Snow white theatre play


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Obra de teatro en inglés para nuestros alumnos.

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Snow white theatre play

  1. 1. SNOW WHITE
  2. 2. NARRATOR • In this tale there is a young pregnant queen who wants to have a baby girl.
  3. 3. GOOD QUEEN • I wish she’s got a white face like snow, red lips like blood and black hair like ebony.
  4. 4. NARRATOR • The queen gives birth to a girl. Her name is Snow White. But the queen dies and the girl grows up in the company of her father. One day the king remarries again to a beautiful wicked woman.
  5. 5. BAD QUEEN • Tell me, magic mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom?
  6. 6. MIRROR • You, your majesty.
  7. 7. SNOW WHITE • Oh!!! Every day she asks the same…..
  8. 8. NARRATOR • Some time later, the king dies and Snow White is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom.
  9. 9. BAD QUEEN • Tell me, magic mirror, who is the most beautiful woman in the kingdom?
  10. 10. MIRROR • Majesty, now the most beautiful woman is Snow White.
  11. 11. BAD QUEEN • She will die, I can tell.
  12. 12. NARRATOR • The wicked queen calls a hunter.
  13. 13. BAD QUEEN • Take Snow White to the forest and kill her. Bring me her heart in this box. Don’t try to betray me!!
  14. 14. NARRATOR • They arrive to the forest but the hunter is unable to kill the girl. He kills a deer and puts its heart in the little box.
  15. 15. HUNTER • Run away and hide in the forest. The queen wants to kill you. She envies you.
  16. 16. SNOW WHITE • Oh!!! I’ll never come back. I think I’m lost. Oh, lovely deer. What’s over there? What a tiny house and what a mess!! I’m hungry. Mmmmm…. I like chicken and rice!!! Well, I could tidy up all of this.
  17. 17. NARRATOR • After having lunch she feels sleepy and she lies on one of the seven beds. But seven dwarves, who are the owners of the house, arrive and see her.
  18. 18. DWARF 1 • Oh, oh…. Who’s that?
  19. 19. DWARF 2 • She’s sleeping on my bed!!!
  20. 20. DWARF 3 • And she’s quite beautiful….
  21. 21. NARRATOR • Meanwhile, in palace…..
  22. 22. BAD QUEEN • What do you tell me mirror? Snow White is still alive? Is she living in a hut in the middle of the forest? Not for a long time, ha, ha, ha… If I put these drops of poison on this red apple, she will sleep forever
  23. 23. NARRATOR • The queen is dressed as an old woman. She finds the house and offers the apple to the girl.
  24. 24. BAD QUEEN • Ha, ha, ha… She’s fallen in my trap!! They’ll think she’s dead!!
  25. 25. NARRATOR • The seven dwarves are very sorrow and put Snow White in a glass coffin.
  26. 26. DWARF 1 • She doesn’t deserve this end.
  27. 27. DWARF 2 • I can’t believe it!! What’s happened to her?
  28. 28. DWARF 3 • So beautiful and nice!!!
  29. 29. NARRATOR • They hear the sound of horse’s hooves on the ground. A young man approaches the group. He kisses Snow White on the front… and she opens her eyes and spits out a piece of apple!!
  30. 30. PRINCE • Who’s the beautiful lady?
  31. 31. DWARF 1 • She’s princess Snow White. She’s our friend.
  32. 32. NARRATOR • They fall in love at the moment. The seven dwarves feel extremely happy.
  33. 33. PRINCE • Come to my palace. I’ll be the happiest man on earth if you marry me.
  34. 34. SNOW WHITE • Oh, yes, yes. It’s like a dream!! I also want to marry you!! Good bye, friends. I’ll never forget you.
  35. 35. NARRATOR • The queen sees everything through the magic mirror. She becomes crazy and throws the mirror away. It breaks a bottle of poison and she dies.
  36. 36. BAD QUEEN • I can’t believe it!!! She always wins!!! What’s this horrible smell?? Aaaaarrrggg!!!