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Debra kirvin resume 2016


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Over 15 years in the Mortgage Industry with proven experience in high volume claims processing, loss mitigation, closings, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and fraud and risk assessment. A leader with strong analytical skills, effective strategic planning, and credit analysis, the ability to function efficiently in multi-task environments, and make positive productive decisions.

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Debra kirvin resume 2016

  1. 1. Debra Denise Kirvin 214-207-6205 Voicemail Summary Over 15 years in the Mortgage Industry with proven experience in high volume claims processing, loss mitigation, closings, bankruptcy, foreclosure, and fraud and risk assessment. A leader with strong analytical skills, effective strategic planning, and credit analysis, the ability to function efficiently in multi-task environments, and make positive productive decisions. Education: Bachelor Degree Business Management Experience Government Third Party Claims Portfolio Credit Manager Fannie Mae, JULY 2013 to Present •Oversee activities related to the Servicers billing, collections and oversights for 571 claims processing and report any findings to responsible management to ensure contractual Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are measured and monitored. •These activities include but are not limited to: vendor performance issues, escalation to the Servicers Portfolio Managers and upper management, trending errors to find ways to correct the claim filing issues and any billing rebuttals received from the Servicers. •Develop and implement processes that identify gaps, risks and anomalies including but not limited to: data reporting and trending, detailed claim reviews and analysis, and escalation to upper management or the appropriate business units. •Work close with teammates in preparation of reviews, related to internal audit and external oversight to include data requests, inquiry responses to issues we’ve identify and work to resolve. •Ensure business unit and third party outsource vendors adhere to established procedures and internal controls, set in place by Fannie Mae. •Work with team members to identify new strategies and solutions to continue to improve our overall business and operating model in with the Government Third Party Claims area. •Facilitate conference calls with Portfolio Managers and the Servicers key contacts, to help them to better understand, the Third Party Claim billings and 571 Claims reimbursement process. •Reconcile the sale proceeds Fannie Mae receives, after the property has liquidated to ensure, Fannie Mae was made whole at the time of the sale. If a loss is identified, the Servicer is giving a breakdown of the reconciliation and billed for the loss. Confidential - Internal Distribution
  2. 2. QC Foreclosure File Reviewer, Clayton Services FEB 2012 – JULY 2013 Responsibilities: • Perform remote servicer audits of foreclosure and bankruptcy documents, affidavits and pleadings to ensure documents and default-related charges are in compliance based on servicer's system and Consent Order requirements. • Communicate all findings to management, partner closely with appointed client staff. • Review any potential compliance violations while remaining up-to-date on any legislative changes affecting the servicing of the loan accounts. • Review foreclosure and bankruptcy documents, including affidavits of indebtedness for accuracy of information. • Understanding of the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy process as well as, conducting audits of affidavits. • Analyze servicer actions using proprietary risk management software and the servicer-provided documentation; make recommendations on loans reviewed. • Knowledge of foreclosure documents and legal requirements in filing documents. • Understanding of Federal and State compliance laws in both judicial and non-judicial jurisdictions. • Coordinate with Team Lead and/or Servicer to obtain any documentation necessary to complete audit. • Prepare reports based on audit results and communicate findings to Management. • Partner with department Managers to ensure Client expectations were satisfied. • Ability to work or have understanding of servicing platforms utilized by Client, including any ancillary system(s) such as Fidelity, Foreclosure Processing Systems, LPS Desktop, Vendor Scape, MERS etc. • Review Client's policies and procedures to ensure current servicing practices meet all appropriate State/Federal/Investor guidelines and identify any areas in which improvement is needed. • Basic understanding of the Consent Order. Fraud Analyst (Repurchases Validated) I-Cap Mortgage Fraud ServicesSEP 2011 – FEB 2012 Responsibilities: • Verify presence, accuracy, and completeness of credit, appraisal, and income and asset documentation in addition to legal and regulatory compliance documents. Analyze and interpret such documents. • Identify excessive risk, fraud or misrepresentation in a mortgage loan transaction comparing critical documents and using third party resources. • Re-verify VOE, VOD, VOM, the HUDS for the money to close, seller concession, SSN & I-9 Borrowers and arms length transaction • Exhibit flexibility to underwrite and evaluate compliance to seller and servicer guidelines. • Recognize credit exceptions and if appropriate list compensating factors that mitigate risk. • Comprehensive understanding of Federal, state and local compliance regulations. Compensatory Fee Analyst, Fannie Mae, APR 2011 - SEP 2011 Responsibilities: • Responsible for managing compensatory fee assessments and rebuttals received from Servicers. • Review & respond to Servicers rebuttals, perform a detailed research and analyze data necessary to render a decision. • Explain the methodology use to assess the Comp Fees for Dec 2010, Jan-Nov 2010 and 2011 to Servicers. • Responsible for sorting and identifying the documents received from servicers as a suitable FNMA exception, to support the rebuttals. I.e. Attorney Chronologies, Court Docs or any FNMA approved email that was not available in FNMA system of record. Confidential - Internal Distribution
  3. 3. • Identify stop and starts within the foreclosure process (Servicers Holds, Loss Mit, Short Sale reviews, Charge Off reviews, HAMP reviews, BK, Probate or Military holds) to ensure all the delinquency statuses were correctly reported in DARTS & TRAX and implement process improvements as needed. • Build and improve internal customer relationships, provide training when necessary. • Review processes and procedures for new and existing initiatives. • Maintain and/or update current processes, policies, and procedures. • Perform complex projects and participate as a team member on highly complex projects. • Supports the tracking of assessments Fees, collections, and rebuttals as needed and all day to day functions. Default Claims Specialist (Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae), Saxon Mortgage, JUN 2009 – FEB 2011 Responsibilities: • Responsible for maintaining FHLMC & FNMA Reimbursement Default Claims Portfolio and the purchase ledger function and ensuring the payment of all 104SF and 571 invoices and expense claims. • All the Taxes, Property Insurance, HOA, Property Preservation, Bankruptcy, and Attorney fees associated with the defaulted property. • Responsibilities typically include pulling daily reports, filing daily defaulted expense claims REO, Non REO. Initial, Supplemental, Final, Short Sale and 3rd party claims, on the FHLMC & FNMA online Reimbursement system. • Daily contacts with Designated or RAN Counsel to ensure all invoices were uploading and all DC’s filed on the online system in a payable timeframe. • Used FHLMC new online system that rolled out in Oct 2010 as well as FNMA 571 • Provides resolutions to an assortment of problems encounter from time to time, while working the expense Mailbox, used to communicate with FHLMC & FNMA for all question concerning claims status. • Work very closed with the Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Department to managed deadlines, i.e. Foreclosure sale dates, and any releases from Bankruptcy or new loans moved to Bankruptcy. • Worked close with the Loss Mitt Dept, managing loans with modification possibility approved or declined for the HAMP program • Packaging the forms to mail to borrower to be considered for the HAMP and setting up the file when docs returned for the Loss Mitigation Processor. Default Liquidation Specialist, Saxon Mortgage, FEB 2009 – JUN 2009 Responsibilities: • Receipt and process incoming wire’s and sale proceeds checks, entering required system data fields to maintain accurate reporting within 1 business day of receipt of Liquidation/ loss report. • Reconcile/balance foreclosure third party proceeds with bidding instructions. • Accuracy and timeliness of submitting initial and supplemental claims to investors and MI Companies in accordance with their guidelines, for the Claims and MI report. • Identification of what is not recoverable from the investor and submit write-off forms for approval from the appropriate department manager. • Claims and MI report. • Assist in reconciling the > 60 days claims for the general ledger claims. • Assist claims manager with special projects as requested and assist in helping to identify internal process improvements. Supervisor (Freddie Mac Consultant-QA Default Claims) First American Corporation, SEP 2007 – FEB 2009 Confidential - Internal Distribution
  4. 4. Responsibilities: • Manage the entire Freddie Mac Reimbursement Portfolio of claims submitted online and by mail by all of FHLMC users and Servicers. • Manage and maintain the 104 Expense Mailbox used by all FHLMC users with questions on claims status and payments and adjusts of claims. • Ensure that all claims are filed and processed within the Freddie Mac guidelines payable timeframe. • Pulled daily reports from 104SF Reimbursement system, Work flow was assigned to all processor each day. • Recommend enhancements to strengthen the company’s ability to service the clients more efficiency. Closing/Funding Manager (Wholesales & Retail) First Consolidated Mortgage Company, MAR 2006 – FEB 2007 Responsibilities: • Pre-funding audit investigate to identify and detect misrepresentation, and monitor overall risk exposure to company • Perform QC on Loan files prior to Drawing Closing Documents. • Inputting the information into Data Track and exporting the information into MRG to Draw Closing Documents. • Request wires from the Lending Warehouse Bank. • Approve HUD's for Closing and Balance HUD's after Closing with checks received from Title. • Ship Original Collateral to Warehouse Bank and register the MIN# online with the MERS registration Quality Control Manager (Wholesales & Retail) First Consolidated Mortgage Company, SEP 2005 – MAR 2006 Responsibilities: • Sample, monitoring and conducting internal reviews of the company for Compliance with Federal, State and local Laws • Interfacing with Management to ensure Employees receive additional Training, to identify Mortgage FRAUD and High Credit Risk Borrowers • Recommending Improvements and changes to internal controls and systems, and ensuring that necessary changes are being properly implemented in loan servicing Confidential - Internal Distribution