Adina Stefanuca Stroke Rehabilitation


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Adina Stefanuca Stroke Rehabilitation

  1. 1. Rehabilitation Course By Adina Stefanuca
  2. 2.  Rehabilitation is a process of adaptation or recovery through which an individual suffering from a disabling or functionally limiting condition, whether temporary or irreversible, participates to regain maximal function, independence, and restoration  A process to restore mental/or physical abilities lost to injuries or disease, in order to function in a normal or near normal way (National Cancer Institute, 2007)
  3. 3. Isolda Stroke Rehabilitation Unit  Opened in July 2006 with 6 beds – extended in 2012 up to 10 beds  The unit caters for all age groups – male & female over 18 years of age  Philosophy of the unit includes the belief that rehabilitation is a proactive, person-centered and goal orientated process that begins the first day after stroke  The unit forms an integrated care but weighs for patients following their acute care in Mater Miserecordiae University Hospital
  4. 4. Isolda Stroke Rehabilitation Unit  Stroke Rehabilitation Unit is coordinated from multidisciplinary team perspective in conjunction with Clinical Nurse Specialist in stroke rehabilitation  Treatment is based on multidisciplinary team working with a key worker being appointed for each patient  The team members (medical, nursing & therapists) are attending multidisciplinary weekly meetings. The aims of these meetings is to develop unified goals, reviews, share progress and plan discharge  The expected length of stay is 90 days
  5. 5. University of Limerick- Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation of Older Person  Utilise evidence to inform nursing practice in monitoring coordinating and managing care  Review current innovations and developments within nursing  Utilise a knowledge base consistent with that of the profession, and which incorporates the standards of professional groups  Appraise strategies to promote, maintain and restore health in relevant care groups
  6. 6. University of Limerick- Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation of Older Person  Evaluate ,generate and conduct research that will incorporate evidenced-based practice in nursing  Evaluate the role of specialist and advanced practice in nursing  Collaborate within multidisciplinary team in the provision of quality outcomes
  7. 7. University of Limerick- Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation of Older Person  Appraise international, national and local policy strategies that are relevant to advancing nursing role  Discuss factors that influence practice and theoretical knowledge at specialist/advanced practice levels  Demonstrate the critical thinking skills and ethical decision –making required for specialist/advanced practice in nursing care
  8. 8. University of Limerick- Graduate Diploma Rehabilitation of Older Person  Critically appraise factors associated with the normal ageing e.g. physiological and psychological changes  Evaluate current philosophies of rehabilitation nursing of older person  Apply the concepts of rehabilitation nursing of the older person to individuals in variety of care settings
  9. 9. Health Care Policy and Reform- Essay “The need for change in the health service is unquestionable… We must implement large scale change that delivers fundamental reform.”( Department of Health Nov 2012) To deliver more responsive, faster and more equitable access to hospital care is outlined as a strategic goal for reform of our hospitals by the Department of Health 2012 in the strategic framework report 2012. Critically discuss how registered nurses/midwives can adopt new ways of working to help achieve these targets within current hospital system.
  10. 10. Health Care Policy and Reform  Four pillars of “Future Health” were : health and wellbeing, changing the model of care, financial reform and structural reform (DOH 2012)  Nursing and midwifery services play an important key role in modernization of healthcare and in the foundation of a strong Irish ecosystem.  Commission of nursing expand role of nurses since 1998 (Government of Ireland 1998); the report expressed confidence that nurses being educated in the future will continue to have high standards of practice  Continual professional development and implementation of health informatics has come into nursing
  11. 11. Health Care Policy and Reform Nursing informatics is a combination of computer science, information science, and nursing science, design to assist in the management and processing data, informations and knowledge to support nursing practice, education, research and administration “(Graves & Corcoran 1989) “
  12. 12. Health Care Policy and Reform Health and Nursing informatics eLearning Technology Virtual Classroom Moodle Patients Electronic Record Single Assessment Tool Hospital Information System Nursing Metrics
  13. 13. Health Care Policy and Reform CONCLUSION: “Nurses are called upon to broaden their scope of practice and to master technological tools and information management system while supervising care across teams of health professional “ (National League for Nurses 2011). Nurses will embrace nursing science as knowledge users, knowledge developers, knowledge workers.
  14. 14. Thank You