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SLP Manifesto 2011


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Our Blueprint for Growth

- Better days are coming

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SLP Manifesto 2011

  1. 1. Building a Better Saint LuciaLabour’s Employment Activation Programme - LEAP Contents Message by the Political Leader 2 Pillar 3: Our Infrastructure Inject $100 million immediately into the economy for job creation and reconstruction Development Programme 51 activities. The Foundation: Our Economic Provide an Employment Tax Credit for new companies that create a minimum number of Resilient Infrastructure 52 Development Programme 4 jobs above a specified salary level. Post Tomas Reconstruction 53 Stimulate the growth of the local business sector and increase its employment generating Restructured Economy 6 Roads & Bridges 54 capacity by reducing the rate of Corporate Tax and providing incentives to facilitate greater Creating Jobs 7 competitiveness and export-readiness. Transport 56 Support for Local Business 8 Encourage new employment opportunies by exempting Small and Medium Size start-up Pillar 4: Our Sustainable companies from the payment of tax for their first 5 years. Encouraging Investment 10 Development Programme 57 Establish a Land Bank to provide land for agriculture and food-related services. New Policy Measures 12 Create immediate employment by undertaking the comprehensive rebuilding of our Environment 58 country’s infrastructure that was damaged by Hurricane Tomas. Tourism 14 Water Resources 59 Introduce a grant programme for businesses to encourage them to provide on-the-job Agriculture and Fisheries 17 workplace skills training for secondary school students. Climate Change 60 Creative Industries 21 Develop the Creative Industries to create exciting new employment areas. Energy 61 Create a Renewable Energy sector to generate employment at all skill levels. International Financial Services 23 Technology 63 Develop the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector and make wireless Pillar 1: Our National Security internet freely available in all community centres so that the power of technology can be The Building Blocks: Our Youth Programme 24 harnessed for economic development and employment creation. Development Programme 64 Initiate a Home Help Programme for the Elderly to provide employment for Single Strengthening the Police 25 Mothers. Employment 65 New Modern Legislation 28 Re-establish STEP to provide employment for people who have difficulty finding Skills 66 employment in the established sectors. Stronger Justice System 29 Health 68 Create more jobs by reviewing our investment regime and re-engineering our business Tackling Social Issues 29 services to make Saint Lucia a more attractive place for investment. Crime & Violence 69 Establish a Job Placement Centre that will match available skills with local and regional Pillar 2: Our Human and Social Participation 70 demand for labour. Development Programme 31 Provide support for private sector youth entrepreneurship initiatives like the Junior The Roof: Our Governance Programme 71 Education 32 Achievement Programme and the Saint Lucia Youth Business Trust. Health 37 Good Governance 72 Increase the availability of technical and vocational training in our formal school system and ensure that during their time in Secondary School our young people acquire the Social Transformation 43 Public Services 73 necessary soft skills, analytical skills, entrepreneurship skills, and professional skills. Legislation 74 Sports 45 Upgrade existing vocational training centres and develop new centres in rural communities. Housing 47 External Relations 76 Ensure that more Saint Lucians are trained to Caribbean Vocational Qualification (CVQ) National Heritage 49 Stronger Communities 78 level and are able to compete for attractive jobs regionally and internationally. Provide support to CARE and help them to establish a fully-resourced Learning Centre to Conclusion 80 assist at-risk youth and young people who need a second chance. Introduce a National Youth Mentoring Service to provide guidance to young people. Better Days are Coming Our Blueprint for Growth 1
  2. 2. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Our people have witnessed our Building a Better Saint Lucia once proud country drop from being one of the most respected The party that forms Saint Lucia’s and admired nations in the next government has to focus on Caribbean to becoming the subject building a better, stronger, more of unflattering, embarrassing resilient Saint Lucia for everyone. reports from foreign governments Our Party believes that the goal and international agencies. of Building a Better Saint Lucia is For the last five years, Saint Lucians similar to the task of constructing have had to bear the constant a strong home that can offer humiliation of regular scandals shelter and security in good times involving members of this UWP and bad, while at the same time The youth are the building We have listened and we have An Invitation to You government who often have found provide a nurturing environment to blocks of our plan. A Saint taken note and we come to you allow its residents to grow to their Lucia Labour Party government prepared to work even harder to The Saint Lucia Labour Party takes themselves on the wrong side of full potential. This is why we are intends to consult regularly with make life better for you and your its responsibilities very seriously the law - locally, regionally and calling this manifesto Our Blueprint our young people to develop families. and we understand that we must internationally for Growth. It contains the plans, a comprehensive range of always respect the confidence and Few Positive Developments policies and programmes that will programmes to unleash the A Joint Approach the trust that you place in us. As allow us to build a better, stronger enormous talents in our youth and the Political Leader of the SLP, I MESSAGE BY THE Most Saint Lucians agree that nation. help them deal with the various We have also taken a different give you my word that our party there have been very few positive approach to the development of POLITICAL LEADER developments in our country in Our Blueprint for Growth challenges that confront them. our plans. The SLP recognizes will govern with honesty, integrity, dignity, competence and efficiency. the last five years. No new schools The final element of our plan is that for there to be lasting and have been built. Labour’s promise We believe that the first step meaningful change in our country, We believe that citizens must My fellow Saint Lucians our Good Governance programme, of Universal Health Care has in Building a Better Saint Lucia everyone must be engaged. We always hold their government to which will provide protection The Saint Lucia Labour Party is been killed by this government. involves strengthening our cannot do it on our own. This is a high standard and we intend to for our citizens and create a honoured to have the opportunity Our national housing stock has economic foundation. Therefore, why in developing our manifesto set and maintain that standard. favourable environment for them to share with you our Blueprint for remained stagnant. Our roads a major goal of the next SLP we invited citizens from all walks We know that our country and our to succeed in their endeavours. Growth, our policies and plans for and bridges, which have been government will be to develop a of life to contribute their ideas and people have tremendous potential Building a Better Saint Lucia. in a deplorable state for the last robust and re-energized economy. The SLP - An Improved Party their dreams for Building a Better and it will be our goal to help bring four years, are now being hastily A strong economy will anchor Saint Lucia. This has resulted in out that potential. A Drop in Standing patched as part of a desperate the development of all the other The Saint Lucia Labour Party comes a manifesto that we believe is sectors and facilitate the provision to you a better party than we were representative of the dreams and We are confident that with inspired Much has happened since election campaign. of a wider range of services to our in 2006. We understand that every aspirations of all Saint Lucians. leadership, good governance and our party last held the seat Large sections of our country that citizens. experience must be used as an the help of all committed Saint of government in Saint Lucia. were damaged by Hurricane Tomas opportunity to learn, to grow, and A Long Term Plan Lucians we can create a strong, Our citizens have had to suffer have still not been repaired. Our Our development plan will be to get better. We have used our resilient and successful country. through what is easily the worst fiscal situation has deteriorated supported by four major pillars, period in Opposition to connect The goal of nation building is a period in our country’s recent namely (i) National Security; (ii) with Saint Lucians across the long-term exercise. While we We invite you, therefore, to join us alarmingly, yet the UWP persists history. They have seen the Human and Social Development; length and breadth of our country. are confident in our ability to in building a better Saint Lucia with its reckless spending and tremendous strides that were ill-advised projects. Crime (iii) Infrastructure Development; make immediate improvements made in the period leading up to and (iv) Sustainable Development. You told us about the many good in many important areas, we I thank you. continues to be a major problem 2006 almost completely erased for our country, and under this things that we started that you understand there are no quick fixes Yours sincerely, by a directionless and selfish UWP government, Saint Lucia’s want continued. We have heard to several of the problems facing government, devoid of ideas and homicides rate hit a frightening from you about the things with us. Therefore, in this document lacking in capability, credibility and new record high. which you were not pleased. You we depart from the practice of integrity. also shared with us your ideas for presenting a five-year manifesto new and different ways to make and instead we set out our long- our country better. term goals and objectives for Dr. Kenny D. Anthony national growth and development. Political Leader2 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 3
  3. 3. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia THE FOUNDATION: OUR ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME Our goal is to develop a diversified and strong economy that is able to provide employment for our citizens and support the growth and development of the other sectors of our society. The Daher Building - UWP’s Massive Waste of Tax Payers’ Money Serious Economic Challenges • A drop in retailing and Facing the Challenges wholesaling of goods; Together The economy of Saint Lucia • A huge increase in Unquestionably, our economy is facing its most severe unemployment, growing faces major challenges. Difficult and debilitating crisis since from 14% in 2006 to 24.5% decisions would have to be made. Independence. The reasons are in 2011; Sacrifices would be required not hard to find. After the General from all sectors. It is vital that Elections of 2006, the economy • A total loss of confidence we achieve consensus on the immediately started to contract by investors; measures that need to be taken. after several years of solid growth. • The virtual collapse of the In the midst of this downward For this reason, there must be Offshore Sector; and spiral, the global recession hit us deep appreciation of the fact with devastating impact. • Marked increases in the that restoring the economy will cost of living. necessarily involve the building of To this day, no one can identify a social and economic partnership the policies of the Government to Role of the Private Sector in which all stakeholders can take respond to the crisis. As if all of this ownership of the decisions and was not enough, Hurricane Tomas The Saint Lucia Labour Party actions pertaining to the economy. gave us a lethal blow and left believes that a modern, strong, behind a battered infrastructure. dynamic and enterprising Private In this period, the cornerstone We now face a huge reconstruction Sector is a strategic necessity for of the policy of an SLP bill. the future economic development Administration is genuine and of Saint Lucia. meaningful partnerships involving The crisis that faces us manifests Government, organized labour, itself in the following ways: The Private Sector must remain an the Private Sector and other integral part of the new economy. representatives of Civil Society. • A dramatic decline in construction activity; The Saint Lucia Labour Party believes that the Private Sector • A significant decline in must continue to lead the way government revenues; to provide jobs, generate public revenue, and earn foreign • A marked increase in exchange to drive economic indirect taxes, duties, development. levies, and fees to bolster falling revenues; The new economy must be a Private Sector-led economy.4 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 5
  4. 4. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Saint Lucians Invested with Confidence under a Labour Government Sandals Grande Hotel: Built under an SLP Government A RESTRUCTURED The new economy must be driven by innovation and creativity in all A Fiscal Covenant Jobs: Our Number 1 Priority Aggressive Reconstruction Immediate Resumption of Programme STEP ECONOMY spheres. All sectors must be fully Consistent with our commitment Through an effective combination linked and integrated. to seek consensus on the of short term employment Our Party views the reconstruction  Our government will To extricate Saint Lucia from economic measures to restructure activities, an active public sector of our country as an immediate Elements of this new economy will immediately reinstate the this quagmire, an incoming SLP our economy, an SLP Government involve: investment programme, the priority. It is shameful that almost Short Term Employment will enter into a Fiscal Covenant administration will focus on strategic use of incentives to one year after the passage of Programme (STEP) to provide with our Social Partners, aimed at: realigning our economy to increase • Continued investment in the encourage local investments, and Hurricane Tomas large sections relief to the hundreds of men its resilience and viability. development of high-end • Fiscal Consolidation; the creation of an environment of our country’s damaged and women who have not tourism products such as that attracted foreign direct infrastructure have not been been able to earn a living for The SLP will develop an economy adventure tourism, nature • Improvement in public investment, the SLP was able to repaired or rebuilt. almost five years. that not only strengthens and based tourism, cultural revenue, including compliance and administration; reduce unemployment from 25% consolidates the traditional tourism, conferences and  An SLP government will  STEP will be year-round in in 1997 to 14% in 2006. community tourism; immediately inject an amount those communities that sectors, but which produces • Sensible management of and delivers new and improved • A deliberate emphasis on high deficits and debt, including Incompetent management by of $100 million into the have been hardest hit by goods and services, utilizing new value agriculture, focusing a focused debt management this UWP government has caused economy to stimulate job the recession and UWP production and service delivery on the food industry, agro- strategy; unemployment to rise once again creation and reconstruction. mismanagement. systems, methods and techniques. processing, and horticulture; to alarmingly high levels of over • Improvement in the  We will embark on an  We will redesign and improve This new economy must generate 20%. • Development of the creative productivity and transparency aggressive Post-Tomas STEP so that it can also cater new sources of income and of public expenditure; industries;  A major priority of our reconstruction programme to those people who can be employment, based on the most • Strengthening the government will be the to put hundreds of Saint trained to find alternative competitive levels of knowledge, • Support for the development institutional framework for creation of jobs. Lucians to work repairing our employment. skill and productivity. Job creation of a vibrant ICT sector; accountability; roads, bridges and damaged is our top priority.  The SLP will re-engage the • The creation of a new  Our Party will translate its infrastructure. renewables energy sector; • Protection of the poor and comprehensive Employment private sector in a new public- We will deepen efforts to vulnerable through fair and private sector partnership for modernize our economy and Activation Programme (LEAP) • Renewed emphasis on balanced fiscal measures; and into a National Initiative job creation. society, and bring Saint Lucia fully the International Financial into the international economy. • Linking wages and to Create Employment, Services sector. We also aim to eliminate productivity in the public and dedicated to creating and bureaucracy and adopt a zero private sectors. finding jobs for Saint Lucians. tolerance for corruption.6 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 7
  5. 5. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Stimulating Local Business We will work diligently and  The SLP will create greater A Revamped OPSR Skills Training for the Job  An SLP government will purposefully toward improving the space for small and medium- Market provide support and put Experience has shown that the business climate in Saint Lucia. sized enterprises (SME) to  We will ensure that the additional systems in place best way of stimulating post- operate by creating business OPSR, which we created in Our Party established the National to ensure that hundreds of recession growth in employment  Our goal is to make Saint 1998, continues to enhance incubators in the north and Skills Development Centre to train Saint Lucians are trained is to encourage entrepreneurship Lucia the number one place the services provided to south of the island. our people so that they could to Caribbean Vocational for doing business in the the private sector and and new businesses. succeed in the job market. Qualification (CVQ) level Caribbean.  We will provide a window efficiently delivers support for stimulating and facilitating and are able to compete for This will be done through a of assistance to SMEs for  During this term of office we  We will make capital available business in Saint Lucia. attractive jobs regionally and revamped investment and business training, preparation of will intensify our skills training to assist local small and internationally. promotion programme. business plans, feasibility  We will also restore the programme to ensure that medium enterprises to studies and marketing. original mission of the our citizens acquire the skills,  Additionally, we will train  An SLP government will target become export-ready and to OPSR to facilitate greater attitudes and qualifications our people so that they five areas for growth in our capitalize on opportunities  We will work with the collaboration between that will increase their can take full advantage of job creation programme: created by the CARIFORUM- Chamber of Commerce and the private sector and the employability locally and opportunities provided EU Economic Partnership other partners to provide Government. regionally. through the Economic • The Tourism Industry Agreement (EPA). greater encouragement to Partnership Agreement with  Through the OPSR, we The CARICOM Single Market and • The Creative Industries young people to become the European Union and any  We will upgrade the Bureau of will explore further and entrepreneurs, particularly the OECS Economic Union will new economic partnerships Standards so that it can step develop mutually beneficial • The ICT Sector in areas like the creative make more regional employment up its programme of ensuring opportunities for public- with countries like Canada. industries and the ICT sector. private sector partnerships. opportunities available. • The Renewable Energy that products from Saint Sector Lucia meet the highest quality standards and can compete in • High Value-Added international markets. Agriculture  We will provide a tax credit  During our next term of to local companies that invest office we will concentrate in research and development our efforts on stimulating aimed at improving the Entrepreneurship, Educating competitiveness and quality our work force, and of their products. Expanding our Export sector. UWP has Destroyed all SLP’s Work in Reducing Unemployment UWP Promised to Reduce Expenditure by $300 Million. Instead, they Increased it by $200 Million8 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 9
  6. 6. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Encouraging Investment Improved Climate New Sources of Investment Stimulating Innovation National Credit Bureau • Greater support for responsible lending and It is universally accepted that  The Saint Lucia Labour Party  The SLP will seek new Our Party believes that the growth It is important for us to enhance reductions in credit losses. political and macro-economic will restore political and investors from non-traditional and long-term viability of our the level of liquidity and stability are essential for attracting macro-economic stability in sources like the BRICS (Brazil, economy will depend on our transparency within the financial • Reductions in incidents of foreign direct investment. our country. Russia, India, China and South success in stimulating innovation. services sector. fraud and money laundering. Africa) and the Scandinavian  We will ensure there is a countries. These strategic We believe that establishing a • Elimination of interbank In 2006, under the SLP, Saint Lucia sensible and fair regulatory  We will establish an moves into new markets will Credit Bureau will provide a sound credit checks and other was rated 27th in the world by framework, supported be closely aligned with our Innovation Fund to stimulate the World Bank for Ease of Doing and facilitate the patentingof platform for development and bureaucratic measures. by effective and efficient external relations policies and Business, higher than Chile, Spain, institutional arrangements. inventions in select areas progress within the domestic programmes. • Facilitation of identity South Africa, France, Taiwan and and generate viable new financial sector.  We will put in place the confirmation and verification every other island in the Caribbean A New NDC business concepts that create  The SLP will establish a of personal details. necessary physical and social with the exception of Puerto framework, including a skilled employment. National Credit Bureau  In our next term of office, the Rico. In 2010, under the UWP, our and competitive labour to achieve the following • Greater centralization Saint Lucia Labour Party will ranking slipped to 53rd. force, and efficient energy give NDC the sole mandate Support for Coalition of objectives: of credit information to and telecommunications of investment promotion and Service Industries facilitate enhanced economic The UWP has not been able to infrastructure. business facilitation. • Dissemination of information analysis, strengthened attract any new major investors  The SLP will provide greater to facilitate increased access supervision of non-bank during its five years in office. In  We will undertake a NDC will no longer have support for the Saint to credit and expansion of financial institutions and comprehensive review of all responsibility for real estate in Lucia Coalition of Service improved systemic analysis fact, several investors who had lending activities. of the processes involved in Vieux Fort, managing factory Industriesin institutional shown an interest have abandoned aimed at safeguarding the doing business in Saint Lucia shells, or running the Pointe strengthening, public • Reductions in cost of lending their plans. through a business process education on trade related integrity of the domestic Seraphine Duty Free Complex. and prevailing interest rates. re-engineering initiative issues, promoting high financial sector.  The SLP will place high priority that will seek to remove all  This new agency will be called standards and following on attracting at least one unnecessary impediments the Saint Lucia Investment international best practices. major new investor in our first and bureaucratic red tape. Promotion Corporation year of office. (SLIPCO). New Investment Strategy We are confident that investors SLIPCO will focus on: will once again return to Saint In our 2006 Elections Manifesto we spoke of the need to develop a  Building Saint Lucia’s Lucia under a Labour government image as a preferred National Investment Strategy and because of: location for investors; stated this would have been one • A return to political stability of our priorities in our 3rd term of  Seeking out and office. and good governance; generating new  In our first year in office we investments in strategic • Our comprehensive will develop a comprehensive, sectors with high value- investment promotion innovative investment added and employment programme; strategy. generating potential; and • Proposed reductions in the  We will review the investment  Facilitating local and rate of Corporate Tax; incentives regime to foreign direct investment make sure that there is a by functioning as a • The track record of the SLP in closer match between the true One Stop Shop for attracting reputable investors. encouragements that we offer investors. to investors and the needs of • Our business process re- those investors. There must engineering initiatives that be a better balance between will simplify procedures and taxes and incentives. improve the business climate Our Country’s Global Investment Climate Rating has Dropped from 27 under SLP to 53 under UWP in Saint Lucia.10 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 11
  7. 7. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Removal of Stamp Duty No Other Options  Once VAT is introduced, our SLP Government will reduce  An SLP government will Our tax base is too small to taxation on working people consider the introduction allow government to provide the by raising the threshold, over of legislation to remove services that are demanded. the next five years, for the Stamp Duty in cases where payment of Income Tax from On top of that, the new regional $18,000.00 annually to at a borrower is moving to trade agreements will cause us another financial institution least $21,000.00 annually. to lose significant import tariff to secure re-financing of revenues that are currently paying outstanding loans for a Relief from High Gas Prices for many of these services. business enterprise. When our Party was in office we The other countries in the OECS provided a cushion to consumers Tax Break for SMEs and CARICOM have already faced that reality. Saint Lucia cannot from high prices of petrol and  A Labour government will continue to hide. Where VAT cooking gas. Once again, this will exempt all new companies is concerned we do not have a be the basis for our policy on fuel with a start-up capital base of choice, we must introduce it. costs. Effects of 9-11 less than $500 thousand from the payment of Corporate Lessening the Impact of VAT With respect to fuel prices, a Saint Taxes in their first 5 years of Lucia Labour Party government will operation. In order to lessen the discomfort do the following: New Policy Measures Tax Ombudsman Employment Tax Credit that VAT will bring to citizens, we The Value Added Tax (VAT) will:  Review the current fuel Our tax system should encourage Many citizens are intimidated by Consideration will be given to the ‘Pass Through’ mechanism Government must respond to the  Maintain a basket of goods entrepreneurship and job the Tax Department and many introduction of an “Employment and take steps to provide growing and changing needs of that will be zero-rated, creation, offer relief to those who are unable to pay accountants or Tax Credit.” This system will consumers with some degree its citizens. Among these are the meaning that these goods will lawyers to plead their causes. give tax credits to businesses of protection from high oil need it the most, and provide a need to ensure that: not attract VAT; that generate significant new prices, which may include sustainable revenue base that  We will create the office employment.  Delay the introduction of VAT allows government to provide a of “Tax Ombudsman” to • All children, from birth, get on the payment of bills for reducing the frequency with range of services to its citizens. intervene on behalf of To encourage new investment, we access to quality education; electricity and water until we which the consumer prices taxpayers and assist them will grant: are satisfied that the public are changed. to resolve differences and • All citizens have access to Tax Amnesty affordable health care; is reasonably protected from disputes between them  Two years free of tax arbitrary increases by the  Put in place a hard cap on the and the Inland Revenue for new companies that companies that provide these price of fuel so that when the There are many people who face • Hgh-risk groups get effective Department. employ at least six (6) services. price of oil passes a certain large tax liabilities due in part social protection services; people who are paid high threshold the full cost to huge penalties and interest Lower Corporate Tax Rate over $24,000.00 each per • The population is serviced by of that increase will not be on their arrears. In the past, Tax annum; and an efficient public service; passed on to the consumer. Amnesties have been granted. Our administration reduced the Usually these amnesties involve a corporate rate of taxation from  Three years free of tax reduction in penalties. • Our country has a sound, 33.3% to 30%. Over the next five for new companies that well-maintained stock of years we will: employ at least ten (10) public infrastructure.  In order to give ALL citizens people who are paid a chance to start with a  Reduce the rate of Corporate over $24,000.00 each per clean slate, the SLP will Tax for large businesses from annum. enact legislation and remove 30% to 25%; all penalties and interest on outstanding liabilities,  Reduce the rate of Corporate provided that all outstanding Tax on small and medium taxes are settled within a sized businesses from 30% to specified period. 20%. The Ultra-Expensive Home of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs12 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 13
  8. 8. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia Developing the Human Direct Support to the Small Improving Saint Lucia Jazz Resource Base Hotel Sector  Our Party is committed to  An SLP government will  An SLP government will place improving the standard conduct a comprehensive a renewed focus on the small of Saint Lucia Jazz and Needs Assessment of the hotel sector. returning it to its position of Tourism industry to determine prominence on the global  We will develop a new music landscape. the human resource development needs of the Tourism Incentives Act that, among other things, provides  We will ensure that there is industry. adequate participation by greater support to small Saint Lucians in all aspects of  We will formulate a hotels, guest houses and this activity. comprehensive human ancillary services. resource development programme aimed at  We will assist the small Promoting Health Tourism increasing local involvement hotel sector with a special When we started the construction in all levels of the industry. marketing fund to assist with of a new Mental Health facility and The Landings - Built under an SLP Government promotional activities. a new General Hospital we wanted  Following from the results of to improve the quality of health A STRONGER TOURISM  The SLP government will re- examine and improve the  A Labour government will the Needs Assessment, our Meeting International care for citizens and position Saint continue our programme government will establish Standards INDUSTRY Tourism Incentive Act to of developing community strategic partnerships with Lucia so that it could be marketed provide new and additional tourism ventures that  The SLP government will as a viable health tourism existing and prospective The SLP is convinced that tourism incentives to small hotels, destination. highlight the positive tourism hospitality institutes work through the Tourism will remain a major contributor guest houses and for the development of tourism attributes of our communities to create a National Tourism & Development Agency and the We are pleased that Tapion to economic development, and enhance the livelihoods Hospitality Training Institute. Bureau of Standards to ensure employment and export revenue ancillary services. Hospital has also improved of their residents. that all service providers the range of services it offers in Saint Lucia for the foreseeable  Our government will also work achieve and maintain  We will ensure that and achieved international future. In this regard, we will adequate financial resources  We will build on the work closely with the private sector international benchmarks for ensure that tourism development we started during the Cricket accreditation. are allocated to tourism to enhance institutional and quality. is afforded high priority in the promotion, and we will World Cup and create a on-the-job training for our  An SLP government will forge development agenda. eliminate wastage of the St. unique Heritage Tourism hotel workers, tour guides, Customer Service Training a close collaboration between Lucia Tourist Board budget. experience. taxi drivers and other tourism the public and private sectors Our goals for our new term of service providers.  Our government will place in health and tourism to office will be to create more Greater Local Participation Heritage Promotion a very high premium on aggressively pursue our health linkages in the tourism industry to A New Tourism Development customer service in the  The SLP will create a tourism sector and we will tourism programme during ensure that economic benefits are  The SLP will encourage Agency distinctive Saint Lucian work with our private sector our next term of office. balanced and accrue to as many hotels and restaurants that benefit from government cuisine that promotes the  We will create a Tourism partners to ensure that all people as possible. use of local ingredients. Development Agency built on public and private sector staff incentives to participate more culinary specialties and a partnership between the who interact with our visitors Better Institutional Support in the development of the receive continuous training in communities on our island. beverages, while maintaining public and private sectors. this area. international industry  We will modernize the The agency will be responsible  Our Party will strongly standards. legislative framework that for the development of high supports the industry by support all investments that make maximum use  We will adopt a specialized growth segments including enacting in Parliament a new adventure, heritage, cultural, St. Lucia Tourist Board Act, of local content, involve programme for the enhancement of arts and craft sports, health and conference after discussion with industry joint partnerships with local tourism and for the overall partners. concerns, or promote the development, indigenous improvement of our tourism use of local products and manufacturing and product. expertise. merchandising programmes.14 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 15
  9. 9. Building a Better Saint Lucia Building a Better Saint Lucia A REVITALIZED Making Effective Use of the Restoring Productivity Land AGRICULTURE SECTOR Hurricane Tomas inflicted serious The availability of suitable land for damage on the agricultural sector The UWP came into office in 2006 agricultural activity is one of the with significant losses of crops and promising to revitalize agriculture serious limiting factors. Proper livestock. and restore the banana industry to land zoning and a sensible land its glory years. Almost five years use policy are necessary for the The heavy siltation of many of later the agriculture sector is in a viability of the sector and most our fields and the loss of topsoil Vibrant Cruise Tourism Sector Enhancement of Port Castries Greater Support for Yachting very shaky position and the banana make it necessary that government importantly, to guarantee food industry is almost dead, with cash- security. engages in a targeted programme The cruise tourism sector has  During our next term of office The Yachting Sector is definitely strapped farmers now having to of land clearing and restoration. served us well over the years we will take this project to one in which we have some degree deal with costly and dangerous  The SLP government will and we will continue our support the next level with the further of competitive advantage.  An SLP government, as part of diseases. identify and zone lands that to this sector by embarking enhancement of Port Castries its Post Tomas Reconstruction on a comprehensive product and the city of Castries. The Saint Lucia Labour Party will are best suited for agriculture During this term of office we and use legislation and programme, will engage in a development programme that provide greater support to this will focus on the following incentives to ensure that they land clearing and cultivation improves our land-based amenities  In Phase One we will sector through the following: development imperatives in are kept in food production. programme to restore the and encourages our visitors to redevelop the western side  Introduce a Yachting Act agriculture and fisheries: Our goal is to define in productivity of our major spend more time exploring our of the harbour, from the sea to allow for the orderly legislation an “Agriculture agricultural lands. simply beautiful country. end of the George F.L. Charles 1. Food Security Airport Runway to the San development of the sector. Green Belt”.  We will mandate the Research We will enhance the aesthetics Souci Bridge. 2. Effective Resource Use and Development Division  Facilitate skills training for  We will work toward putting of Port Castries and increasing Saint Lucians who want to and the Extension Division to the range and quality of options This will be pursued through 3. Targeted Production an end to the land use work in the yachting sector. practices that cause land test the nutrient profiles of available to the thousands of a public-private sector 4. Sustainability degradation. the soils in our prime lands visitors who go through our city partnership.  Develop Ganters Bay as an and work with the owners every year. up-market marina. 5. Strategic Marketing of these lands to bring these  We will encourage the A Land Bank relocation of all cargo facilities soils to levels of optimum When the SLP government  Improve the Customs, 6. Capacity Building at Port Castries to the wider In our previous term of office we fertility. developed La Place Carenage, Immigration and Port Castries basin. 7. Applied Research and started work with the Food and built the Desmond Skeete Authority facilities at Development Agriculture Organization on the Animation Centre and invested in This will be the first step to Soufriere. development of a Land Bank. the redevelopment of the Pointe transforming Port Castries Seraphine Berths the intention into one of the premiere  In this term of office we will was to improve our cruise shipping cruise tourism ports in the create a Land Bank so that facilities and enhance the tourism Caribbean. we can provide our young product offering in our city centre. farmers with suitable lands to We will continue this programme engage in modern, efficient in our next term in office. crop and livestock production.16 Our Blueprint for Growth Our Blueprint for Growth 17