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Final Preliminary


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Published in: Art & Photos, Technology
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Final Preliminary

  1. 1. Media C oursework Prelim inary exercise: A schoolm agazine, also prod uce a m ock up of Bened ict M awere
  2. 2. C ontent• Prelim inary research• Prelim inary exercise/task
  3. 3. Preliminary Research• Prelim inary research existing school m agazine/ college m agazines
  4. 4. Differences• Similarities • Both m agazines are about d ifferent topics.• They both have a m ast head . • Raw m agazine is m ainly based on athletic people and people who are interested in it• They both have som e text on the front whereas “on top of the talk” is about page. general school m atters.• The both have variety of colour on • Raw’s character appears m ore passionate the front page. about his sport whereas O n op of the takes• a happy school and cheery approach. Im ages relate to the them e(sports gear and uniform ).
  5. 5. Raw• Orange light yellow colour heading.• The main picture is sporty man holding a basketball in one hand and an American football helmet.• The bright coloured writing stands out from the back ground.• Most of the writing is positioned on the centre of the page so that reader can easily notice .• Looks more professional because of the way which the colours and layout are presented to us.• Colour coordinated. On to of the talk Use a variety of colours to make it more eye-catching Has a picture of typical high school students at the bottom left of the page. The writing is bold big and colour so its more noticeable.
  6. 6. Ideas of college/school magazIne• N am e: Ben’s M agazzine, xclusive sports• M agazine type:• Sports M agazine• all stud ent school m agazine• C ollege yr1 2 m agazine• H ead ing for the m agazine bright colours to m ake it stand out.• Should have interested pictures for the m agazine.• A background of an sports field .
  7. 7. M usic m agazine researchMusic magazines are about music and its culture.In the magazine it includes features such as newalbums, interviews, photo shoots, essays reviewsand upcoming concerts
  8. 8. Magazine ideas• Magazine name: kidsmet, met stars, metsclusive.• Colours blue, yellow red, green.• Images: sixth form students.• Theme: sports and sixth form.
  9. 9. Idea pictures
  10. 10. Final product