Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks through social network


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The online world is just so funny because even if you tell most bloggers about how and where you get your traffic from, they’ll still ask you that exact same question over and over and over again, don’t that feels … Continue reading →

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Best Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks through social network

  1. 1. onenaijablog.com Ways Of Getting More Web Traffic And Backlinks To YourBlogbabanatureThe online world is just so f unny because even if you tell most bloggers about how and where you get yourtraf f ic f rom, they’ll still ask you that exact same question over and over and over again, don’t that f eelstiring? I’ll bring a new f eel to this traf f ic case study but bef ore then, let’s have a little chat shall we!The new rumor going on around the blog spheref or quite a while now is; SEO is becoming extinctbut tell me how true is this rumor? If you’ll ask me,I’ll tell you this; SEO is not as ef f ective as it use to.If you study the online world very well, those whoalways get af f ected and knocked down by Googleupdates are those that do SEO and have lesser orjunk contents, but at times some good guys stillget trapped in these updates.Must Read: 10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 VisitorsPer Day: Traffic Study 2No matter what panda, penguin, lion, cat or dogupdates Google roll out, there are ways in whichyou can maintain your traf f ic f low and this ways isso important and more powerf ul that all bloggersand webmasters are joining the gig. Are you stillwondering what I’m talking about? Well let’s readf urther and know some more “f ew” things.The most talked about issues on the internet today are web traf f ic and back links right? So I wonder ifgetting valuable back links and web traf f ic is that hard to achieve! Well it might be hard to get but today, weare going to know how we can get some more good amount of traf f ic and as well as backlinks to our blog.Bef ore I go any f urther, let me bring out the cat f rom the bag now listen up caref ully; The ultimate wayyou can get you traf f ic and as well as quality back link to your blog or website, is through “OnlineCommunities” yes I have said it. Online community can give you web traf f ic and as well as backlinksthat can’t be taken f rom you even if the “almighty” Google roll out their updates. Somebody once told methat bonding and being social is the ultimate way to grow any brand and do you know what? I truly believethose words…Getting Web Traffic And Back Links Through Blog CommunitiesThe next Google update is coming up on May 14th or so and you should be ready and be prepared f or thestorm that is about to take place then, because it might just hit you next if you’re not prepared.Today I will be posting some blog communities that can boost your traf f ic and at the same time, gain backlinks f rom them so you won’t have to worry about Google updates…Must Read: 3 POSSIBLE WAYS OF GETTING A GOOD AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOGCommunities that shares posts across: Below, you’ll f ind communities that gives backlinks and as well as
  2. 2. traf f ic. I am using the below platf orm to send my post out and I am getting tons of traf f ic in return. If youhave not heard of the list bef ore you should try them out but if you have heard some and not all, youshould also try the ones you’ve not heard bef ore and see how it goes.JustretweetsStumbleuponChime.inTriberrFriendf eedLinkedinTechnoratiPinterestBlokubeBizsugarTwitterFacebookGoogle plusSo.clInboundScoop itTumblelrRedditZimbioBloggersDeliciousMy operaForums and Q/A communities: You can call me the oldf ashion man because I love getting my traf f ic the old waysand it’s so great doing it. Q.A sites still remains one of mylargest traf f ic source because I just love solving people’sproblem and once I solve that problem, I get traf f ic andbacklink in return. Forums also do help pull targeted traf f icto your blog or website and when you do it well, that highquality backlink will also f ollow.Below are some f ew Q.A communities and some f orumsyou should involve yourself in.
  3. 3. Yahoo answersAnswers dot comQuoraaskmef astWarrior f orumXda developersCnetMozillaVideo/ Audio Marketing and promotion: Video is one place to get traf f ic to your blog and as well asvaluable backlinks. Bloggers have now started venturing into this great source and in the near f uture, thistraf f ic source is going to be massive but yet crowded so why not take the advantages now and glad youdid. Below are some f ew lists that I am using f requently whenever I have a new video to shareMust Read: 5 GREAT REASONS WHY YOUR BLOG IS STILL HIDING AND HOW TO FRONT ITYouTubeOdnoklassniki4sharedSharemobileMyspaceRiverbnationLast f mPresentation, File, Pdf, E-books communities: I love saving the best f or the last. I’d like and proudly tellyou all that this is my greatest traf f ic source. Ever since I started using this method to drive traf f ic to myblog, I’ve never lef t it f or once. I should write a separate post about this awesome way of getting f ast,targeted traf f ic and give you guys more and solid details about the online f ile sharing communities. You cantry the below communities out and see how much traf f ic you get f rom them.ScribdSlideshareFree-ebooksGetf reeebooksThef reesiteEbookjungleEbookdirectoryE-library4shared
  4. 4. MemowareRapidshareSome other great ways to get good traf f ic and backlinks is through blog commenting, create an app f oryour blog and publish it on Google app store, guest posting and link exchange. When doing link exchange, itis best to do it with website owners that’s in your niche and has not been blacklisted so you won’t harmyour blog/ website at doing soExtra Take: I just created a group in Facebook, the aim of the group is to help promote each others blog.So if you’re interested in joining the group here is the link to f ollow – Bloggers World Sharing Group. Butremember that the group needs just 10 active membersMust Read: How To Enable Google Plus Comment Box On Blogger BlogOkay I know you’all know the above list but can you tell me this with a sincere heart; how many of the abovementioned are you using and how ef f ective are you using them? Please drop your views using the commentbox below and let’s make the post more livelyWhat’s your take on the Google update and how do you cover yourself without being hit? What othermethod you’d like to share with us that is not listed here? Please do let us know so we can also improveour def ense and stop depending on search engines f or traf f ic.Do you have any comments or thoughts you’d like to share with us? Then please do by using the commentbox below. Remember that your comments and thoughts are highly appreciated and welcomed.Was this post helpf ul, educative or inf ormative? Then why not click the like button, share us, andrecommend us to f riends. Because you’ll never know who among your f riends might be in need of it. Do notf orget to subscribe to our f eed f or your latest updates on the go.. -getting-2000-visitors-per-day-traf f ic-study-2/YOU SHOULD ALSO READ:10 Killer Ways Of Getting 2000 Visitors Per Day: Traf f ic Study 23 POSSIBLE WAYS OF GETTING A GOOD AMOUNT OF TRAFFIC TO YOUR BLOG4 THINGS I LEARNED IN 2012 AS A BLOGGER10 SOLID WAYS OF GETTING 1500 VISITS PER DAY: TRAFFIC STUDYPowered by OnenaijaBlog