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Ptms pp

  1. 1. Welcome WABA andBusiness Associates @westchasetherapy
  2. 2. We have extended hours to meet the needs of busy Westchase families! Open Early (7am) Stay Open Late (7pm) And Open Saturdays!@westchasetherapy
  3. 3. At Westchase Physical Therapy & Medical Supply, some of the many injuries andconditions our highly skilled rehabilitation staff are trained to treat include: Sports Injuries Work Injuries General Orthopedic Joint Injuries / Replacements Neuromuscular Conditions Neurological Conditions Diabetic Conditions Arthritic Conditions Pain Management Balance & Weakness @westchasetherapy
  4. 4. Train With Specialized Equipment Used By Elite Athletes Our Motion Analysis lab provides super slow motion, multiple angle/view assessment. This provides insight and answers to lingering & nagging injuries, injury prevention. It will also improveyour running efficiency and performance. @westchasetherapy
  5. 5. Occupational Therapy can help with hand and shoulder complexrehabilitation, work hardening and other orthopedic and sportsrelated injuries. @westchasetherapy
  6. 6. We are YOUR network provider for: Blue Cross United Healthcare Aetna Cigna Humana AvMed Tricare Workers’ Comp Auto Injuries AND a Certified Medicare Provider @westchasetherapy
  7. 7. Our results (patient outcomes) are documented to beSIGNIFICANTLY ABOVE the national Average;We are members of the AmericanPhysical Therapy Association (APTA). We are members of the Physical Therapy Provider Network (PTPN), a national organization of physical, occupational and speech therapists in independent practice, which stands above the others for integrity, stability and quality. @westchasetherapy
  8. 8. We specialize incustomer service! @westchasetherapy
  9. 9. We offer many types of Medical Supplies (DME). If we don’t have in it stock – we can get it for you! @westchasetherapy
  10. 10. Ask our staff about the Wellness Program for $30/monthWe Offer Specialized Wellness Services ala carte: Ultrasound Estim Traction @westchasetherapy
  11. 11. Member Benefits: Compounded Prescriptions: 10% off a two-month supply 20% off a three-month supplyPharmaceutical Supplements: 10% off two bottles 15% off three bottles 20% off six or more bottles Wellness Services: 15% off listed services Neighborhood Benefits: Discounted Prices with participating local businesses @westchasetherapy
  12. 12. Massage Therapy has been shown to: Encourage your muscles to relax and lengthen Reduce blood pressure Stimulate digestion Relieve tightness Release tension Remove toxins @westchasetherapy
  13. 13. We can analyze your fitness levelsand set you towards a goal ofhealthy living with one of ourFitness Coaches. @westchasetherapy
  14. 14. If you’ve suffered a sports injury and you need to get back in thegame.If you’ve had an accident resulting in muscle injuries and/or sprains.If you have any balance or mobility problemsIf you have abdominal pressure that is causing incontinence orbowel problems. @westchasetherapy
  15. 15. Our experts can speak on a myriad of topics relating to: Compounding pharmaceuticals Physical therapy Age-related health issues Slips and falls Pain management Work injuries Sports injuries Diabetes @westchasetherapy
  16. 16. Musculoskeletal Disorders: Arthritis Back Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Degenerative Joint Disease Epicondylitis Fibromyalgia Neck Pain Repetitive Motion Disorders Scoliosis Tendonitis Trigger Finger @westchasetherapy
  17. 17. Neurological Disorders: Brain Injury Guillain-Barre Syndrome Sciatica Spinal Cord Injury Spinal Stenosis StrokeOrthopedic Disorders: Degenerative Joint Disease Fractures Hip Disorders Knee Disorders @westchasetherapy
  18. 18. Yes, we can help with that! @westchasetherapy
  19. 19. Westchase PhysicalTherapy is a locallyowned and operatedprivate practice. Weare experts in our fieldand select ouremployees based ontheir experience andconsiderable abilitiesas clinicians. @westchasetherapy
  20. 20. We have three locations to serve the needs of many communities: Westchase Lutz near St. Joseph’s Hospital North Clearwater @ Top of the World @westchasetherapy
  21. 21. One of the great things about the Healthcare system in our society is choice. You have a choice in selecting your healthcare providers. You direct your own healthcare within the framework of your insurance policy. You have important decisions to make about your health & wellness. Be educated! @westchasetherapy