Branding & packaging chapter 31


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Branding & packaging chapter 31

  1. 1. Branding & Packaging Sales & Promotion 1 Chapter 31
  2. 2. Importance of Branding Branding projects an image to its customers and the marketplace.
  3. 3. Brand Name Can be a word, group of words, letters or numbers that represent a product or service. (Should be easily recognizable.) Example: Pepsi, Pop-Tarts, Big Mac
  4. 4. Trade Name Identifies and promotes a company It is the legal name the company uses to do business. Example: Nike, Dell, Proctor & Gamble
  5. 5. Search ResultsBrand Mark A brand that incorporates a unique symbol, coloring, lettering, or other design elements. (Recognized visually.) Example: US Postal service’s (eagle) Apple Computer’s (apple) Nike’s (swoosh)
  6. 6. Trade Character Takes on human form or a character. Example: Jolly Green Giant Pillsbury Doughboy Keebler Elves
  7. 7. Functions of Packaging (Seepage 662) Promotes product Provides information, features & benefits Protects the product
  8. 8. Mixed Bundling The practice of packaging complimentary products and services together. *Shampoo & Conditioner *T’Shirt/Hat (Gander Mountain)
  9. 9. Environmental Packaging Reusable/recyclable Americans support less wasteful packaging
  10. 10. Cause Packaging Using packaging to promote social and political causes. Example: Ben & Jerry’s: Save the Rain Forests
  11. 11. Price Bundling Occurs when two or more similar products are placed on sale for one package price. Bath & Body (Package many items together—soaps, body wash, etc…)
  12. 12. Blisterpacks Tamper-resistant packages that are preformed plastic molds surrounding individual items arranged on a backing. (Drugs, food, cosmetics, etc…) See page 665. (New Grapemelon gum)