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360 degree view for better customer service


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360 degree view for better customer service

  1. 1. 360 degree view for better customer service Customer is a king Mahatma Ghandi Organization runs to achieve their vision, mission and goal. Whatever these are, but the achievement of these strategic intents are depend upon only one head that is- Customer. 360 degree view of customer service is one of the wave of CRM. Through CRM organization integrates all relative information of customer includes customer values, behavior, and demographic information at one place so that at one click CSRs (Customer support Representatives) have entire information of customer on the computer screen. It is not matter for a customer to know about what he/she purchased in past from CSRs, they want company not only address their problem, but solve it now, not latter. There is one common statement used in industry that read like ‘Altab is merely application to solve the problem amongst CSRs’; I am not agreed with this statement as it becomes joke in an industry. CSRs are inefficient to access required information to solve the problem. Somehow they are lacking in decision making process. CRM helps them to provide needed information on their system/screen, but it is the duty of the organization to provide proper training to CSRs apart from Altab. Timely gives them updated product and services information report file, so that they can serve their customer better. For supporting above paragraph I wanna share live instance with you all and I am sure it has already happened to most of you or will be happened. Today I made a call to CSRs of Airtel Service Provider for deactivating hello tune and refunding balance which was actually activated from company side not mine. In first call CSRs refused to refund balance and asking to wait for awhile to talk to his senior, but in minutes call was disconnected. I made call again, picked by another CSR. I explained matter again to him. After checking information from my account by him, he immediately deactivated hello tune and said balance will be refunded within 4 hours. It concludes that due to inefficient knowledge of CSR I suffered. Conclusion is that if Organization wants to increase their customer retention rate they have to implement CRM tools and give proper training to CSRs for better customer serving.Bharti Bhutani Page 1