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Bavid exercise


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business
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Bavid exercise

  1. 1. BASIC VIDEO PRODUCTION2ND SHOOTING EXERCISE “PROFILE BLOCKING”DESCRIPTION: Exercise on camera handling, zoom and focus pulling, composition and blockingNEEDS: 1) Camera and Tripod 2) Two talents 3) HeartNOTES: 1) Check your settings: 24p / 16:9, Manual Focus 2) Start and end the project with a color bar 3) For every shot, count to 5-7 seconds before cutting.SHOT LIST: 1) WS 2-SHOT of SUBJECT A and SUBJECT B by the windows. SUBJECT A faces away from SUBJECT B. 2) SHIFT FOCUS CU from SUBJECT A (foreground) to SUBJECT B (background) 3) MS OF SUBJECT B 4) CU OF SUBJECT A 5) ECU of SUBJECT B’s lips 6) ECU of SUBJECT A’s eyes 7) SHIFT FOCUS CU of SUBJECT B’s hand 8) MS of SUBJECT B 9) MS of SUBJECT A then closes eyes 10) WS 2-SHOT, SUBJECT B approaches SUBJECT A, then stops at a near-distance. 11) MS of SUBJECT A facing SUBJECT B, OTS 12) REVERSE SHOT MS of SUBJECT B looking at SUBJECT A, OTS 13) SHIFT FOCUS, ECU OF SUBJECT A’s eyes 14) CU of SUBJECT B smiles 15) REVERSE SHOT SUBJECT A smiles 16) WS of SUBJECT A and SUBJECT B FRAMED LEFT, then DEFOCUS