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Grant Seeking 101


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Grant Seeking 101

  1. 1. www.raconline.orgDiscover Funding & Data Sources toStrengthen Your CommunityAubrey Madler, MLSInformation SpecialistGrant Seeking/WritingWorkshop for CibolaCounty OrganizationsAugust 21, 2012Grant Seeking 101
  2. 2. www.raconline.orgIn Partnership with:
  3. 3. www.raconline.orgFunded by HRSA’sOffice of Rural Health Policy (ORHP)Rural Health Policy Development/Researchline of the Department of Health andHuman Services budget
  4. 4. www.raconline.orgRAC services: Web-Based Services RAC Listservs Customized Assistance
  5. 5. www.raconline.orgWho uses RAC services?Anyone seeking to maintain andimprove the access, quality, andfinancial viability of rural healthand human service deliverysystems.
  6. 6. Define “rural” for eligibilitypurposes Navigate the Rural AssistanceCenter’s information portal Discover funding opportunitiesObjectives
  7. 7. www.raconline.orgRuralEconomy
  8. 8. 7.1% = Total7.4% = RuralCibola = 7.1%
  9. 9. 2,082,224 = Total696,136 = Rural27,658 = CibolaPopulation
  10. 10. RuralDefinitionsBased onCensusPlaces
  11. 11. RuralDefinitionsBased onOffice ofManagementand Budget(OMB) MetroCounties
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Funding
  14. 14. Access funding information on RAC:1. Online Library – Funding & Opportunities Topic & State Guides – Funding Sections Grantwriting Topic Guide Capital Funding Topic Guide
  15. 15.
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Sponsors funding economic development:• Economic Development Administration• U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development• U.S. Bancorp Foundation• USDA Rural Development• Small Business Administration• USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service
  18. 18. • Guide Star :– Register to locate form 990s to see how foundationsare doing and who they are funding• Foundation Center :– Collects, organizes, and communicates informationon U.S. philanthropy. Provides free and fee-basedinformation on grantseeking and foundation giving.Learn more about sponsors and programs
  19. 19.
  20. 20. Cooperating Collections-Funding information through libraries, communityfoundations, and other nonprofit resource centers. County Library System501 Copper Ave. NWPhone: 505-768-5141Collection
  21. 21. Support your proposals• Statistics and Data RAC Topic Guide: - sourcesfor national, state, and county-level statistics anddata• RAC Maps• Resources for All States: -state- orcounty-level information and statistics
  22. 22. Don’t let the fear of striking outkeep you from playingthe game.
  23. 23. www.raconline.orgContact, Connect, & Stay InformedPhone: 1-800-270-1898Email: info@raconline.orgHours: Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM CentralWebsite:, @racdocuments,@racfunding,