Past simple regular verbs


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Past simple regular verbs

  1. 1. ESCOLA BÁSICA 2º E 3º CICLOS BARTOLOMEU PERESTRELO SCHOOL YEAR 2006/2007A. Make lists. To love To hate To tidy To fill To bury To plan To study To help To walk To use To arrive To want To dance To clap To stop To pull To carry To drop Smile To dry Like To try To wash To look To hurry To shop To cry To empty-d - ed - ied - double consonant + ed loved____________  helped____________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ______________________________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________B. Write what the Bells did last week. mend the fence Mr. BellMr. Bell mended the fence.1. oil his bicycle Nick 6. Dust the rooms Jenny_______________________________________ _______________________________________2. wash the car Mrs. Bell 7. paint the bathroom Mrs. Bell_______________________________________ _______________________________________3. study for the Maths test Jenny 8. cook an omelette Jenny_______________________________________ _______________________________________4. clean the windows Mr. Bell 9. empty the rubbish bins Nick_______________________________________ _______________________________________5. bury a smelly bone Chip 10. help in the garden Trig_______________________________________ _______________________________________ 1
  2. 2. C. Who was it? Write in the correct names from the list. Grace Kelly lived in America and Monaco. She acted in films. She married a prince. She died in 19821. _______________ lived in England and America. He composed many famous songs. He died in 1980.2. _______________ lived in England and America. He acted in funny movies. He died in 1977.3. _______________ lived in America. He created Mickey Mouse. He died in 1966.4. _______________ lived in Italy. He painted the ‘Mona Lisa’. He died in 1519.5. _______________ lived in Russia. She danced in ballets. She died in 1931.6. _______________ lived in Egypt. She ruled the Egyptians. She died 2,000 years ago.Cleopatra Anna PavlovaGrace Kelly Walt DisneyJohn Lennon Leonardo da VinciCharlie ChaplinD. Now correct these wrong statements. Walt Disney lived in England. He didn’t live in England. He lived in America. Anna Pavlova acted in films. She didn’t act in films. She danced in ballets.1. Cleopatra lived in France.__________________________________________________________________________________2. John Lennon died in 1970.__________________________________________________________________________________3. Walt Disney created Asterix.__________________________________________________________________________________4. Grace Kelly danced in ballets.__________________________________________________________________________________5. Charlie Chaplin painted the ‘Mona Lisa’.__________________________________________________________________________________6. Leonardo da Vinci created Mickey Mouse.__________________________________________________________________________________ 2
  3. 3. E. Find these words.Washed D E C I D E D X B RStarted F W A S H E D L H KFinished I B N H K M T I C XLived N H S B R U P V R WHelped I B W H E L P E D OAnswered S G E L I K E D C ELiked H L R T K P I X W YDecided E N E S T A R T E D D T D S Y P Q R U KF. Unscramble the conversation. No, I didn’t. I wanted to visit her but I stayed at home. Hi, Bill. Did you play football yesterday? Yes, I did. I finished my Maths homework. Yes, I did. Did you visit your friend? Did you finish your homework? Hi, Bill . Did you play football yesterday?David: ____________________ ______________________________________________________Bill: ______________________ ______________________________________________________David: ____________________ ______________________________________________________Bill: ______________________________________________________________David: ____________________ ______________________________________________________G. Fill in the gaps with these words. decide / decided visit / visited play / played1. A: Did you ______________ Scotland last year? B: Yes, I did. And I ______________ Loch Ness.2. A: Did you ______________ tennis yesterday? B: No, I didn’t. I ______________ baseball.3. A: Did you ______________ to go home? B: Yes, I ______________ to do my homework.H. Write the questions.1. _____________________________________________________________________________ Yes, I did. I played football yesterday.2. _____________________________________________________________________________ Yes, they did. They visited the teacher yesterday.3. _____________________________________________________________________________ Yes, she did. She worked yesterday.4. _____________________________________________________________________________ Yes, he did. He watched TV yesterday.5. _____________________________________________________________________________ Yes, I did. I answered their question yesterday.I. Look at the chart. Write affirmative and negative sentences. Steve Laura Bill 3
  4. 4. Watch TV    1. Steve watched TV.Visit friends    Steve didn’t visit friends.Clean the house    Steve didn’t clean the house. 2. __________________________________ 3. __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ __________________________________ J. Look at the pictures. Write what they did and didn’t do yesterday. play tennis  watch TV  watch TV  listen to music  visit Nicole  play baseball  2. _____________________________ 1. Anna and Paulo played tennis. _ They didn’t watch TV. ______________________________ They didn’t visit Nicole. ______________________________ clean the car  Work on their maths project  watch TV  watch a film  clean the house  play a video game  3. _____________________________ 4. _____________________________ _ _ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ 4