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Pharmacy pp

  1. 1. @westchasepharmacy
  2. 2. We Provide Complete Pharmacy Services to Families of Westchase area.Prescription Compounding: Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy Pain Management Topical Cream Pediatric Compounding Saliva Testing @westchasepharmacy
  3. 3. Compounding combines the art and science of the mixing ofmedications by a pharmacist to fit the unique needs of the patient. This can include: Capsules Suspensions Topical creams Suppository Gelatin troche Rapid dissolve tablets Sublingual drops @westchasepharmacy
  4. 4. Unique dosage forms containing the best dose of medication foreach individual;Medications in dosageforms that are notcommercially available,such as transdermal gels,troches, "chewies“ andlollipops;Medications free of problem-causing excipients such asdyes, sugar, lactose, or alcohol. @westchasepharmacy
  5. 5. Medications that are not commercially available.Combinations of various compatible medications into a singledosage form for easier administration and improvedcompliance; @westchasepharmacy
  6. 6. We can make any number of specialty compounds to accommodateyour specific needs – for women, men, children or the family pet. @westchasepharmacy
  7. 7. Tired of the fight your child puts up when youare trying to give them their medicine?Westchase Compounding Pharmacy hasimplemented the FlavoRx® program, becausewe know that some medicine taste downrightyucky! FlavoRx® makes taking medication a more pleasurable experience, and we have a multitude of flavors available to suit everyones taste. @westchasepharmacy
  8. 8. Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement TherapyThere is no “one-size-fits-all approach with BHRT. Every woman in uniqueand so are her hormonal needs! BHRT may consist of any combination of progesterone, estrone, estradio l, estriol, testosterone, and DHEA. To determine which hormones a woman needs and in what dosage, a physician and a pharmacist must consult with the patient about her symptoms. @westchasepharmacy
  9. 9. Pharmaceutical compounding can provide bio-identicaltestosterone in avariety of dosageforms such asinjections,sublingual drops,troches, creamsand gels. @westchasepharmacy
  10. 10. The goal of veterinary compounding is to enhance the abilityto treat animal patients in a more effective manner. We Can: Add Tasty Animal Flavors (Beef, Liver, Chicken, Fish) Combine Drugs or Customize Formulations Creative Alternative Dosage Forms Formulate Trans-dermal Gels Change Dosage and Strengths Create Medicine "Treats" @westchasepharmacy
  11. 11. Topical Pain Creams and Sports Medicine to help relieveyou from pain associated with: Inflammation Muscle Spasms Hemorrhoids Bursitis / Tendonitis @westchasepharmacy
  12. 12. Our pharmacists will work together with athletes, trainers, andhealth care professionals to customize medications to meet thespecific needs of individual patients. We can assist in treating a widevariety of sports related problems such as: Inflammation Hemorrhoids Excessive perspiration Bursitis / Tendonitis Fungal infections of skin & nails Cuts and abrasions Muscle spasms @westchasepharmacy
  13. 13. Certified Medicare ProviderNetwork Provider for MostCommercial InsurancesAuto Injury RehabilitationWorkers Compensation @westchasepharmacy
  14. 14. We will deliver your prescriptions to your door.You can receive a one-on-one consult with a Pharmacist.We have an Independent Lab Certifications for sterility andpotency on sterile preparations. @westchasepharmacy
  15. 15. XymogenMetagenicsDouglas LabsOrthomolecularNutraMetrix @westchasepharmacy
  16. 16. Metagenics pioneered the development and clinical application of medical foods in the healthcare market.We carry more than 15 medicalfood formulas to help with: Cardiovascular disease Metabolic Syndrome Type 2 Diabetes Inflammatory bowel disease Chronic fatigue syndrome Fibromyalgia PMS And more… @westchasepharmacy
  17. 17. Xymogen offers highquality, professional grade vitaminsand supplements to help you livelife fuller. Its formulas are cutting- Multi-vitaminsedge, patented and proprietary. Appetite Control B Complex Children’s Brain Support GI Balance Cholesterol Reduction Coconut Oil Cod Liver Oil DHA @westchasepharmacy
  18. 18. We can provide you with thetools to eat well, live welland stay well.Should you want to have aprivate consult with apharmacist to find out howyou can achieve optimalwellness – give us a call. 813-925-8200 @westchasepharmacy