TGI Friday's service encounter 03-07-13


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TGI Friday's presentation of the service encounter
Case study for MA Marketing

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TGI Friday's service encounter 03-07-13

  1. 1. CASE STUDY 05/07/2013 • Audrey JASPART
  2. 2. 1. T.G.I Friday’s – Presentation 2. Key issues 3. 4 possible alternatives strategy solutions 1. Choice & recommendations
  3. 3.  Type: American restaurant  Genre: Restaurant, Pub & theatre  Founded: In 1965 In New-York city  Number of location: 1000 restaurant in 61 countries  Meaning: Thanks God It’s Friday  Positioning: “every customer as we would an honoured guest in our home”
  4. 4. - Concept: A restaurant such as a Theatre…  Theatrical stage  Wooden floors, Tiffany lamps, bentwood chairs…  American decorative memorabilia  Wearing uniform  Playing a role  No guide line  Customization of the service
  5. 5. - Company philosophy which contribute to successful! SUCCESSFUL Employees Food Package Friendly atmosphere
  6. 6. - Illustration of the good ambience HARLEM SHAKE GANGNAM STYLE
  7. 7. - T.G.I Friday’s a good place to work “Good working conditions” “The most appreciated place for recruiting restaurant’s staff” • the UK’s fifteen best workplace • the fourth most fun place to work •T.G.I. Friday’s is celebrating after a double win in the ‘Sunday Times Best Places to Work’ 2013 awards
  8. 8. - Positives customers opinions Huge choice of food, special offers, staff largely available and friendly, atmosphere warm and welcoming...
  9. 9. - Negatives customers opinions Very expensive, too noisy, service less customised, staff overwhelmed and unorganized...
  10. 10. - 2 main problems These problems constitute the critical incident….
  11. 11. BLUEPRINTING  Method of visually portraying the processes and participants involved in the production of a service.  This approach shows how customers, assets and information are processed. -Simple -Transparent -Overview of links between services -Maintain a guideline -Employees lose autonomy/ freedom  can impact on the staging
  12. 12. BLUEPRINTING Which can also include target minute, visible evidence…
  13. 13. SERVICESCAPE Emphasize the impact of the environment in which a service process takes place.  The servicescape includes the facility’s exterior and interior -Help assess T.G.I Friday’s such as a restaurant rather than a fast food -Consider the whole environment -Encourage customers to enter the service environment  discover the ambience
  14. 14. SERVUCTION  A concept that describes the process of creating a service which customers participate. -Customers = important part of the service -Useful strategic planning model -Model can’t easily be used to assist staff everyday
  15. 15. CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE “An experience occurs when a customer has any sensation or knowledge acquisition resulting from some level of interaction with different of a context created by the service provider” -Focuses on consumer’s feelings and emotions -Memorabilia may prolong the experience in the restaurant -Difficult to measure -Confusion about the concept
  16. 16. Blueprinting Serviscapes Servuction Customer experience First name:
  17. 17.  Advantage over blueprinting  It has no inconveniences for T.G.I Friday’s  Use the servicescape to put across the concept and the principle of the restaurant  Make people adhere to the concept of T.G.I
  18. 18. • Keep the concept of dramatization • Reduce the number of tables in the restaurant • Determinate if the positioning/communication are appropriated • Create an online questionnaire
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention