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You\'ll be seeing two clients tomorrow. Smith compares your models X and Y on costs. Jones compares your brand with another on service life. This tool makes both comparisons and generates a Power Point in real time.

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Product Comparison Tool

  1. 1. CompInnovations<br />Product Comparison Tools<br />
  2. 2. CompInnovations Overview<br />Tools For This Economy<br /><ul><li> Fixed-bid, custom software
  3. 3. Web or Windows
  4. 4. For sales, dealers, customers
  5. 5. Product comparison (CEIA)
  6. 6. Order configuration
  7. 7. Parts lookup & ordering
  8. 8. Fleet optimization
  9. 9. Cost of ownership
  10. 10. 24 in 30 years for Caterpillar</li></li></ul><li>Capital Equipment Investment Analysis<br />“CEIA” Product Comparison Sales Tool<br />Sell to customers’ hot buttons.<br />Sell your products advantages.<br />3-step process:<br /> Select Models to compare <br />Select comparisons to make<br /> Save as presentation<br />CEIA features:<br /><ul><li>Graphs
  11. 11. Slide Builder
  12. 12. Export to Power Point </li></li></ul><li>Capital Equipment Investment Analysis<br />Show customers more revenue using your product<br />What CEIA Does for Your Customer:<br /><ul><li>Focuses on financialcontribution
  13. 13. Highlights Competitive Advantages
  14. 14. Simplifies Comparisons</li></ul>What CEIA Does for You:<br /><ul><li>Shortens Your Sales Cycle
  15. 15. Makes Your Value Statement
  16. 16. Differentiates Your Brand</li></li></ul><li>Caterpillar’s 3 Versions of CEIA<br />CAT’s EIA: “Equipment Investment Analysis” <br />EIAfor Construction Equipment<br /><ul><li>initial (1986) version pre-dates Windows</li></ul>AgEIA for Agricultural Equipment<br /><ul><li> deployed to Challenger Tractor Dealers
  17. 17. Challenger now owned by AGCO</li></ul>MineEIA for Mining Equipment<br /><ul><li> deployed to global dealers
  18. 18. deployed to global mining customers
  19. 19. new version in development</li></li></ul><li>Capital Equipment Investment Analysis<br />Customers compare your products different ways<br />Customer Smith compares Model A to B for:<br /><ul><li>Production
  20. 20. Depreciation
  21. 21. Operating cost
  22. 22. Maintenance/repair cost</li></ul>Jones compares your brand to Brand X for:<br /><ul><li> Production cost/cash flow
  23. 23. Efficiency (up time/down time)
  24. 24. In-service hours/remaining life
  25. 25. Net present value (unit/fleet)</li></li></ul><li>Capital Equipment Investment Analysis<br />Make different presentations for different customers<br />
  26. 26. Caterpillar<br />“We have used CI for many years to create and update our production and estimating tools.  The workmanship and the willingness to assist us has been fabulous.  I only hope there are many more years in this relationship.”<br />Joel Davison, Construction and Mining Products,<br />Caterpillar<br />
  27. 27. Our CI-designed “BREEZE (tm) AccuSpec” is the leading product configuration software in the HVAC industry.  CI&apos;s expertise and on-going support keeps it that way.<br /> <br />Joe Van Beek, Group Product Manager, Commercial HVAC&R,<br />Modine Manufacturing Co.<br />Modine Commercial HVAC&R<br /> “Airedale” in the UK<br />
  28. 28. Why CI...<br /><ul><li>Specific tools designed for your product
  29. 29. CI “Focus-In” approach is low-risk
  30. 30. CI accommodates, encourages changes
  31. 31. Work with your constraints, your platform
  32. 32. Web, Windows, and mobile platforms
  33. 33. Customers talk to the author in the USA
  34. 34. Deploying clients’ expertise since 1969</li></ul>…Partnership.<br />
  35. 35. Unleash the Power of<br />Partnership.<br />CompInnovations<br />