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Go green is a part of csr


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Go green is a part of csr

  1. 1. Go Green is a part of CSR Corporate Social Responsibility is to use the resources and engage into the activities designed to increase the profit along with the commitment to improve society well-being through discretionary business practices. Now days, CSR is no longer limited to a report publishing all the good that a company has done in a year in terms of donating that amount of fund to such and such NGO, set up blood donate camp at el . To succeed in the CSR sphere, Companies are engaging in innovation to produce eco-friendly products and working on one mantra that is ‘Go Green’. Through innovation in eco-friendly products manufacturing company can achieve their all goal and commitment which they made for society welfare. They are also putting their efforts towards ‘Go Green’ to improve their images and minimize their damage to the environment. There are view examples eco-friendly products through that company became part of CSR Indias largest tire company, MRF, has recently launched a new tubeless, ecofriendly rubber tire that reduces rolling resistance and results in lower fuel consumption. Bajaj Auto has installed wind power generation units in three factories that not only conserve energy but also save Rs 25 crore in power costs each year. (Rs 25 crore is approximately $5.9 million USD or €3.7 million.) The Orchid Ecotel Hotel—Asias first ecofriendly five-star hotel chain, is conserving natural resources without compromising quality of service. McDonald’s has moved towards unbleached paper carry bags and replacing polystyrene foam sandwich clamsells with paper wraps and light weight recyclable boxes. For this Company has Awarded with EPA Waste Wise Partner of the Year Award.Bharti Bhutani Page 1