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YES Global Fund


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Global Fund of the Youth Employment Summit Campaign

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YES Global Fund

  1. 1. The YES FUND A Global Fund for Youth Entrepreneurship Bremley W.B. Lyngdoh Programme Manager Youth Employment Summit Campaign
  2. 2. Table of Contents The Fund 1. The Twin Opportunities 2. The YES Campaign’s Solution 3. Sector Solutions 4. YES Background Information
  3. 3. The Fund 1. The Twin Opportunities
  4. 4. The Twin Opportunities The Fund Developing countries currently face two sets of pressing problems: Sector Development Needs Youth Unemployment •  Renewable Energy: 2 billion need •  1 billion young people between energy the ages of 15-24 years, 850 •  Water & Sanitation: 2.5 billion people million of these are living in lack access to clean water and sanitation developing countries •  Rural Development: 60% of the •  1.5 billion children behind developing world still live in rural areas them 85 percent in developing •  Information & Communication countries Technologies: barely 2% of the world population has internet access •  3 billion live on less than $1 a •  HIV/Aids: 95% of the estimated 38 day, 50 percent are young million people infected with HIV live in people developing countries Imagine if we could solve both of these problems at once?
  5. 5. The Fund 2. The YES Campaign’s Solution
  6. 6. Introduction to the YES Campaign The Fund • Launched in 2002 at the Alexandria Youth Employment Summit 2002, by over 1600 delegates from 120 countries, under the Co Chair of Mrs. Suzanne Mubarak and President Bill Clinton • YES Campaign works with national and global partners to conduct the following programs:   YESLeadership Institute and YES Academy Capacity Building   YES FUND - Entrepreneurship Development:   YES Azerbaijan 2008 - Partnership Building: We have helped place youth employment on the global agenda.
  7. 7. The Evolution of the YES Campaign The Fund 1998 2002 2006 2008 2012  Identify the  Support the •  Pilot the YES •  Replicate and issues development of Fund – a global scale up 80+ YES fund for youth employment  Build consensus Country entrepreneurship generation  Generate ideas Networks •  Build Partnerships programs  Advocacy with •  Create leaders and employment institutions generation  Identify sectors models in YES for employment Network and doing pilot countries work •  Build in-country  Establish the self-reliance YES Academy – an international R&D hub for generating employment We have made great progress in building knowledge and infrastructure.
  8. 8. The 80+ YES Country Networks The Fund …are youth-led national-level coalitions focused on promoting youth employment Manifesting two core design principles that drive the YES Campaign’s work   the recognition that no one individual or institution can do the work alone; working in partnership is essential   our belief in building self reliance and absorption capacity in our YES Network countries Networks exist from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe! There is a YES Event organized somewhere in the world every other day!
  9. 9. YES Country Networks The Fund *** Site of Regional Coordinator Afghanistan Costa Rica Jamaica Peru Angola Cote D'Ivoire Jordan Philippines Argentina Democratic Republic Kenya Romania Armenia of Congo Lesotho Russia Australia Dominican Republic Liberia Rwanda Austria Dubai Malawi Senegal Azerbaijan Ecuador Malaysia Serbia & Montenegro Bangladesh Egypt*** Mali Sierra Leone Benin El Salvador Mauritius Singapore Bhutan Estonia Mexico Slovenia Bolivia Gambia Moldova Somalia Botswana Georgia*** Mozambique South Africa*** Brazil Germany Namibia Sudan Bulgaria Ghana Nepal Swaziland Burkina Faso Guatemala Netherlands Tanzania Burundi Guinea Bissau Nicaragua Togo Cameroon Guyana Niger Uganda Canada Haiti Nigeria United States Chile Honduras Pakistan Uruguay Colombia India*** Panama*** Zambia Iran Paraguay Zimbabwe Iraq
  10. 10. YES Global Activities The Fund CLINTON GLOBAL INITIATIVE YES FUND A Global Fund for Youth Entrepreneurship The objective of this Fund is to demonstrate the power of small-scale risk capital and start-up funding to build leadership and entrepreneurship capacity in over 80 YES Network Countries, to reduce poverty, build civil societies and fulfill the UN MDGs. This Fund will make targeted financial investments and capacity building grants to young entrepreneurs in YES Countries. We are at the forefront of youth unemployment advocacy and research.
  11. 11. YES Global Activities The Fund YES Azerbaijan 2008 • YES Kenya 2006 • YES Mexico 2004 • YES Alexandria 2002 We are at the forefront of placing the issue on the global agenda
  12. 12. The Fund 3. Sector Solutions our track record
  13. 13. Renewable Energy The Fund YES Zambia Network in partnership with UNIDO launched •  A Renewable Energy Lab • Trained 50 master trainers and 250 youth as RE entrepreneurs • Developed a microfinance plan • Created a RE Entrepreneurs Network
  14. 14. Rural Development (On-Farm and Off-Farm) The Fund YES Burundi Network Received $380,000 from the European Union for its Food Security Program in 15 rural communities. •  In each community, 12 YES Burundi partners received supplies, including seeds, animals, transportation, and veterinary support to help cultivate collective farms. • The program was initiated in March 2006 and • Today the farms employ 180 community members
  15. 15. Water & Sanitation The Fund YES Swaziland Network With the support of the government of Swaziland in July 2005 they held a workshop for diverse stakeholders and presented a ‘water and food security plan’. •  As a result, the Swazi government formulated and implemented a National Food Security Policy, •  drafted a National Water Security Policy, •  formed a Water Crisis Committee, and •  implemented community training programs focused on innovative water sanitation practices. •  YES Swaziland is now working towards the goal of having every Swazi gain access to clean drinking water by 2015.
  16. 16. Information Communication Technology The Fund YES Pakistan Network Using ICT to improve efficiency •  Its initiative Pakistan National Youth Service Program (PNYS), has reached 7,000 youth and adults •  With 800 youth service volunteers, •  YES Pakistan is currently piloting an ICT system that will connect service volunteers in different districts with each other. The system will foster collaboration, communication, and resource-sharing.
  17. 17. Reproductive Health & HIV/Aids The Fund YES Tanzania Network Making HIV/AIDS Education a Profession With its partners, PAMOJA TUJIKINGE NA UKIMWI (PATUU) a NGO based in Dodoma region this program has •  taught 10,500 primary school and 2,512 secondary school students. •  trained 156 traditional birth attendants, 56 traditional healers, and 40 volunteers in HIV prevention. •  established eight reproductive health centers. •  reached 36,045 people to date.
  18. 18. The Fund 4. YES Background Information
  19. 19. The YES Framework for Action The Fund Equity Employability Entrepreneurship Employment Environmental Generation Empowerment Sustainability of Youth
  20. 20. Closing The Fund Each and everyone of us must assume a personal responsibility to embrace a new spirit of global collaboration for building secure communities full of productive work for young people. For any one of us to succeed we must all succeed as ONE world. President William J. Clinton, Co Chair 1st Global Youth Employment Summit Alexandria, Egypt Message