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Cypress workshop for JSFoo 2019

  1. Write automation tests in your favourite language, javascript Shabareesh JL Biswajit Pattanayak
  2. What is wrong with e2e tests? ● Developers hate e2e tests ● E2E tests are flaky ● E2E tests take long time to set up ● Limited debuggability ● Network traffic control
  3. How cypress can solve this?
  4. How it works and capabilities ● Runs in browser and in the same run loop as the application ● Taps the native browser apis and network proxy to modify the requests so as to avoid same-origin policy ● Realtime native access to the DOM ● Cypress commands are promise alike and are asynchronous in nature ● During execution all commands are enqueued in a global singleton object ● Automatic retry ability ● Can stub or spy network requests; hence useful to simulate failure conditions
  5. Limitations ● Not completely open source; runs on a freemium model ● Supports only javascripts; no other language support possible ● Bound to same-origin policy ● Cross browser support is still being worked on ● Can’t run a multi tab test ● Remote execution is not possible ● If the app contains 3rd party iFrames, cypress can test those by disabling web security or through cy.request ● Performing tasks outside the browser are little cumbersome
  6. How we exploited it to solve our problem
  7. Hands-on Exercise ❖ write a simple cypress test to validate a user journey ❖ understand debugging, reporting in cypress ❖ make the test suite CI ready - setting up environment configuration, choosing browser, and recording tests ❖ stubbing in cypress to test edge cases ❖ use other important features of cypress such as making XHR request, using plugin, writing custom commands