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RIP Steve Jobs One Man's Contribution to Social Media


Published on - RIP Steve Jobs One Man's Contribution to Social Media. steve jobs,social media strategy,social media marketing

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RIP Steve Jobs One Man's Contribution to Social Media

  1. 1. RIP Steve Jobs: One Man’sContribution To Social Media
  2. 2. Steve Jobs passed away last month, but his legacy will live on forever. Tributes to the famed Apple inventor are still pouring in around the world.News agencies covered his death, and so did thousands of blogs, Facebookpages and Twitter feeds. This stands as the ultimate testament to a man that was one of the founding fathers of social media. But how did Steve Jobs change the world?
  3. 3. One Man’s Impact on Social Media
  4. 4. Many have said that Apple was one of the only tech companies to never produce a hugely successful social media platform. We disagree completely. Steve was the kind of visionary that thought beyond thelimitations of sitting behind a desk, to experience social connectivity. That’swhy with his leadership, he produced three of the world’s technological marvels – the iPhone, iPad and iPod.
  5. 5. Steve knew that people needed to feelconnected to their communities all the time, which is why he focused hisgenius on mobile technology. And true to that genius, mobile technology is regarded as the purest form of socialinteraction. With mobile technology at the forefront of his thoughts, hepioneered not only a new platform for interaction, but a new way for us to interact with each other.
  6. 6. The far reaches of this decision isevident in our daily lives. Steve Jobs did something extraordinary. He reached into every niche on theplanet, and made it better. Becausethat’s really what Apple applications have done. They’ve given averagepeople the ability to create, express, innovate and invent.
  7. 7. With this technology there is virtually nothing that can’t be made moreefficient, fun, dynamic, emotional and social. Essentially, he gave social platforms the huge reach that they have today in our lives.
  8. 8. The Future Impact of a Life Well Spent
  9. 9. Steve Jobs was the Einstein of modern technology. A true creator, that focused on the positive aspects and impact that progressive technologycan have on our society. He turned our phones into a social hub, anentertainment portal, a news source, aplace to have fun and a place to learn.The future of this technology is bright.
  10. 10. We can only imagine how inventors and innovators will build upon thisincredible base that Steve has left us.
  11. 11. One thing is certain – Apple’stechnology is pulling ahead. Thanks toSteve, it can expect to be involved in a huge number of innovations that are on the tech horizon. With technology like augmented reality on the rise, maybe we’ll be seeing Steve’s inventions progress into a whole different league.
  12. 12. That’s one thing mobile technologydoesn’t have – limits. You can’t say thesame for sites like Facebook, Twitter –or even the invention of the computer.
  13. 13. Though Steve Jobs has passed, his impact on the world will last forhundreds of years. That’s a legacy that few people are ever able to achieve.We were lucky enough to benefit fromsuch a visionary. He belongs in the hallof fame, alongside Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison and the Wright Brothers. Thank you Steve!
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