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Verb Word Documents Fave Literacy Class

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Verb Word Documents Fave Literacy Class

  1. 1. Wayne and Nathan are smiling. They are shaking hands and standing in the park.<br /><ul><li>Meleane and Ray hugging and smiling. They are in the park.
  2. 2. Wayne, Meleane and Ray are sitting on bench they are waiting for the class.</li></ul>Wayne is in the tree and holding the branch. He is smiling.<br />Ray is riding a see-saw and he is having fun.<br />Ray, Meleanna and Wayne are sitting in the park, watching the other student taking Photos of each other.<br />Raymond is doing the right thing by picking up other people’s rubbish.<br />The dog is lying down on the grass. <br />Shane, Wayne and Nathan are talking in the park. They are laughing. <br />Shane is reading a text book and studying. <br />