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Evolution Of Online Marketing

This graphic represents how we at view the evolution of online marketing. Moving from a replication of offline, to direct results, and continuing to a destination oriented towards "engagement".

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Evolution Of Online Marketing

  1. 1. 1<br />Relationship<br />Direct Results<br /><ul><li>Value: </li></ul> Web as a relationship management platform<br /><ul><li>Purchasing Experience</li></ul> Collaboration through multiple channels to research and make decisions<br /><ul><li>Primary Goals: </li></ul> Engaging prospects and customers outside of their Web site and through numerous channels<br /><ul><li>Measurements: </li></ul> Cost of Sales, cost per engagement, customer acquisition and retention<br /><ul><li>Marketing Tactics:
  2. 2. Active participation in relevant communities
  3. 3. Integration of content through various channels
  4. 4. Lead nurturing via social CRM
  5. 5. Successful tactics from direct results</li></ul>Experimentation<br /><ul><li>Value: </li></ul> Web as a direct results platform<br /><ul><li>Purchasing Experience</li></ul> Web as chief research option with information disseminated through multiple sources and the emergence of collaboration<br /><ul><li>Primary Goals: </li></ul> Drive Web site traffic and generate leads to directly support sales<br /><ul><li>Measurements: </li></ul> Cost per lead and cost per click<br /><ul><li>Marketing Tactics:
  6. 6. Search ads
  7. 7. Lead generation - white papers, webcasts
  8. 8. Branding - IMUs, microsites
  9. 9. E-mail - list rentals
  10. 10. Value: </li></ul> Web as a promotional vehicle<br /><ul><li>Purchasing Experience</li></ul> Consumption of online content begins in mass- mainly information without interaction.<br /><ul><li>Primary Goals: </li></ul> Trial a new media concept, gain eyeballs, replicate offline mass media strategy<br /><ul><li>Measurements: </li></ul> Cost per impression<br /><ul><li>Marketing Tactics:
  11. 11. Branding – buttons, banners
  12. 12. E-mail – newsletters, list rentals</li></ul>2003-2010<br /> 2011 and Beyond<br />1996-2002<br />TOOLBOX.COM PERSPECTIVE: THE EVOLUTION OF ONLINE MARKETING<br />