Bavid filmpro finals guidelines


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Bavid filmpro finals guidelines

  1. 1. BASIC VIDEO PRODDUCTIONFINALS- SHORT FILMGUIDELINES 1) Can be any genre / any shooting format 2) Minimum of 1minute, Maximum of 10 minutes (excluding OBB/CBB credits)* 3) CBB CREDITS FORMAT attached below. 4) Usage of Canned Music (Labeled) is strictly prohibited unless given permission by the Recording/ Distribution Label or the Artist and/or paid advanced royalties. Please opt to use free-royalty music / sound effects which can be downloaded online.REQUIREMENTS: 1) (3) DVD’s, properly labeled- both discs and respective plastic cases; with NAME/S , CLASS SECTION, TITLE OF FILM, “DVD-VIDEO” OR “DVD-DATA” - (2pcs) DVD-VIDEO, DVD-player tested (double-check to avoid hassle during submission) - (1pc) DVD-DATA, Exported video stored in disc in either .AVI/.MOV format 2) (5 pcs) 1-Page Concept Paper/Evaluator’s Sheet, printed in short bond paper (sample format attached below). This is for the panel.DATES TO REMEMBER: 1) DEADLINE OF SUBMISSION OF DVD DISCS AND CONCEPT PAPER ON PRINT: APRIL 26-27 / TUESDAY -WEDNESDAY FROM 9AM TO 6PM ONLY, AT ROOM 1007. WARNING: STRICT IMPLEMENTATION OF HOUSE RULE #2: RESPECT DEADLINES. LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. 2) SHORT FILM SHOWING AND PANEL DEFENSE: FEB 29, 2011, FRIDAY*FILMPRO- MINIMUM OF 10 MINS / MAXIMUM OF 20 MINUTES EXCLUDING OBB/CBB
  2. 2. FORMAT OF CLOSING BILLBOARD (CBB) SHORT FILM (NOTE: fonts: Arial / Calibri / Tahoma / Verdana; font size 12 except for title) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “TITLE” (font size: 18) A FILM BY (name of filmmaker/s) CAST/S (name of your actor/s) CREW Direction by: Written by: Cinematography by: Production Design by: Editing by: *Music by: *Music: ACKNOWLEDGEMENT De La Salle College of Saint Benilde- School of Design and Arts Design Foundation- Basic Video Production Under Mr. Nestor Abrogena (then the names of people who helped you in your production) TITLE OF YOUR FILM Copyright 2010 All rights reserved --------------------------------------------------------------------------- *NOTE: If you are using a Free-Royalty Musical Score and Sound Effects; here’s the format for the credits:For Musical Score: Format: Sample: MUSIC MUSIC (Title of the Song/Music) “Sunshine” Written and Performed by Written and Performed by: (Artist’s / Musician’s Name/Group) Kevin McLeod Free Royalty Music from Free Royalty Music from (internet site) www.incompetech.comFor Sound Effects: Format: Sample: Sound Effects from Sound Effects from (internet site/s) free of royalty free of royalty
  3. 3. BASIC VIDEO PRODUCTION 2ND TERM 2010-2011Name: Nestor S. Abrogena Jr.Title: “BABANG-LUKSA” (End of Mourning)TRT: 16:42mins.Language: Filipino, EnglishSubtitles: EnglishShooting/ Originating Format: Hi-8, Mini DV and P2 HDSYNOPSIS This film explores the intertwining complexity of the emotional consequences of a traumatic eventand one’s overwhelming need for human connection. Junjun, a 12-year old kid, re-experiences the nightwhen he accidentally stabbed his abusive father during a confrontation, and witnessed his mother killedhis father when the latter attempted to kill him (Junjun). Confused that he is, he went back as far as theinternment, the burial and the trial, re-experiencing it in a bizarre way, and later realized that it hadbeen a year after the tragic death that came in to their family. EVALUATOR’S SECTION (This corresponds to 30% of the grade)EVALUATOR’S NAME: ________________________________________ TECHNICALITY CONCEPT APPEAL (Direction, Cinematography, (Delivery of an idea/ concept/ (Registry of the short film to Production Design, Sound, story) viewers) Editing) 10% 10% 10%STRENGTHS:WEAKNESSES:AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT (EVALUATOR’S RECOMMENDATION):