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Get to know Bluewolf


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Get to know Bluewolf's innovative business practices. They include remote database support, IT resourcing and SaaS consulting services. Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions.

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Get to know Bluewolf

  1. 1. Delivering On-DemanD expertise YOur guiDe tO success
  2. 2. welcome name company date welcome it resourcing remote DBA consulting consulting supplemental
  3. 3. about On-Demand it resourcing On-Demand talent Bluewolf is the premier provider of On-Demand consulting, staffing and remote database management services. With thousands of successful OUr prACtiCeS customer engagements, Bluewolf is inCOrpOrAte fOUr mAin AreAS helping companies of all sizes reinvent how they deliver complex enterprise software projects. › founded in 2000 › locations in USA and Canada On-Demand consulting On-Demand remote DBa about it resourcing remote DBA consulting supplemental
  4. 4. Oracle Crm SAp Crm on demand it reSOUrCinG project managers Oracle Business Analysts peoplesoft technical Writing SAp Bluewolf provides contract, Business erp contract-to-hire and permanent it employees. “ Bluewolf is the only firm i have ever worked with that actually understands technology and the nuances associated with each technology. Working with them is a HUGe timesaver.” Business intelligence new media Basil Constantino, CiO Kravet fabric interactive producers microStrategy resources information Architects Cognos resources flash Developers informatica Web Development .net,, C# Java Open Source it resourcing remote DBA consulting supplemental
  5. 5. review and identify on-demand tAlent Candidate requirements Call top Three Candidates recommended Bluewolf has over 1,000,000 resumes carefully categorized for every technical position in BluewOlf Survey monkey all 50 states. staffing prOcess “ Bluewolf addressed my Cognos need interview Series and quickly provided me with the right face to face Customer Success resource at the right price.” Background Guarantee Cathy Yang, manager-Datawarehouse Development, Chanel, inc. ideal Candidate placed it resourcing remote DBA consulting supplemental
  6. 6. remOte On-Demand DBA remote DBA Checklist Bluewolf Direct™ - The most trusted Oracle and SQl Server name in remote database monitoring within the United States since 2000. 24x7 proactive and reactive support “ After careful analysis, we determined that base er leverage best practices across custom partnering with a US based monitoring firm would allow us to increase coverage and also reduce cost within the it department. Bluewolf was full time DBAs the right choice for Anchor Computer.” Doug mateyaschuk, Vp Operations, Anchor Computer cess regular customer visits to ensure suc er – no tArs personalized process for each custom remote DBA consulting supplemental
  7. 7. remOte focus resources on on-demand DBA strategic initiatives Specific applications Why outsource DBA services? no longer “strategic” internal resources at 150% capacity “ We simply do not have enough work to keep a full time DBA busy, yet Oracle is CritiCAl to our 24x7, global environment” michael farhadi, Vp Applications, Giorgio Armani Outsource accountability for “2am wakeup” protect against attrition, training, software costs and overhead remote DBA consulting supplemental
  8. 8. remOte on-demand DBA How to get started? Assign primary/Secondary DBA Define Client-Side escalation process Develop Health Check Document establish Vpn Connection •Checkpoint, Cisco, microsoft, nortel, others... Onsite Audit review Go live! remote DBA consulting supplemental
  9. 9. on-demand COnSUltinG is the market and technology CUStOmer relAtiOnSHip mAnAGement leader in On-Demand business services. The company’s Salesforce suite of On-Demand Crm applications allows customers to manage and share all of their sales, support, marketing and Bluewolf is the leading provider partner information on-demand. of On-Demand consulting services, specializing in the deployment of Google specializes in internet search, online prODUCtiVitY advertising and provides a suite of On-Demand On-Demand applications. products including; Google applications premium editions, Jotspot and more. “Bluewolf’s attention to total User Adoption was critical for our implementation. now, our users COntent mAnAGement Clickability provides web content management, see Crm as a productivity tool, and our interactivity and navigation software. managers feel closer to the business. That’s a win, win!” Xactly is the market leader in On-Demand sales SAleS COmpenSAtiOn Vp, Sales, Avotus Corporation compensation management and an innovator TM in on-demand sales performance management. Incent right. Sell more. TM Success factors provides state-of-the-art HUmAn CApitAl mAnAGement performance & talent management solutions that help organizations of every size and category realize their potential through their talent. consulting supplemental
  10. 10. edusoft Bank of America Corp. element K Bar none financial financial times / ft Knowledge General Heald College Stanford University American international Group Avon products, inc. energy Avure technologies on-demand COnSUltinG Amerada Hess Corporation Cendant Corporation Bp Solar north America Corrpro Companies inc noresco Dupont Chemical Solutions Oilspace, inc. e i Dupont de nemours (pArent) Customer Success by market Keyspan energy payne firm Apparel Biotechnology Givaudan Corp. entertainemt lollytogs inc. Hunter Douglas, inc. matrix technologies Corporation Coach leatherwear Acclaim entertainment Cepheid Healthcare Giorgio Armani Acme-Simpsons Digilab, llC. Burlington Coat factory Alloy media Acusis, llC int’l partnership for microbicides footlocker ASCAp Align technology, inc. CpG Bag Bazaar, llC On Command Corporation life Science insights (insight) modo eyewear rBS lynk Amn Healthcare, inc. Atkins nutritionals, inc. Dress Barn SVm Corporate marketing marchon eyewear, inc. pinnacle foods Corporation David’s Bridal, inc. topps Company athenahealth, inc. George Weston Bakeries tribeca enterprises national medical Health Card Sys publix Supermarket inc. Communications Bio-rad laboratories Hain Celestial Group, inc. financial Services 22clicks nice-pak pDi r.J. reynolds tobacco metroGroup Corp ADp - national Accounts Bracco Diagnostics Heineken USA inc. Blue Hornet networks ADp - Small Business The Dannon Company, inc. Carat Brand experience Services Unilever Bestfoods inc. e-Centives ADp totalSource education edelman Worldwide American Home mortgage Harte-Hanks, inc. mainsail partners mcGraw Hill iCOm info & Communications mortgageit Holdings, inc. ninth House intellakey mortgagetree lending Corp. nYC Department of education interbrand national City Bank eChalk consulting supplemental
  11. 11. SUpplementAl supplemental table of contents about Bluewolf for more information, contact: founded in 2000, Bluewolf is an on-demand ° Corporate Overview Sarah Vaynerman enterprise consulting company that specializes in ° Health Dashboard 646-336-6400 the deployment of enterprise software ° Daily tasks Sheet applications. Through its Customer Success ° proactive Weekly/ monthly tasks Sheet Guarantee™, Bluewolf is reinventing the concept ° it Hiring Guide of enterprise consulting, one that is tailor made ° Salary Guide for the on-demand world. Bluewolf’s practices ° remote DBA Overview incorporate three main areas: On-Demand ° remote DBA White paper Consulting, On-Demand Software, and ° press releases On-Demand remote Services. With offices across north America, Bluewolf’s customers include Bank of America, ADp, General electric, Wall Street Journal, Staples and Ann taylor. more information about the company can be found at www. supplemental
  12. 12. Categories Health Status recommendation Database ratios Database Buffer Cache ratio Data Dictionary Hit ratio Data Dictionary Cache miss ratio health DASHBOArD library Cache parse ratio library Cache reload ratio library Hit ratio recursive Call ratio redo latch ratio /of imm_miSSeS to imm_GetS redo latch ratio /of miSSeS to GetS redo log Buffer Space request ratio On-line log file Space request ratio Shared pool reload ratio Sort on Disk ratio free list ratio parse Count ratio free Buffer Scan ratio parse Count ratio read to physical i/O ratio # times for DB free Buffer requested tablespace Usage Alert logs Ora-600 error Check Background process errors trace files User process errors Ora-600 error Check Backup logs Backup Verification rollback Segments Status Operating System monitoring Disk Space memory management network Status CpU Utilization supplemental
  13. 13. daily tASKS SHeet Daily task list frequency tools proactive monitoring monitor SGA Continuous Bluewolf Customized Applications Check Alert logs Once Am/ Once pm Bluewolf Customized Applications Check trace files Once Am/ Once pm Bluewolf Customized Applications Check Backups As Scheduled Bluewolf Customized Applications Space Utilization/Allocation Daily Bluewolf Customized Applications/DBXray Block Corruption Detection Daily (off peak) Bluewolf Customized Applications/DBXray Analyze Object Stats Daily (off peak) Bluewolf Customized Applications/DBXray Document Daily turnovers Continuous maintain Daily Check list (portal) Continuous Sales force Case tracking System neXt_eXtenDS for space bound objects Daily Bluewolf Customized Applications table Space management Once pm Bluewolf Customized Applications System Space management Once pm Bluewolf Customized Applications memory paging/Cache Once Am Bluewolf Customized Applications Check Backup logs Daily Bluewolf Customized Applications Verify Users profile roles and privileges Daily Bluewolf Customized Applications Verify network management Agent Daily Bluewolf Customized Applications supplemental
  14. 14. Weekly/monthly task list frequency tools Verify naming Convention policy Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications Verify Storage parameter policy Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications Check missing primary Keys Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications Check Disabled primary Keys Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications weekly/monthly tASKS SHeet ensure that all indexes use an index table space Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications Check Security policy Violation Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications Archive all alert logs to history folder Once a week Bluewolf Customized Applications review common tuning points, such as cache ratio, Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications latch contentions and points dealing with memory management proactive monitoring look for harmful growth rates. review changes in Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications segment growth, as compared to the previous report, to identify segments that may be growing in harmful way(s) examining tuning opportunities. review common Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications Oracle tuning points, such as cache hit ratio, latch contention and other points dealing with memory management. Compare these with the past reports to identify harmful trends and identify the impacts of recent tuning adjustments look for i.O contention. review database file Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications activity. Compare this activity to past output to identify trends that could possibly lead to the possible contention review fragmentation by investigating the row Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications chaining and other areas of fragmentation project performance into the future by comparing Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications reports on CpU, memory and network and disk utilization from both oracle and operating system to identify trends that could lead to the contention for any of these resources in the near future performance tuning and maintenance. make Once a month Bluewolf Customized Applications adjustments as necessary to avoid contention for system resources. These adjustments may include the schedule downtime or requests for additional resources supplemental
  15. 15. founded in 2000, Bluewolf is an on-demand On-Demand remote Services Bluewolf provides enterprise consulting company that specializes 24x7 outsourced management in the deployment of enterprise software of applications and databases, specializing applications. Through its Customer Success in the support of Oracle, SQl, and mission Guaranteetm, Bluewolf is reinventing the concept critical database applications, allowing of enterprise consulting, one that is tailor made clients to free up precious resources for for the On-Demand world. new development initiatives. corporate fACt SHeet Headquartered in new York City, with offices Bluewolf Differentiator across the United States and Canada, Bluewolf is Bluewolf is the world’s first professional helping companies of all sizes to leverage the services, technology, and staffing company with power of cutting edge software applications, a Success Guaranteetm. The Bluewolf Customer about Bluewolf driving total User Adoptiontm and Guaranteed Success Guaranteetm ensures Successtm for complex enterprise software the success of customer engagements, web projects. and utilizes agile deployment processes to deliver immediate and tangible value employees Bluewolf Services to client engagements. 175 employees On-Demand Consulting Bluewolf provides customers enterprise software deployment services 1000+ to companies on a time and materials and fixed price basis, specializing in Crm, erp, offices Business intelligence, Web Development, new York Worldwide Headquarters and enterprise integration; enabling rapid San francisco West Coast Headquarters business process change for both simple regional Offices Throughout USA and complex organizations. founders eric Berridge, michael Kirven On-Demand Staffing Bluewolf provides staff management team augmentation and placement services for Chief financial Officer Anthony Calderaro hard-to-find software developers, project Vice president marketing Corinne Sklar managers, and business analysts, serving clients managing Director Greg Kaplan that have immediate needs for deep expertise in Director Delivery Services Jolene Chan specific technologies and Director On-Demand practice Glen Stoffel software deployment processes. Director On-Demand Generation Shane Sarty Director of Sales tim Johnson supplemental
  16. 16. Bluewolf Select engagements recent Bluewolf press financial Services Bank of America, Client testimony Chase manhattan Bank, Citizens Bank, p=irol newsArticle&iD=839954&highlight=bluewolf fidelity investments, Charles Schwaab, royal Bank of Scotland, The Hartford insurance eWeek “SAAS Channel: more, not less” http:// Company,1895,2064188,00.asp corporate fACt SHeet media and entertainment CBS, nBC, CiO insights “A new way of managing fox interactive, turner Broadcasting, tech projects” The economist, Sprorts illustrated,,1540,19 Dow Jones, Xm Satellite, infoWorld, 29346,00.asp freedom Communications continued ZDnet “pure play SAAS implementor” manufacturing General electric, Dupont “We selected Bluewolf as our Corporation, Thermo electron Corporation, partner because of their clear vision of a foundry networks, SonyCorporation, Crm Directory “Bluewolf showcases successful Crm rollout.” Cisco Corporation On-Demand Breakthroughs” ben taft Vp of marketing foundry networks, inc. com_content&task=view&id=389&itemid=54 Other national Hockey league, new York “(Bluewolf) have been a trusted advisor of ours City Board of education, for over two years, and we continue to turn to foundation, tata Consulting Services, Borland their services to extend the value of our it Software, Autodesk, BeA Systems, Vail resorts infrastructure.” morris beyda CiO Dimension Data north America Bluewolf Key partners & recognition platinum partner (highest level) “We evaluated all of our options and determined that the right fit for Heineken founding Developer was the proven expertise of Bluewolf.” SAAS partner iBm mike misidewicz Business Data manager Business partner Oracle Heineken USA SAAS Distribution Committee member SiiA bluewolf ny “Thought leaders” CeO OpenAir, morris panner 220 5th Avenue, 15th floor, nY, nY 100001 “platinum partner” t: 646.336.6400 f: 646.336.6438 “pure play” ZDnet 2006 “Consulting Gurus” Consulting magazine 2006 bluewolf ca “Bluewolf showcases on-demand 100 Spear Street, #505, Sf, CA 94105 breakthroughs” Crm Directory 2006 t: 415.947.1010 f: 415.947.0421 supplemental
  17. 17. 1. make your decision swiftly 6. Use 15 minute phone screens Why? Almost every person you interview will Why? it saves a lot of time and gives your have multiple interviews running at the same recruiter or Hr department the ability to gather it hiring guiDe time. Speed matters when deciding if a important intelligence about the soft skills candidate fits your requirements; even more so necessary for a good fit. for certain high demand skill sets. 7. Sponsor a H1B 2. Signing bonuses are back Why? Your candidate pool can sometime Bluewolf essential it hiring tips Why? it’s a great way to tip the scales in your increase by 500% if your company is open to favor and show a candidate how valuable they H1B sponsorship. typically the total filing and “Bluewolf addressed my Cognos need and are to you. legal fees are less than $5,000 per transaction quickly provided me with the right resource and it takes less than one day to complete. at the right price” 3. Be open to virtual offices cathy yang manager-Datawarehouse Developement Why? The concerns of telecommuting are 8. Show the candidate how working at your company will enable them to learn new Channel, inc. long past. Be flexible-allowing a person to technologies work 1-2 days from a home office will make Why? technology candidates are interested in your offer more competitive. expanding their knowledge base and want to know that their employer will support their 4. Offer a competitive salary career development. Why? Salaries are rising every day, especially for areas in highest demand such as: Oracle 9. Hire for today’s need and tomorrow’s vision technologies, .net, C#, flash, information Why? remember that you’re hiring for the Architects. if you are not prepared to offer future. new people should provide the skills you a competitive salary, you will not land your need in the future, not just match the job candidate of choice. demands you see today. Be clear about your strategic direction for the future and then hire 5. Don’t set up more than two face the talent to help you achieve it. to face interviews Why? Candidates expect a decision without having to return for a third interview. supplemental
  18. 18. continue into 2007. investments in several key it is important to note that with the majority of areas, including network security, business our experience being in the new York area, our intelligence, wireless communications and web number may appear inflated when held against applications have and will continue the national average. Salary ranges tend to be to drive aggressive hiring. Additionally, figures approximately 25% highter in the northeast from the Bureau of labor Statistics indicate that and on the West Coast, while rising to companies are creating new it jobs as fast or approximately 150% in the new York area. it salary GUiDe faster than they can export them over seas. These trends clearly lead to a rise in demand for We at Bluewolf would like to thank you for your it professionals in the United States, resulting in interest in our 2007 it Salary Guide and hope a significant increase in that it proves to be useful for both you and your the average salary. company. Bluewolf findings 2007 Using our data of salary growth in the past Other Key findings information technology professionals in the few years, we have put together a table of ° project managers will earn an average United States can expect starting salaries in projected annual salary ranges for 2007. The starting salary of between $72,750 and 2007 to increase an average of 2.7%, over Bluewolf 2007 it Salary Guide outlines our $106,250 annually; an increase of 4.1% from 2006. predictions for the salaries of it professionals in 2006. the areas of Administration, Application Are you paying too much or too little to your ° Quality assurance analysts can expect Development, Consulting and Systems information technology staff? Whether employer base compensation between $52,250 integration, Data and Database Administration, or employee, it is important to know what other and $74,500; a gain of 4.1%. Quality Assurance and testing, internet and companies are paying in total compensation for ° Application architects will see starting e-Commerce, networking and telecommuni- a similar position in your area. The Bluewolf salaries rise 4%, to between $80,000 cations, Security, Software Development and 2007 it Salary Guide provides guidance on how and $112,750. technical Services including Help Desk and your company compares in the area of technical Support. ° Base compensation for network security compensation. administrators will increase 3.7%, with Our calculations have shown that those working starting salaries of between $69,750 Given Bluewolf’s years of experience in the it in the areas of Application Development and and $98,500. staffing realm, we are in the perfect position to Systems integration will enjoy the greatest ° Average starting salaries for it auditors forecast the salary trends of the industry. As a salary gains in 2007. Their base compensation is will rise 3.1%, to between $69,250 and courtesy to our customers we have put together expected to rise 4.1% and 5.9% respectively, $97,000. a comprehensive report of projected salary bringing Application Development salaries to ranges for the upcoming year. between $57,500 and $112,500 and Systems integration salaries to between $70,1000 and Our predicions are based on the trends we have $134,500. seen in the past and that we are watching supplemental
  19. 19. position projected 2007 Annual Salary ranges Administration $115,000 - $200,000 Chief information Officer $98,000 - $160,000 Chief technology Officer $105,000 - $155,000 Vice president of information technology $90,000 - $115,000 information-technology manager Applications Development $65,000 - $90,000 Systems Analyst it salary GUiDe $80,000 - $110,000 Applications Architect $65,000 - $90,000 Business Analyst $55,000 - $93,000 Developer/program Analyst $75,000 - $100,000 lead Applications Developer Consulting and Systems integration $90,000 - $150,000 Director $75,000 - $130,000 project manager/Senior Consultant continued $70,000 - $110,000 information-technology Auditor Data/Database Administrator $70,000 - $105,000 Database Developer $70,000 - $115,000 Database Administration $85,000 - $110,000 Data Architect $80,000 - $120,000 Data modeler $75,000 - $110,000 Data-Warehouse Analyst $70,000 - $100,000 Business-intelligence Analyst erp $90,000 - $115,000 technical Analyst $95,000 - $125,000 techno-functional Analyst $100,000 - $130,000 funtional Anaylst Quality Assurance and testing $55,000 - $75,000 Quality Assurance Analyst/ tester internet and e-Commerce $70,000 - $100,000 Senior Web Developer $55,000 - $75,000 Web Developer $45,000 - $80,000 Web Designer $65,000 - $85,000 e-Commerce Analyst networking/telecommunications $65,000 - $95,000 network Administrator $70,000 - $90,000 network manager $70,000 - $95,000 network engineer $45,000 - $71,000 network Administrator Software Development $75,000 - $105,000 product manager $75,000 - $100,000 Software engineer $60,000 - $90,000 Software Developer technical Services, Help Desk and technical Support $45,000 - $65,000 Desktop-Support Analyst $50,000 - $80,000 Systems Administrator $45,000 - $55,000 Help Desk (top tier) $75,000 - $100,000 interactive producer $85,000 - $110,000 information Architect supplemental
  20. 20. in a cost efficient manner. ° SGA tuning/monitoring remote database administration ° Schema object maintenance ° Helps companies reduce costs while providing ° Space monitoring predictable budgetary scheduling ° Database fragmentation ° Allows companies to refocus existing DBA staff ° Capacity management and reporting on more strategic initiatives ° Creation and maintenance of users ° Allows mid-tier companies to avoid the costly and privileges remote DBA hiring of a senior, full-time, in-house DBA ° System patching ° protects companies against the problems ° Database upgrades associated with inevitable DBA turnover ° Application diagnostics and recommendations ° enables it organizations to expand application ° real-time performance reporting remote Database support bandwidth without increasing ° On-site audit and documentation Administration Support headcount ° trend analysis ° eliminates the need for it organizations ° integrity checks to license and maintain robust, expensive, ° event history reports included in Bluewolf’s portfolio of services is and often limited, database monitoring ° Start-ups/shutdowns, exports/imports remote database administration. This program infrastructures effectively addresses a key issue facing ° prolongs the life of current hardware and Why Bluewolf Direct? companies today: How do i support my extensive software infrastructure, avoiding premature The Bluewolf is widely recognized database infrastructure with limited budget, and costly upgrades in the tri-state area as a premier provider of internal bandwidth and/or internal expertise? At ° provides a forum for internal DBAs to extend enterprise application expertise. We have Bluewolf, we offload the complexities and their knowledge on specific database issues an established and proven methodology for minimize the risk surrounding the continual ° insures consistency during unpredictable providing high-end administration services maintenance of mission-critical database reorganizations such as turnover, extended at the most aggressive cost. Bluewolf direct sets applications. Our remote administration services leave and downsizing the standard for remote database administration, focus on the cost-efficient delivery of two offering: challenges facing it organizations today: What is Bluewolf Direct? ° A comprehensive program that includes constant database availability and optimal Bluewolf Direct is the premier offering of remote monitoring, corrective and preventative database performance. database administration services. maintenance and development services it is the only offering in the market today ° The only remote DBA offering in the nY area Why remote Database Administration? that combines the cost efficiencies of remote ° Sophisticated monitoring and reporting tools few companies consider database administration delivery with the risk mitigation of local support. and processes to be a core competency. However, all companies bluewolf direct provides (but is not limited to) ° 100 years of senior-level DBA experience utilize databases to take orders, attract new ° flexible pricing and multiple support options ° 24x7x365 availability and customers, market their businesses and deliver performance monitoring ° immediate on-site deployment for code red business automation. remote database ° monitoring and maintenance situations administration allows companies to focus on of backup and recovery their core competencies while maximizing ° real-time diagnostics and corrective utilization of cutting edge database technologies maintenance supplemental
  21. 21. new York 220 5th ave, 15th floor new York, new York 10001 1-866-455-wOlf san francisco 100 spear street, suite 420 san francisco, ca 94105 1-866-455-wOlf