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KFC Service Gap


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KFC Service Gap

  1. 1. “Kentucky Fried Chicken” Scholar Group Abhimanyu Sahu Keshaw Kumar Sahu Kewal Singh Sahu Vachan Toppo
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES• To Know about services provided by KFC vikrampuri.• To identify the service gap of KFC vikrampuri.• To analysis the service gap and come with better suggestion.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION• Founded -1930• India- 1990• Founder(s)-Harland Sander• Headquarter –Delaware ,United State• Country- 105 across world• Number of locations -17,000 (2012)• Key people –David C.Novak, chairman and C.E.O• Revenue –US$9.2 billion (2011)• Employees -4,55,000• Website –
  4. 4. KFC VIKRAMPURI• Employee -27• KFC Restaurant in Hyderabad – 10• Manager –Mr. Mallesh• Timing - 11 AM TO 11PMKey Success Factors of kfc :• Location/Number of Outlets• Extensive Menu• Global experience• Service/Ambience• Taste
  5. 5. Products• Products- veg snacker ,chicken snacker ,chicken zinger, chicken Bucket ,chicken zing kong box etc.• Competitor - McDonalds, McSpicy Chicken Burger.
  6. 6. SERVUCTION MODEL of KFC “ It is use for understanding consumer experiences” Visible services (structure)SERVUCTION Contact person (Service provider)MODEL Other customer Organization and system
  7. 7. 1, Visible services (structure) •Self service •Parcel service with good packaging •Home delivery on call •Separate place for functions or any other events. •WI-FI connection free for customer. •Payment mode oCash oMaster Card oDebit Cards oCredit Card
  8. 8. 2, Contact person (Service provider) •Waiter •Branch manager •Counter employees •Security guard.
  9. 9. 3, Other customer Observe other customers.
  10. 10. 4, Organization and system•Good counter setup with 10 peoples.•Very fast delivery within 3 minute.•5 LCD for menu displaying.•Good sheeting arrangement.•Good music system in restaurant and better lightdecoration.•Separate car parking for both two and four wheelervehicles
  11. 11. Integrated gap model of quality servicePerceived service quality can be defined as, according tothe model, the difference between consumers’ expectationand perceptions which eventually depends on the size andthe direction of the four gaps concerning the delivery ofservice quality on the company’s
  12. 12. Integrated gap model of quality of service COMPANY
  13. 13. First Gap:Expected service between perceived. •No welcoming •No response •Limited varietySecond Gap:Expected service between management perceptioncustomer expectation •High price •Limited delivery area
  14. 14. • Third Gap Specification of service quality between actual service deliver. • No proper information about “self service”.• Fourth Gap Service deliver to customers between the promise of the firm to customers about its service quality.
  15. 15. Recommendation• Specially a person need For “WELCOMING”.• When customer enters into the restaurant a waiter should give him a menu.• KFC should write “SELF SERVICE” some where.• Less price foods for the middle class people.• They need to increase delivery area.
  16. 16. • They also need to increase variety of food.• They need open a new restaurant near “Alwal or Suchitra” . Because in this area there is no Kfc restaurant.