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Branca neve


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Branca neve

  1. 1. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves
  2. 2. But one day, she was ratherenraged, because the mirrorsaid that Snow White wasmore beautiful.Who is thefairest queen ?Once upon a time there was a beautiful castle, a fairy talecastle, where a terrible, but pretty queen lived.She had a magicmirror and shealways asked thesame question:Snow White
  3. 3. So, she sent fora huntsman andshe told him totake SnowWhite into theforest, kill herand bring herheart.No, I can’t do that.Obey me,or I kill you!Yes, yourMajesty.At yourservice,Majesty.Go and Kill SnowWhite.
  4. 4. I am not afraid of the forest,because you are here.The huntsman had a terribletask, but he didn’t want to killthe lovely princess.However, at the same time hewas afraid of the wicked queen.He didn’t know what to do.Then, the poor mandecided to let SnowWhite run away and killa deer to take a heartto the Queen.And Snow White kept onwalking and enjoying the day inthe forest, watching the birdsand the other animals.Run, Snow White, yourstepmother wants to killyou.
  5. 5. The next morning, when she woke up,she met some animals watching her,astonished. She explained who shewas and they decided to help her.I ‘ m sotired...Snow White was so afraid that she ran for a long, long time; thenshe was exhausted and she fell asleep.They took her to a nice placewhere she saw a small, charminghouse …
  6. 6. They had no idea that aprincess was waiting forthem at home, so theysang happily, on theirway.... she entered and the kitchen wassuch a terrible mess. Everything wasdirty and she began to clean, towash, to dust and sweep. Inside thehouse, the furniture was very, verysmall and she thought that it was achildren’s house.But it wasn’t; the house belonged toseven dwarves; they were minersand at that time they were comingback home.What a mess !!I must clean this.Hi! -Ho! Hi! -Ho! It’s home from work we go ! Hi! -Ho! Hi!
  7. 7. Someonecleanedthe house...... and dusted and sweptthe floor.I don’tlike this!I am so sorry.When they arrivedeverything was clean andshiny. They understood thatthere was someone else inthe house. They were veryafraid, but they decided togo upstairs to find out whowas there.And they discovered SnowWhite sleeping. She told themthat her stepmother, thequeen, wanted to kill her.They were all very sorry,except for Grumpy, a very,very sad dwarf.
  8. 8. She must go, now.I don’t wanther here.And probably he was right, because notvery far, in the castle the wicked queendrank a magic potion and turned intoa very old poor lady.So, you are a Princess ...
  9. 9. With the magic potion the prettyqueen became an ugly old woman, orbetter, a real witch.Meanwhile all the dwarves learned tolove Snow White and they, all together,had some beautiful days, with a lot of fun.
  10. 10. But that was not enough tothe bad queen.The queen made an evilspell with a nice apple .Then, she went to thedwarves’ house and offeredit to Snow White.What a delicious andbeautiful apple ....A little ofpoison...
  11. 11. When the dwarves arrived home they found SnowWhite on the floor and they thought she was dead.They decided to make a crystal coffin to put her, sothat they could go on watching the princess.And so they did; they put the coffin in theforest .Snow White ate the apple and sheimmediately fainted.
  12. 12. Some months later the prince rode pastthe dwarves’ house and he saw the coffin;he opened...... it and kissed Snow White. She woke upat once. It was a miracle. The kiss of truelove broke the spell. Snow White saidgoodbye to her friends and...
  13. 13. ...she rode away with herprince. And they lived happilyever after.The end