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Edeposit Ireland christoph schmidt supprian #asl2014


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'Collecting everything & the challenge of digital only publications; the case of edeposit Ireland' Christoph Schmidt-Supprian TCD. Case study presented at 'Information Innovators: Librarians evolving in the digital environment' the Academic & Special Libraries conference 2014

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Edeposit Ireland christoph schmidt supprian #asl2014

  1. 1. A&SL Annual Conference 2014: “Information Innovators” ... a home for Ireland's electronic publications Christoph Schmidt-Supprian, Trinity College Library, Dublin 28 February 2014
  2. 2. What is edepositIreland? New at TCD Library Collecting electronic publications Self-archiving model
  3. 3. Why? Irish legal deposit: print only Government information: electronic only Future legislation versus Present demand
  4. 4. Goals (1) Start now • Government sector (demand) • Open access (contrast UK eLegal Deposit) • Medium-term preservation Work smart • Use existing infrastructure • Publisher-side deposit and metadata creation Design as service • Archive for the future • Publication listings on departmental websites
  5. 5. Goals (2) Future-proofing • Scalable to highvolume deposit • Access control for commercial content • Platform migration (e.g. for long-term preservation) Collaborate • Work with other Irish legal deposit libraries • Build a collaborative edeposit infrastructure for Ireland • One-stop deposit for all
  6. 6. What have we done? TARA (proven functionalities, customisable) Re-branding, re-design Website (publisher engagement)
  7. 7. How does it work?
  8. 8. “Information Innovators: Librarians evolving in the digital environment” Electronic deposit • Not just change in format • Change in relationship with publishers • Evolution of role of librarian Changing library roles • Acquisitions librarian: advocacy and support • Cataloguers: collections administrators and content managers • All: Managing parallel workflows, print and edeposit
  9. 9. In Conclusion: edepositIreland for … Publishers A platform to manage and host your publications Researchers An open access repository for your research Librarians De-duplication of effort
  10. 10. Vision National infrastructure for Irish electronic legal deposit Publishers submit to central portal only If you would like to become involved, get in touch!
  11. 11. Questions? Contact Information: edepositIreland Manager – Niamh Harte Christoph Schmidt-Supprian