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seminar for SCL Workshop by J Garland

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  • Handshow exercise - How close are we?Personalized information use of library (Prism 3 recommended reads) Amazon environment - Overdues, books , expiry of cards In a public environment (security vs personalise tension)
  • Qracking is an ACE funded projectTech buddies, multigenerational volunteer initiative with young people running 1:1 sessions with older people to improve digital skills, apps and smartphones.
  • Online Application forms - increasing are of involverment for libraries.
  • Devon: Access and Web Officer Social Media Campaign (mainly twitter) joined over 3000 members during twitter campaign in February 2013 30% increase. As an incentive to join, we had two Kobo e-readers to give away - one to a new member and one for recommending a friend.One of our most popular tweets ‘Fifty Shades of Grey has been borrowed most in the Tiverton area of Devon’ reached 16,893 people. We were invited to talk about this on BBC Radio Devon.Chance for us to share other projects being delivered.
  • Customers want a personalized experienceCustomers want no private data stored on library machines
  • Watch the Zeitgeists.....Tools for Trend spottingListen and read
  • In order to deliver this – assess need, what do they know establish baseline. EngagementEmpowermentInform development
  • Lighten TMT – Electronic resourcesTMT to upskill staff in a trickle feed method.Modes of delivery: Learning styles of your audience, Public - very different skill levelsDiversity contacts I deal with – language interpreting for public.
  • Ten Minute Tips Libraries Have the answers Background The Ten minute Tips have been running for a while in Bournemouth Libraries. They aim to share hints and tips with staff and originally they focussed on IT and internet use. The focus changed last year after six members of staff underwent training on the Professional Pathway Programme which aims to transform library managers into Librarians. One of the sessions on enquiry skills ended with staff saying that they needed to practice the enquiry skills that they had learned so that they could improve upon what they had learned. Libraries Have the Answers is the result of that. The questions always test book based enquiry skills alongside electronic enquiry skills. It was a conscious choice to develop both skills together, use of books and electronic resources together is an essential part of what we do here in Bournemouth Libraries. There are things you won’t find that easily on the internet, that you can find in printed books (and vice versa) As they’ve developed we have tried to keep them focussed on real enquiries asked in libraries or to point out how they could be used in your library, e.g. using Times Digital Archive to find primary source material for history students.
  • Session instructionsGroup feedback -
  • Partnershipunderstanding and relationships – persistenceNeed understand partner’s perspectives.
  • Workshop:You have 5 minutes to discuss this, can you nominate person to feedback
  • Digital Offer Seminar

    1. 1. The Digital OfferThe Universal Digital Offer specifies that all librariesshould provide free internet access for customers, aswell as offering access to services online.Services should be accessible to all regardless ofability.
    2. 2. Greenlight projectsSo they happen
    3. 3. Session Outline• Presentation on projects run in the South WestRegion (15 minutes)• Workshop• Action PlanPlease ask Questions throughout
    4. 4. Session Objectives• By the end of this session you will haveunderstanding of digital projects being deliveredin the SouthWest, and see the opportunities andissues in delivering projects• By the end of this session we will haveformulated:1. What issues the national group needs to considerwhen rolling out across England2. What will help authorities deliver the offer3. What additional information you need
    5. 5. Every public library service will provide:• Free access to the Internet for every customer (for a minimum period of time)• Clear and accessible online information about library services• Staff trained to help customers access digital information• Ability for customers to join online• Ability to be contacted online/via email for answers to customer enquiries• 24/7 access to services through a virtual library presence• Ability to reserve & renew items remotely via an online catalogueThe Universal Digital Offer also sets out what every library authority should aspire to provide.These services include:• Opportunity for e-lending of digital books, audio and video with remote access• Social networking interaction/ engagement opportunities• A library APP to allow full access to all library digital services from mobile devices• Digital services that work with a range of assistive technology such as speech programmes or magnifiers.• Free internet access for all wanting to use it, includingWiFi•Tailored digital information for each customer•Training in digital information literacy and access for its customers and staff both locally and remotely•Time-relevant, quality checked digital content for the communities it serves and support for communities tocreate their own content• Loan of digital devices for those without other access•Access to digitised local archive and local history resources• Federated searching of locally held online resources•Access to online learning opportunities (citizenship & theory driving tests or language learning etc.)
    6. 6. Presentation:
    7. 7. Regional projects - Bournemouth– QRacking the code– Smartphone and tablet training– Mobile website for QRacking the code, developedin conjunction with local HE college– Tech Buddies– HeritageTrail, CulturalTrail– Mash upTrail in Libraries
    8. 8. QRTrail in Libraries
    9. 9. • Local Welfare Assistance training (web based)
    10. 10. Regional projects: Southwest• World Cat Local: regional technology in action( Lib west and other live partners)• Social Media campaign to engage and joinnew members @DevonLibraries• Volunteers as computer buddies, examplefrom Poole Libraries
    11. 11. Emerging trendsLibrary on a trainNear-Field Communication (NFC) toscan e-book titles on posterWeb Apps
    12. 12. Look ahead to stay ahead
    13. 13. The Environment in which we operate
    14. 14. Survey and assess• Staff– Staff surveys• Council Skills & Qualification survey – digital literacy survey– Empower perceptions of what people want from IT• Customer surveys– Online digital survey for Qracking the code– Consult users - Bournemouth public consultation• How do we keep up with public’s growingexpectations?
    15. 15. Training• Delivery of training– Ten MinuteTips – IT tips and tricks– Ten MinuteTips: Libraries Have the Answer.• Modes of delivery:– Learning styles of your audience– Staff – different motivation levels– Public - very different skill levels• Staff training-Train the trainer, cascade.• Customer training• Experience from heading up the IT team at Bournemouth (clearEnglish, planning, understand the business and customer service)
    16. 16. Ten MinuteTips: Libraries Have the Answer
    17. 17. Seminar• Workshop - individual groups• Action plan – together
    18. 18. Get involved• How do you influence web content and socialmedia in your organisation?
    19. 19. PartnershipsHow do you get the service you need for yourcustomers in cooperation?
    20. 20. What will you need?1. Issues that the national group need toconsider when rolling out across England.2. What will help authorities deliver the offer?3. What further information do you need?TOOLBOX
    21. 21. ResourcesDocuments and links• SCL Launches Four NationalOffers for Public Libraries• Devon Libraries Membership Campaign 2013:• Volunteers as computer buddies in Poole Libraries David• This Slideshow INSERTWEBLINK – SLIDESHARE• QRacking the Code Project• @informationheadAll Images Creative Commons License from
    22. 22. Thank you.
    23. 23. http://thenounproject.comTraffic Light Designed by Arthur Shlain fromThe Noun ProjectLego designed by jon trillana fromThe Noun ProjectBinoculars designed by RonaldVermeijs fromThe Noun ProjectMap Designed by factor[e] design initiative 2013Brain Designed by Max Hancock 2012People Designed by richard pasqua United States 2013Toolbox Designed by Arthur Schmitt