for consumers - products need to leverage this relationship The foundation of good health is a trusted relationship between patient and physician. “ ” - Eric Page, Founder & CEO, Amplify Health
  25. The biggest opportunity in personalized medicine may lie in identifying new products, services and information targeted directly to consumers. - The New Science of Personalized Medicine, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2009 OPPORTUNITIES ” “ ‣ WeightWatchers has proven that personalizing experience can result in a successful, scalable business ‣ Nutrition & wellness will be a key area where the trend of personalization can grow to reach a wide variety of consumer products ‣ Personalized health needs to be the default approach rather than concierge services only for the privileged
  26. thanks! Tom Lee, MD OneMedical Founder & CEO Jim Kean WellnessFX Founder & CEO Chris Hogg 100Plus Co-founder & CEO Eric Topol, MD Scripps Institute Professor Sonny Jandial P&G Marketing Manager Aimee Jungman frog design VP, Healthcare Innovation Ron Gutman HealthTap Founder & CEO Eric Page Amplify Health Founder & CEO
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