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Adobe connect set up instructions str


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basic instructions on how to use adobe connect for first time users

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Adobe connect set up instructions str

  1. 1. ImportantInformation forparticipatingin an Adobe Connect
  2. 2. You will nee to have….. • USB Headset • Internet access • Flash 10.1 (or above) • Here is a link to the adobe connect diagnostic test. This will check to see if your computer will be able to access the adobe connect room Just click and let it run. All ticks are MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE
  3. 3. Once you have completed the test • You will receive a URL to the room • For Example: • Make sure you plug in your USB headset and mic before entering the room • Select • Type your MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE
  4. 4. Now test that your microphone and audio work Use the Audio Setup Wizard and run through the five MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE
  5. 5. Communicating in your session Voice chat Press here Text chat Type here Press here To mute your mic press it again If you would like to voice chat, please select the raise hand it again to lower your MORE THAN YOU IMAGINE