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Media coursework prelim


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Media coursework prelim

  1. 1. Media C ours ework P rint – G 321 N aila S h ab b irPreliminary exercis e: a s ch ool m agazine , als o p rod u ce am ock u p of th e layou t of th e conte nts p age .Main task: A new music magazine cover – min amount 3pages.A front cover, contents page and a double page spread ofthe music magazine.
  2. 2. C ontents• Preliminary Research• Preliminary Task
  3. 3. Preliminary Res earch
  4. 4. C onventions of the magazines• All of the magazines have a main heading at the top.• The colours are bright and radiant.• Bold mastheads and contrasting colours.• Clear theme which anchors upon the image.• Secondary headlines about the content.• School/college logo• The language is usually formal for a school so its accurate.• The styles relate to youth.
  5. 5. How do they differ?• Th e y h ave ind ivid u al fonts and m agazine nam e s and m os t s ch ool/ colle ge m agazine s h ave ind ivid u al logos wh ich trad e m ark th e ir m agazine s .• Th e y h ave D iffe re nt th e m e s wh ich m os tly re fle ct th e s e as ons / ics e tc. top• Th e y u s e d iffe re nt te ch niqu e s of p e rs u as ion• Th e colou rs u s e d in b oth m agazine s are p rim ary colou rs wh ich re fle cts th e age range th e m agazine s are aim ing toward s .• Th e b arcod e s u s e d on th e m agazine s s h ow p rofe s s ionalis m . What makes the layout interesting?Th e wh ite b ackgrou nd on th e ‘D U B’ m agazine looks lacklu s treand u ne xciting wh e re as th e ‘C O LLE G E ’ m agazine h as au nfocu s e d fore s t h as a b ackgrou nd wh ich re late s to th ecolle ge h aving a fre s h and op e n fe e ling.Th e ‘C O LLE G E ’ m agazine links m ainly to fe m ale s re gard ingth e ap p e arance , on th e oth e r h and , th e ‘D U B’ m agazine ism ainly as s ociate d with m ale s re gard ing th e colou r s ch e m eand ap p e arance .
  6. 6. Name: Articles: -Campus comfort -Agony aunt -Success -Revision tips - Our destination -College word search -Job searches - horoscopes College/School Magazine Image: Colour: - Relaxing and comforting images which anchors the title- Bright, colourful and contrastingcolours e.g.[Yellow green purple orange] Headline: - Overcoming College catastrophe
  7. 7. M is e – e n -s ce ne• Ligh ting:- Th e ligh ting u s e d in b oth m agazine s are vivid and rad iant wh ich is e ye -catch ing. Th e ligh ting in th e ‘C O LLE G E ’ m agazine looks m ore p rofe s s ional th e n th e ‘D U B’ m agazine b e cau s e of th e colou rs and th e way it h as b e e n s h ot on th e s u b j ct of ligh ting and p os tu re . e• H air & M ake u p :- Th e h air s tyle s and m ake u p u s e d h as a you th fu l look wh ich is a norm al look and s tyle am ongs t s tu d e nts , th e y h ave u s e d th is s tyle for th e re as on th at it s h ows th at th e au d ie nce th e m agazine is aim e d at is s tu d e nts .• S e tting:- As I s aid in th e p re viou s s lid e , th e b ackgrou nd of th e ‘C O LLE G E ’ m agazine give s a vib rant and s p aciou s fe e l wh e re as on th e ‘D U B’ m agazine it h as a b old , b oring and wh ite b ackgrou nd wh ich looks u np rofe s s ional and b land .
  8. 8. What makes a good S chool/C ollege Magazine?A G ood S ch ool/ olle ge m agazine wou ld inclu d e : C• A professional looking and radiant background which relates to the season/topic of the magazine.• A clean and readable font which isnt too formal or childish.• An image which has good lighting, good camera angles and posture.• Colours which are eye-catching and vibrant.• Has interesting secondary headlines.
  9. 9. Final Outcome