Future of entrepreneur


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Future of entrepreneur

  1. 1. Define that.,,,,,
  2. 2. • Traits like ability to take risk, creativity, innovativeness, independence, faith in god etc,, are common traits which will always continue to be driving force behind the notion of entrepreneurship in the future.• The future entrepreneurship is bright not only in India but through out the world this is evidence by the number of govt & non govt institution coming up very fast in the aid and support of entrepreneurship.
  3. 3. Obstacles,,,,,1. No rules protecting employers.2. Global competition.3. Changes around the globe.4. Balance between projects and personnel.5. Delayed payments.6. Return to the investor.7. How society perceives you .8. Lack of capital.9. Poor management.
  4. 4. Top Challenges Faced by Entrepreneurs in future Raising Capital (for a Debt Buying Company). Dealing with the Recession. Getting a Fantastic Marketing Plan into Action. How to Invent a Unique Product and Sell It. How to Manage Cash Flow. Pursuing a Licensing Agreement.
  5. 5.  Building a Business on a Shoestring Budget. Raising Money and Developing Partnerships. Learning New Marketing Methods For New Media To Launch Start-up . How to Reach Your Target Market How to Find the Right Name for Your Business. Finding the Best Marketing Practices and Increasing ROMI - Return on Marketing Investments.
  6. 6. Govt and non-govt supportGovt formed various institute to provide financial and nonfinancial support.It is mandatory in many university that entrepreneurship as apart of curriculum.Private financial institute.Societys support for entrepreneurship.National entrepreneurship net work.Large business houses can’t afford to loose their keyexecutives.
  7. 7. ‘Invent The Future’ entrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship Week India (E Week 2012,www.eweek.nenonline.org/) — a nationalentrepreneurship event that reaches out tolakh of young minds to build awareness and support.
  8. 8. • E- Week India is run by the National Entrepreneurship Network, supported by the Wadhwani Foundation, and is led by over 80,000 student members and 1,200 faculty from NEN Entrepreneurship Cells (E Cells) at 540 member institutes.• The theme for E-Week 2012 calls upon young people to ‘Invent the Future’ as successful entrepreneurs, by providing innovative solutions to address the many large issues that communities across the country strive to cope with :
  9. 9. The theme for E-Week 2012 calls upon young people to‘Invent the Future’ as successful entrepreneurs, byproviding innovative solutions to address the many largeissues that communities across the country strive to copewith :1. Availability of clean water.2. Garbage and waste management.3. Accessible healthcare.4. Reliable power.5. Growing pollution.
  10. 10. K Srikrishna, Executive Director, National EntrepreneurshipNetwork said, “We’ve seen the concept of entrepreneurshipgrowing these last few years and it’s gratifying to see moreyoung entrepreneurs start companies.
  11. 11. "The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance.Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it." - Debbi Fields, founder of Mrs. Fields Cookies