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Dance Lessons for Wedding - A Good Decision for Bride and Groom


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Ballroom dance lesson is the latest trend being popularized among young, to be married couples. Many young couples, who are new to dancing or are beginners, opt to taking dance lessons for wedding. There are many dance classes throughout all over the world, which give coaching for amateur couples and beginners to dance with grace on the D-day.

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Dance Lessons for Wedding - A Good Decision for Bride and Groom

  1. 1. The Ballroom Of Huntington Dance with the stars at The Ballroom of Huntington
  2. 2. SALSA DANCE LESSONSHave you ever watched two peopleSalsa Dancing? Isnt it simplymesmerizing? Doesnt it seem like thesingle most magical, fun, andliberating experience? Salsa dancingis HOT! It is for all ages and culturesand one of the most exciting activitiesyou can do. If you would like to meetnew people, have an amazing time,and learn to dance all at the sametime, then The Ballroom of Huntingtonis the place for you!Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271 to learn more about thebest Waltz Dance lessons Suffolk Countyhas to offer!
  3. 3. TANGO DANCE CLASSESTango is passionate, with dramatic poses.Its story is of a love affair that issometimes amorous, sometimes angry,but always intense! The basic timing isslow-slow-quick-quick-slow, spelling out itsname: T-A-N-G-O. The Argentine Tango isthe easiest of all the ballroom dances tobegin dancing, and to begin dancing well.Why? Its basic rhythm is slow-slow, aneasy walking pace. And its basic "step" isthe walk.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271to learn more about the best Tango Dancelessons Suffolk County has to offer!
  4. 4. LEARN HOW TO DANCE SWINGThe Swing is a spot dance with a carefreerelaxed style and is a dance easilymastered by most people. The variousspeeds are excellent training for quickfootwork and good leading & followingwhich will add comfort and ease in otherrhythm dances. After mastering thepatterns, both men and women will findSwing a fun and exciting dance to learnand practice. Perhaps the most uniquelyAmerican of all dances, the Swing bringsforth a buoyant carefree movement. Its oneof the dances that becomes contagious.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271to learn more about the best Swing Dancelessons Suffolk County has to offer!
  5. 5. WALTZ DANCE LESSONSWaltz is a smooth progressive dancecharacterized by long, flowingmovements, continuous turns, and rise &fall. Graceful and elegant, dancers glidearound the floor almost effortlessly. TheAmerican style is punctuated with lavishopen movements, underarm turns, andsolo spins. At 28-30 measures perminute, the tempo is slow at best, but theexpressive quality of the music often invitesvery powerful and dynamic movement fromdancers.Contact The Ballroom of Huntington at631.385.7271to learn more about the best Waltz Dancelessons Suffolk County has to offer!
  6. 6. PROFESSIONAL DANCE LESSONS – LEARN BETTERAND FASTERProfessional dance lessons make you perfect in learningdance steps. The lessons are really fun and providerefreshment. The whole procedure of them is to helpyou have and feel great about yourself. At present, thereare many dancing styles to learn that are able to take foryour enjoyment.Private and professional dancing lessons are where youwill get the most out of dancing. You will have the mostfocus and be able to retain the most knowledgeable ofdance lessons and unique style. You will get the mostattention that you can get so you are able to perfectyour moves and remember them to the best of yourability.
  7. 7. Cha-Cha, originally known as Cha-Cha-Cha, has its origins in the Cuban Mambo. It gets itsname from the distinctive syncopated triple step (cha cha cha) danced between 2 rocksteps. It came to this country in the middle 1950s. This is also a spot dance and isexpressed though body animation. The character is fun, flirty, playful. Cha-Cha figures crossover to almost any fast tempo music from country to funk and hip-hop. Learn the basicfigures and the technique that makes those moves really stand out on the dancefloor, including rhythm walks, Cuban motion, spotting, connection, posture, and footwork.
  8. 8. LEARN TO DANCE FOR YOUR WEDDINGLearning to dance for your wedding is a special gift that you and your spouse-to-be can giveto each other. Feeling confident and poised when you dance together will ensure that yourvery first dance as husband and wife will be a memory you will cherish forever. The Ballroomof Huntington can help get you started and plan a program that will prepare you for your bigday.