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Aboriginal Food and Medicine


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A Year 7 project about Bush food and medicine.

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Aboriginal Food and Medicine

  2. 3. The aboriginal for this plant is bajila. When it is raw it is green and shaped like a football. When it is ripe it is yellow on the outside and red on the inside. You suck on it and spit out the seeds.
  3. 4. The aboriginal for this plant is Malhanggaa This bush medicine is called lemongrass. It is best when it is dry for head aches and colds.
  4. 5. the The aboriginal for this plant is Garliwirri. You can use the Garliwirri as a bush food or a bush medicine. To eat it you put it in the fire. It has a part inside it like a coconut and you chew it like chewing gum. To use it as a bush medicine you cook it, smash it up and put it on your hair. It keeps it dark.
  5. 7. English Name: Honey Ant Scientific Name: Camponotus inflatus You collect honey ants by digging a big hole with a shove. To eat a honey ant, you pick it up by the head and put the abdomen in your mouth and bite it.
  6. 8. English Name: Wild fig Scientific Name: Ficus platypoda A wild fig looks like a marble. You have to wait until they are red because if you eat it when its white you will get sick. Wild fig grows in hilly country, near waterholes and is really bushy.