Daily Sunscreen Application Designed By Brian P


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Daily Sunscreen Application Designed By Brian P

  1. 1. Sorority Sunscreen Submissions: A Daily Sunscreen Application Designed by Brian Pesin http://habits.stanford.edu Design Challenge To encourage people to incorporate using facial sunscreen, a cycle behavior, into their daily routines. Time limit: (Intervention period) April 20-April 28
  2. 2. Daily Sunscreen Persuasion Challenge Persuasive Purpose: -To convince a selected audience of five college students to incorporate the daily use of facial sunscreen, a healthy cycle behavior, into their routines. User Description: College students With established morning/shower routines For the purpose of this study, sorority girls in the Cowell cluster
  3. 3. Features/Functionality Daily e-mail reminds user to apply facial sunscreen Trigger Provides the student with basic location-oriented information regarding the weather, including the UV index, which will further encourage the use of sunscreen Easily completed Google form embedded in email For those without HTML email capability, there is also a link to the Google doc Survey can be completed on a laptop or a mobile phone Includes a "no" option + explanation for not using sunscreen Encourages people to be accountable for their friends Track results at bit.ly/sunscreentrack Motivates by displaying positive behavior Social modeling Reminders from peers increase efficacy
  4. 4. Storyboard: Susie Uses Sunscreen! 4. The email reminds 3. Susie gets an Susie to apply facial 1. Susie wakes up 2. Naturally, as a sunscreen and informs for the morning. sorority girl, Susie email on her her of the weather and checks her emails BlackBerry/laptop! the daily UV index. and texts first thing. 7. Susie tracks her 8. Susie sends a 5. The email also provides progress (and her sisters' sunscreen reminder via 6. Susie puts Susie with a Google form in progress) through the link text to her sister, Sarah, sunscreen on and fills which she can track her at the bottom of the email after not seeing her out the easy Google sunscreen use - even from to the Google form results. name on the results form straight from the her mobile phone! sheet. reminder e-mail.
  5. 5. 3 Prototype of S Sunscreen Reminder Google Doc with Email/Google Form Tracking Results
  6. 6. Results of User Testing Number of total (regular) users [response rate of 85%+]: 6 girls Average number of days that users applied sunscreen: 7.1 days Average number of days that users failed to apply: 1.3 days Average number of failed submissions: .33 days Number of submissions via traditional computers: 73/75 - 97% Number of submissions via mobile device: 2/75 - 3% Response breakdown by user: Average daily success rate: 81%
  7. 7. Results of User Testing (continued) Common excuses for failing to apply sunscreen: "I don't need to put sunscreen on because of the weather." Rain, cold, cloudy, wanted to tan This was the most commonly cited excuse "I ran out of sunscreen." "I'm staying indoors today." Interesting excuses for failing to apply sunscreen: "I'm concerned about putting unnecessary chemicals on my face when it isn't sunny outside." "I have pink eye and I am not allowed to touch my face."
  8. 8. 3 S Observation & Analysis Successfully created the target habit within the target user group (81% success rate) using technologies such as e- mail, Google forms, Google docs, text messaging, laptops, and smartphones Relied on theoretical habit-forming techniques Hot trigger Accountability Changing a small behavior Despite my intentions, users did not turn to their smartphones to track their sunscreen use Difficult to create habits in some users because of unbreakable preconceived notions around sunscreen
  9. 9. Improvements for Future Interventions Automated e-mail service/weather retrieval Problems with e-mail regulation - specific delivery time More interactive user experience Trigger to encourage texting More direct ways of getting in contact with other users Automatic pop-up on phone (for a mobile app) Make sunscreen reporting more automatic
  10. 10. Sorority Sunscreen Submissions: A Daily Sunscreen Application Designed by Brian Pesin http://habits.stanford.edu