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Case study – Strategic product management workshop

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InterMed Medical supplies quality products and provides pr...
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brainmates case study - Intermed


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Case study: brainmates facilitated a strategic product management workshop for a medical devices company. This helped the team work towards a common goal using unified tools and proceses.

Published in: Business, Health & Medicine
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brainmates case study - Intermed

  1. 1. Case study – Strategic product management workshop The company InterMed Medical supplies quality products and provides professional services to public and private hospitals, private clinics, and to health care specialists. Over the past 25 years, their products and services have enabled New Zealand’s healthcare industry to operate in a more focused, flexible and responsive medical environment. The business challenge A recent organisational restructure at InterMed Medical resulted in the creation of a new Product Management team. The Product Managers in the team had very different career experiences before becoming Product Managers resulting in varying degrees of commercial and Product Management experience. InterMed Medical needed to standardise their Product Management approach and identify a consistent set of tools that the Product Team could use to support the corporation’s new direction. Intermed wanted to change the focus of their marketing and communications materials, which addressed product features rather than product value and resulted in sales conversations that negotiated on price rather than explain the product’s value. Our efforts and the outcomes brainmates facilitated a 2-day on-site workshop with InterMed Medical ’s Product Management team to unify the Product Managers’ experiences and to streamline InterMed Medical’s Product Management process. The workshop stepped through a selection of key Product Management templates in brainmates Product Managers toolkit to:  Effectively describe who the users of their products were,  What jobs or outcomes these users were trying to complete with their products  Identify the specific market problems that their products solved in relation to these tasks  Prepare simple and effective messages that highlighted the resulting benefits of using the product The Product Team completed the workshop by delivering a product presentation to InterMed Medical’s stakeholders, that revealed previously unexplored value and competitive advantages in their products by clearly communicating product value rather than product features. The applied Product Management method will ensure InterMed Medical’s Product Team will continue to create and communicate effective marketing messages to their customers. Testimonial “Thanks to InterMed for the opportunity for me to attend the brainmates 2-day workshop. I found the workshop very valuable and now have some new template tools to assist me in my role, particularly when looking at new products and analysis of where and how to best promote products for optimal outcomes.” Gloria Durrant, Product Manager, InterMed Medical +61 (02) 9232 8147