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American Technology Consulting


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How Can We Help?
At American Technology Consulting LLC (ATC) we can help candidates who are on H1B visa/OPT/CPT looking for a new job and a H1B visa transfer anywhere within the United States. We have 100’s of consultants nationwide and growing. If you have further questions or would like to talk to our sales team please contact us at

Contact Us:
Anand : 515-309-1523
Lester : 515-309-1697
Rachel : 515-309-2146

Our Office:
American Technology Consulting, LLC
12951 University Avenue, Suite 200,
Clive ,Iowa-50325
Phone : 515-974-5619 Fax : 515-309-9715

Visit us at:
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American Technology Consulting

  1. 1. We are an IT Consulting & Staffing Services Company located in Clive, Iowa. We are a bunch of young energetic individuals who strive to be the best, we push the limits and re draw our boundaries. Welcome to ATC
  2. 2. Design American technology Consulting LLC is an Iowa based IT Consulting firm servicing clients all over the nation “We are a bunch of young energetic individuals who take the right talent and get them to the right client” WHO WE ARE AT ATC?
  3. 3. Design As a H1B visa dependent IT professional, you are in search for a reliable employer. We can help candidates who are on H1B visa looking for a new job and a H1B visa transfer any where within the United States! Are you looking for an employer in US?
  4. 4. Work Together Looking for a company that can support your visa needs, growth in your career and a potential green card sponsorship? ATC RIGHT TALENT RIGHT CLIENT
  5. 5. Design 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 Employees Clients Projects Completed Donuts Ordered ATC STATISTICS
  7. 7. Design Our immigration team specializes in H1B transfers and candidates looking for Green card Sponsorship
  8. 8. Impress Our team of recruiters, consultants, and relationship managers are built of experienced industry professionals with a thorough understanding of information technology needs.
  9. 9. Impress We take consulting to the next level. We deal with the best immigration firms and have tons of experience dealing with the most complicated cases when it comes to H1B, Green Cards and other immigration related issues.
  10. 10. Design We sponsor H1Bs for eligible OPT and CPT candidates
  11. 11. Impress Work Visa and Green card sponsorship with outstanding Category filling and Continuous Lawyer assistance.
  12. 12. Work Together Provide IT consultants for project based worked all over the nation. Offer jobs with competitive salary packages and sponsor H1B visa and green cards for qualified candidates.
  13. 13. Design From day one, we make your goal – ours. With a very young and energetic team, we redraw boundaries & surpassing results.
  14. 14. Impress We provide holiday pay & health insurance for individuals and family. We have been able to uphold reliability and are continuing to put smiles on faces.
  15. 15. Impress We have 100's of consultants nationwide and growing. We have Clients all over the United States and we have a very strong marketing/sales team.
  16. 16. For further questions contact: Intuitively design beautiful presentations, easily share and work together with others and give a professional performance with advanced presenting tools. Find out more at Email : Phone : 515-309-1523 / 515-309-1697
  17. 17. “Building your American Dream is our dream, and together we can do it as a team” “American Technology Consulting - Building the Dream, the American Dream”