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Medical Carts
Essential Organization. Exceptional Performance.
                                                                            The Artromick Emergency Cart
Critical Care
                                            Artromick Critical Care Carts ensure efficient workflow and task...
AC Anesthesia Self-Locking                                                                                                ...
The Artromick Isolation Cart provides a host of innovative features
                                        that promote l...
Medical Cart Model Options
 Cart/Drawer                Standard     Intermediate   Compact
Configuration                He...

Divided Drawer Tray   Drawer Dividers     Glove Dispense...
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Artromick Critical Care Product Brochure for Hospital Computing Solutions


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Artromick Critical Care Product Brochure for Hospital Computing Solutions

  1. 1. Artromick Medical Carts Essential Organization. Exceptional Performance.
  2. 2. Emergency The Artromick Emergency Cart defines a new standard of organization and function with a list of features unavailable until now. The unique break- away locking handle offers the security you require and the simple access essential to every emergency response. Stable maneuverability is built-in to every cart and a full line of accessories enhance user efficiency to support code team performance. High-Impact Panels made of high-density engineered resins will withstand the rigors of use and maintain their appearance. Procedure The Artromick Procedure Cart offers a wide selection of organization accessories, huge capacity, and a choice of models in 4-drawer, 5-drawer, or custom configurations. The adaptable set-up of the Artromick Procedure Cart makes it perfect for a host of healthcare applications including trauma, airway, dressing, cast, or general supply cart. And to ensure security, every Artromick Procedure Cart features an innovative keyless locking system that is as simple to use and maintain as a standard household flashlight. Seamless Drawer Trays ensure durability and eliminate hassles associated with pop rivets or sharp metal edges found in metal-based drawers.
  3. 3. Critical Care Artromick Critical Care Carts ensure efficient workflow and task management through a customized approach to medical cart design. The flexibility of Artromick Critical Care Carts lets you decide the best set- up for your facility. Choose from three (3) standard models that feature an arrangement of 3", 6" and 10" drawers that can be custom divided to meet your precise storage needs. To ensure security of your supplies, the Artromick Critical Care Cart features your choice of a proven and simple keyless entry system or BestTM core-removable lock system. A full complement of accessory options permits complete customization to accommodate a variety of monitors, storage units and critical care supplies. 5 Year Limited Warranty on every Artromick Medical Cart. Med/Surg Artromick Medical/Surgical Carts must meet the demanding requirements of the ever-changing hospital environment. It is with that knowledge that Artromick offers your hospital a choice of Med/Surg carts within our innovative Medical Cart line. Select from a host of drawer divider and tray solutions that offer complete flexibility within each drawer. The Artromick Med/Surg Cart line accommodates the latest technology solutions and monitoring equipment to make sure your workflow is efficient and streamlined. Tubular Steel Frame Precision welded all-steel unibody frame is virtually indestructible.
  4. 4. AC Anesthesia Self-Locking Anesthesia Self-locking Security has become a key feature when The Artromick Anesthesia Cart is designed with a discussing the safety and accountability of anesthesia synergy of function and technology to meet the unique needs of medications. your anesthesia department. Keyless That’s why Artromick has blended its proven and innovative entry is standard on every Artromick automatic relocking system with the latest medical cart Anesthesia Cart and the innovative design available. The result is a new benchmark in anesthesia guide system ensures drawers will storage and organization...the NEW AC Anesthesia Carts by not be left open. A flexible divider Artromick. system, removable drawer trays, and a host of organizer accessories The flexibility of Artromick AC Anesthesia Carts permits a Keyless Entry included as a neatly arrange the medications and STANDARD feature on this customized configuration of drawers and accessories to best all related supply items. Anesthesia cart model. meet your requirements. And to further optimize security, add a secondary access requirement such as ID Badge card reader or optical bar code scanner and cart user audit. AC Anesthesia Carts offer the latest design and the latest technology to meet the unique requirements of today’s Model ACM Model ACS In Standard Height In Compact Height anesthesia professionals. Artromick AC Anesthesia Security Upgrades ID Badge Access User Audit Tracking Keyless Narcotic Storage Use a mag stripe card as an Stores over 4,000 user events and Add a second level of lock security to additional security requirement or records time/date information on any size any location on simply as the primary access method. the cart user. Information is easily the medication cart. Up to two reviewed on the high-visibility LCD keyless narcotic storage drawers per readout or downloaded to a PC. cart are possible. Keyless Access with Automatic Relocking Optional Wireless Security Control and optional security upgrades. Permits access and security control of all Artromick AC Anesthesia carts from a remote PC.
  5. 5. The Artromick Isolation Cart provides a host of innovative features that promote long-term, reliable function and value. Large-volume seamless drawer trays are supported by a unique guide Isolation system that ensures consistent performance year after year. Artromick’s superior design offers durable performance and a solid feel uncommon Spread Caster Position ensures stability control by in metal product alternatives. moving the wheels out toward the corners of the cart frame. Treatment The Artromick Treatment Cart includes a unique keyless entry system that is simple to operate and maintain. To ensure organization, every Treatment Cart features an integral divider system that can be changed and rearranged to meet the changing needs of storage compartments. Every Artromick Treatment Cart offers a complete choice of convenience accessories including a large-volume waste container and lid, drawer dividers, and innovative organizer options. I.V Therapy . Methodically organizing the varied supplies associated with I.V. preparation has never been easier than with the spacious and durable I.V. Therapy Cart line from Artromick. Integral Drawer Dividers An expansive and sturdy work surface offers ample offers the flexibility to organize room to efficiently prepare I.V. solutions. Added and re-arrange the drawer contents. work area can be achieved with the sizable slide-out work surface that can be positioned on either side of the cart top, and can be quickly changed to the right or left side in seconds without the need for tools.
  6. 6. Medical Cart Model Options Cart/Drawer Standard Intermediate Compact Configuration Height Height Height Cart Specifications Surf. Height Depth Width Standard Height Emergency 43.0" 24" 31" Anesthesia 110 cm 61 cm 79 cm Intermediate Height 39.5" 24" 31" 100 cm 61 cm 79 cm Compact Height Procedure 36.0" 24" 31" Treatment 91 cm 61 cm 79 cm Critical Care I.V. Therapy Med/Surg Drawer Specifications Height Depth Width 3" 17.5" 21.5" 7 cm 45 cm 55 cm 6" 17.5" 21.5" Isolation 16 cm 45 cm 55 cm 10" 17.5" 21.5" 25 cm 45 cm 55 cm AC Anesthesia Cart Models (Drawers can be custom-configured to best meet your unique requirements) Model ACS Model ACM Compact Height Standard Height Compact Height Standard Height H 39.5" 100 cm 43" 110 cm H 39.5" 100 cm 43" 110 cm D 24" 61 cm 24" 61 cm D 24" 61 cm 24" 61 cm W 25.5" 65 cm 25.5" 65 cm W 37.75" 96 cm 37.75" 96 cm
  7. 7. Options & Accessories Divided Drawer Tray Drawer Dividers Glove Dispenser Sharps Container Defibrillator Shelf Cardiac Board I.V. Pole Drawer Tag Holder Oxygen Tank Holder Trash Container Accessory Bridge Bulk Storage Bins Tilt Bin Organizer Tracking Wheel Writing Surface 4800 Hilton Corporate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43232 800 848 6462 614 864 9966 © Artromick 2007 Form A-069