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Past simple seventh graders


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This is a worksheet with a variety of exercises and explanations on the past simple tense

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Past simple seventh graders

  1. 1. EXTRAORDINARY LIVES<br />Who were they?<br />________________________________________________<br />________________________________________________<br />John F. Kennedy was president of the U.S.A. in:The 1950sThe 1960´sThe 1970´sThe composer Beethoven was:BlindDeafBoth The Beatles were originally from:LondonManchesterLiverpoolThe first dog´s name in the space was:LaikaLassieRexJavier Solis was born in:195019311942Juan Pablo II was born in:ItalyGermanyPolandPlato was a:PoliticianPhilosopherGeneral The scientist Marie Curie was born in:ParisWarsawGeneva<br />USING BE: PAST TIMEPRESENT TIMEPAST TIMEI am in class todayAlice is at the library todayMy friends are at home todayI was in class yesterday.Alice was at the library yesterday.My friends were at home yesterday.SIMPLE PAST TENSE OF BE WAS / WEREI wasHe wasShe wasIt wasWe wereYou wereThey were<br />EXERCISE 1<br />Complete the sentences with was or were<br />Juan Pablo II __________ a pope<br />I __________ a baby.<br />Plato __________ a Greek philosopher.<br />Marie Curie __________ a scientist<br />Javier Solís __________ a Mexican singer.<br />You __________ a good student at school.<br />Beethoven __________ a composer.<br />Laurel and Hardy __________ comedians.<br />Marcia and I __________ friends.<br />Laika __________ the first dog in the space.<br />PAST OF BE: NEGATIVEI was notHe was notShe was notIt was notWas not: wasn´tWe were notYou were notThey were notWere not: weren´tI was not a bad studentLaura was not a singerPedro was not a priestIt was not blackWe were not paintersYou were not a singerLuke and Tom were not actors<br />Rewrite sentences of exercise 1 into negative.<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ <br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ <br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />PAST OF BE QUESTIONSYES / NO QUESTIONSSHORT ANSWERSWere you at home yesterday?Was Carlos at home last night?Were they at class yesterday?Yes, I wasNo, I wasn´tYes, He was.No, He wasn´tYes, they wereNo, they weren´tINFORMATION QUESTIONSWhere were you yesterday?I was at homeWho was Kennedy?He was a USA. president<br />Rewrite sentences of exercise 1 into questions and short answers<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ <br />__________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ __________________________________________________<br />__________________________________________________ <br />__________________________________________________<br />THE SIMPLE PAST TENSE: USING –EDSIMPLE PRESENTSIMPLE PASTSIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE PASTI walk to school every dayI walked to school yesterdayAnn walks to school every dayAnn walked to school yesterday<br />Complete the sentences using the simple past.<br />Every day I walk. Yesterday I _____________________________________<br />Every day I work. Yesterday I ____________________________________<br />Every day Omar shaves. Yesterday Omar ___________________________<br />Every night Paula watches T.V. Last night she ___________________ T.V<br />Everyday Mrs. Wu cooks. Last night she ____________________________<br />Everyday day my students smile. Yesterday they _____________________<br />Every week it rains. Last week it ___________________________<br />Every week I clean my car. Last week I ________________________<br />Every day Silvia talks on the phone. Yesterday I _____________________<br /> Every night Sue and Tom dance at the disco. Last night they ___________<br />THE SIMPLE PAST TENSE: IRREGULAR VERBSSome verbs do not have –ed forms. Their past are irregular.PRESENT – PASTCome – cameDo – didEat – ateGet – gotGo – wentHave – hadPut – putSee – sawSit – satSleep – sleptStand – stoodWrite – wroteSIMPLE PRESENTSIMPLE PASTSIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE PASTI come to class every dayI came to class yesterdayAnn eats breakfast every morningAnn ate breakfast yesterday morning<br />Complete the sentences using the past form of the verb in the parenthesis. <br />I (get) ___________ up at eight o´clock yesterday morning.<br />Mary (talk) ___________ to John on the phone last night.<br />Jim and I (eat) ___________ lunch at the cafeteria.<br />I (go) ___________ to bed early last night.<br />My roommate (study) ___________ Spanish last year.<br />Sue (write) ___________ an e-mail to her parents yesterday.<br />Maria (do) ___________ her homework five minutes ago.<br />Yesterday I (see) ___________ Marianne at the library.<br />My wife (come) ___________ to my office yesterday morning<br />Our teacher (stand) ___________ in front of the room yesterday.<br /> Marcela is the prettiest girl of our classroom. Yesterday she (sit) ___________ next to me.<br /> I (have) ___________ dinner last night.<br />My grandma (go) ___________ to church last Sunday. <br />Nick (put) ___________ his coat on a just painted chair yesterday.<br />Last night. I (sleep) ___________ on the sofa because my wife (be) ___________ angry with me.<br />Read, complete, translate the reading, then write it on your notebook.<br />¿What did Martin do yesterday?<br />He _______________ (get) up early this morning. Then, he _______________ (take) a shower, _______________ (brush) his teeth and _______________ (put) on his uniform. After that he _______________ (have) breakfast with his parents and _______________ (take) his schoolbag, _______________ (leave) home and _______________ (go) to school. School _______________ (begin) at quarter past six and _______________ (finish) at half past one.<br />At noon, he _______________ (return) home and _______________ (have) lunch. At about three o`clock, He _______________ (go) out with his friends and _______________ (play) a basketball game. Then he _______________ (come) back home and he _______________ (begin) to do his homework.<br />At night, he _______________ (have) dinner with his mom and dad, after that he _______________ (help) his mom with the dishes, then they _______________ (watch) T.V in the living room. And at quarter to ten he _______________ (go) to his bedroom, turn on his stereo and he _______________ (listen) to rock music and then he turn off the stereo and _______________ (fall) asleep.<br />According to the reading answer True or False.<br />Martin woke up early in the morning. __________<br />He didn`t take a shower in the morning. __________<br />He ate breakfast alone. __________<br />School starts at six fifteen. __________<br />And it finishes at one thirty. __________<br />He played a baseball game with his friends __________.<br />Martin didn`t do his homework. __________<br />He ate dinner with his parents. __________<br />He watched T.V in his bedroom with his parents. __________<br />He went to his bedroom at 10:15. __________<br />He likes classical music. __________<br />After listened to music, he fell asleep. __________<br />Put these sentences in past tense.<br />Laura sings in the bathroom. <br />Laura sang in the bathroom<br />Diego studies English and French at Cambridge University<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Bryan read a science book.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Melanie makes up her face.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Lina, Megan, Brandon watch a movie at Megan`s house.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />My grandmother writes a letter to my aunt Mary. She lives in Canada.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Roger drives to Paris. He sees the Eiffel Tower. <br />___________________________________________________________<br />Mr. Jones travels to Tokyo. He meets business people.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Mr. and Mrs. Stansell go to Africa. They take a lot of pictures about wild animals.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />Ted and Lucy visit Italy. They write many postcards.<br />___________________________________________________________<br />GRAMMAR BOX<br />SIMPLE PASTSimple past expresses the idea that an action started and finished in the past. Ex:I saw a movie yesterday.She washed her car.They traveled to Japan last year.Affirmative sentence: He bought a new apartment last year. Verbs: (buy / bought)Interrogative sentence: Did he buy a new apartment last year?Short answers: yes, he did. / No, he didn`tNegative sentence: He didn`t buy a new apartment last year.<br />Select from the box the correct verb and then write the following sentences in past form, after, make interrogative and negative sentences and short (+, -) answers.<br />center0Won, wrote, discovered, sang, came, lost, flew.00Won, wrote, discovered, sang, came, lost, flew.<br />Christopher Columbus ________________ America in 1492 <br />Lance Armstrong ________________ the Tour of France seven times.<br />Charles Lindberg ________________ from New York to Paris on May 20, 1927<br />France ________________ its final match against Italy in Germany 2006.<br />The Beatles ________________in a concert in New York in 1966.<br />Gabriel Garcia Marquez ________________ “hundred years of solety”.<br />We ________________ to school last week.<br />“Titanic” ________________ eleven Oscar awards in 1999.<br />Irregular Verbs (Group 1)<br />Write the past tense of the following irregular verbs: <br />get __________________ sit __________________ sleep _________________ <br />have ________________write ________________do ___________________<br />put __________________ stand __________________ go __________________ <br />eat __________________ come __________________ see __________________ <br /> <br />II. Complete the following sentences with the PAST of the verbs of the previous exercise. <br />I’m so happy because I _____________________ an A+ on the Grammar quiz yesterday! <br />Last night, Mom ______________________ an e-mail letter to my uncle who lives in Paris. <br />Last Sunday, we ______________________ to Mac Donald’s and we ___________________ <br />some delicious hamburgers, French-fried potatoes, and milkshakes. Mmmm… <br />Yesterday in painting class, Karen ___________________ some wet paint on Henry’s chair. <br />Nobody said anything. He __________________ down, and when he _________________ up, <br />we laughed and laughed at him. Poor Henry! <br />I ____________________ Sandra at the mall yesterday afternoon. She __________________ a<br /> beautiful red dress. <br />John ___________________ to my house yesterday afternoon, and we ___________________ <br />the Literature homework together. Then, we played some X-Box games. <br />Yesterday I was so tired that I ____________________ the whole afternoon on my sofa. <br /> Irregular Verbs (Group 2) <br />Write the past tense of the following irregular verbs: <br />come __________________ write __________________ stand_________________ <br />see __________________ have __________________ put __________________ <br />sleep __________________ go __________________ eat __________________ <br />do __________________ get __________________ 12. sit ________________ <br /> <br />Complete the following sentences with the PAST of the verbs of the previous exercise. <br />Last Sunday we visited the city zoo and we __________________ some beautiful giraffes, gorillas,<br /> tigers and lions. <br />I ______________ a beautiful toy bear when I was a little child. It belongs to my sister now. I _____________ <br />it in her bedroom in her last birthday. It was a surprise for her, and she liked it. <br />Last night we ________________ to a Chinese restaurant and we _________________ some delicious food. <br />Last week I stayed in my grandma’s house and I _______________ in her bedroom. <br />Last year in Literature class, we __________________ some stories. I __________________ an A+ for <br />my story. <br />Some of my classmates __________________ to my house last weekend. We _____________________ <br />the homework and then we played the whole day. <br />Yesterday in the park my father ___________________ down on a bench that was just painted white. <br />When he __________________ up, we laughed at him because his pants were painted! <br />What did Calvin and Hobbes do on their summer vacations? (write ten sentences at least)<br />________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________<br />