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Journal Entry 4


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"or you may print/write your answers and bring them to Session 9."

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Journal Entry 4

  1. 1. JOURNAL  ENTRY  #4:  An  Art  Explosion   Due  before  Session  11   You  may  email  your  personal  answers  to   or  you  may  print/write  your  answers  and  bring  them  to  Session  12.    An  Art  Explosion:  The  Economics  of  Art   by  Douglas  Piper,  Word  Magazine   v4Q1:  What  kind  of  art  do  you  prefer:   (a)  contemporary  art  or   (b)  endlessly  rehashed  styled  art?   v4Q2:  What  kind  of  art  is  in  your  house:   (a)  contemporary  art  or   (b)  endlessly  rehashed  styled  art?   v4Q3:  “Vietnamese  just  don’t  buy   contemporary  art.”  Why  not?  Do  you   think  Vietnamese  should  buy   contemporary  art?  If  so,  how  will  they   start?   v4Q4:  Which  featured  artist  interests   you  the  most?  Why?   v4Q5:  What  are  some  solutions  to  this   article’s  problem?      
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