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Tuition Assistance Social Work Job Search


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Tuition Assistance Social Work Job Search

  2. 2. Argument: Students have limited resources locating a job in Social Work  Students want easy access at their finger tips for locating a job in a  designated area Students would like benefits such as tuition assistance provided by  the job
  3. 3. Purpose: To create a website database that searches for tuition assistance  social work jobs The job postings would allow easy access for students to search for  a specific area in the Social Service Profession These jobs will supply students with hands on experience in a  social work setting These jobs will provide tuition assistance for undergraduate and  graduate students
  4. 4. Students search for jobs: How Social Work students locate jobs 8% 10% Internet SW faculty Newspapers 23% 59% Internship
  5. 5. Jobs with Tuition Assistance: Social Work Jobs With Tuition Assistance 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 Percentage 20 of tuition 10 assistanc… 0 Child and School SW Medical Mental Family SW and health health and SW Substance abuse SW
  6. 6. Research: A survey conducted in the Social Work Department expressed students  want a website specifically for them to locate jobs. Survey Results 13% For a website 87% No comment on website
  7. 7. This website would be located on the MSU S.W.A.T homepage.  S.W.A.T stands for Social Workers Acting Together. This  organization is set-up to give Social Work students a chance to do social services activities in the school and the community. S.W.A.T conducts fundraisers and events to raise money to sponsor  children, adults, professional social workers, and the community.
  8. 8. References: Brice Byrd, S.W.A.T President Interview. April 15, 2009  Survey conducted in Social Work Department at Midwestern State  University. April 13-17, 2009 Social Service Website  Midwestern State University Career Management Center website link  under MustangHIRE Fort Worth Star Telegram Newspaper classified section 
  9. 9. THE END Any Questions?   Thanks!