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Artromick User Guidelines for Hospital Computing Solutions


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Artromick User Guidelines for Hospital Computing Solutions

  1. 1. AC & ACi Medication Carts By Artromick General User Guidelines Basic Tasks The following table describes how to perform basic tasks associated with the everyday use of your cart. Important: Remember to perform all set-up procedures before operating the cart to ensure that power is supplied to the lock system. How do I… Follow This Procedure… What Happens Next? Access the cart Enter your four-digit access code on the keypad. As you type the code, the LCD displays asterisks for each number. Also, if your KEY BEEP cart setting is set Note: If you make a mistake while entering to ON, you’ll hear a beep after each number that you your code, press Clear to delete the press. The LCD displays: incorrect digit. HELLO! The cart unlocks and starts the AutoLock timer. The LCD displays: ACCESS ALLOWED TIME DATE Secure the cart 1. Close all drawers. The AutoLock system begins retracting the lock. The 2. Press Secure on the keypad. LCD displays: SECURING CART followed by: CART SECURED Test the Battery Press BATTERY on the keypad. The LCD displays one of the following messages: Note: If you press BATTERY while the BATTERY CHARGE IS xx: The battery’s charge battery is charging, the LCD displays is sufficient to operate the cart. BATTERY STATUS UNAVAILABLE. BATTERY NEEDS RECHARGED SOON!: The battery’s charge is below a critical level. Recharge the Connect the Recharger Unit into the CHARGE The cart’s battery begins to recharge. The green Battery outlet on the back of the Avalo AC Medication cart light on the Recharger Unit illuminates when the and plug it into an electrical outlet. unit is 90 percent charged. Reset the cart Press the red Reset button on the back of the cart. The cart resets itself and restores normal functionality. TM AutoLock Timer Operation Once you have unlocked the cart, it automatically starts its AutoLock timer. The timer monitors cart activity and is programmed to automatically secure the cart and revert to idle mode whenever the cart remains motionless for a preconfigured relock time interval. The following table describes how the AutoLock timer works. Stage Description What Happens Next? 1. When the cart has been inactive for the configured The LCD displays: relock time interval, the cart beeps twice. CART WILL AUTO SECURE IN 10 SECONDS Note: To reset the relock time interval, use or move the cart. 2. The LCD shows the 10-second countdown The LCD displays the following messages accordingly: by changing the display every two seconds. CART WILL AUTO SECURE IN 8 SECONDS CART WILL AUTO SECURE IN 6 SECONDS And so forth. 3. When the countdown elapses, the cart relock The LCD displays. alarm beeps four times. CART IS AUTO SECURING 4. The cart locks (the lock core retracts). The LCD displays: CART SECURED Your Cart Administrator Is: 4800 Hilton Corporate Drive Columbus, Ohio 43232