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Authentic Assessments Tests And Measures


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Authentic Assessments Tests And Measures

  1. 1. Authentic Assessments By: Bill Conkle, Brandy Ellis, Ashley Sealand, Pam Cianci, Staci Blair, Courtney Gump
  2. 2. Definition Authentic Assessment: Assessments that include real world challenges that require the student to apply relevant skills and knowledge.
  3. 3. Basic Elements Students are required to develop responses rather than select from a predetermined option Higher leveled thinking is required Evaluates holistic projects Synthesizes classroom instruction Portfolios
  4. 4. Basic Elements Relativeto classroom instruction Often based on performance, where students demonstrate their knowledge
  5. 5. Positives Include Bloom’s Taxonomy Utilizes Multiple Intelligences Student compete against themselves Real world application Respectful and meaningful tasks Student driven results
  6. 6. Changes Timeconsuming to design, implement, and evaluate Limitchoices to decrease or eliminate this dilemma Ensuring curricular validity Minimizing evaluators biases
  7. 7. Declaration of Independence: point of view and technology In this activity students were to write responses to the Declaration of Independence from different viewpoints. They had to: • present opinions about an historic event from the viewpoint of either a Patriot or a Tory • Use factual information from the historic event • “post” their letters on a classroom webpage Upon completion, all responses were read and both the student and the teacher scored the work using a grading rubric They were assessed on all three categories separately. This activity was repeated several times throughout the 9 week unit. Students also revisited this activity when we discussed U.S. government and political parties later in the year.
  8. 8. Patriot Response
  9. 9. Example CaribbeanTravel Brochure Human Effects on the Environment Banned Book Project Simple Machines