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Artromick Med Server Quick Guide for Hospital Computing Solutions


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Artromick Med Server Quick Guide for Hospital Computing Solutions

  1. 1. Quick Start User Guide TX10 MedServer All-in-One Computer Power On / Off • ON: Press ON/OFF button on monitor for approximately 2-3 seconds. • OFF: Use standard operating system Log Off/Shut Down procedures. If the computer does not power-up, be certain battery is charged to sufficient level (>20%). If not, please be certain to immediately recharge unit. Cart On / Off Position switch in the ON or OFF position (located on lower / back portion of cart). ON position for normal operation and function of computer and lock system. OFF position for storage to protect battery life. Battery Charge / Recharging • Plug the cart into an outlet. LCD display will read “ CHARGING ” to confirm cart is charging. • To check battery charge level, press the button on the keypad. The cart must be unplugged to check the battery charge level. To ensure ample power for continuous and uninterrupted use, please plug cart into outlet during any period when the unit is not in use. BE SURE TO UNPLUG CART BEFORE MOVING AWAY FROM OUTLET. Unlocking the Cart During Medication Pass 1. Press the button on keypad to ‘wake-up’ the keyless lock system. 2. LCD will display “ENTER ACCESS CODE”. Enter the valid 4-digit access code. If you make a mistake while entering your code, press the button to delete the incorrect digit(s), and re-enter correct code. 3. Cart will open and provide access to patient bins and drawers. Securing the Cart During Medication Pass 1. Close all patient bins and drawers. 2. Press the button on the keypad. 3. Once the cart is secure, the LCD will display “CART SECURED”. 4. If the cart remains motionless while unlocked, the auto-relock will engage. 5. If the cart has relocked, simply enter a valid 4-digit access code to access cart. Height Adjustment To adjust the vertical height of the work surface or computer monitor, perform the following: • To raise the unit, press the button on the keypad. • To lower the unit, press the button on the keypad.
  2. 2. Wheel Locks • To keep the unit stationary while in use, push down the Wheel Lock Off Lock On Lock Tabs located on the unit’s casters. To unlock, lift the Wheel Lock Tab to the upward position. If you are having difficulty pushing or maneuvering the unit, be certain the Wheel Lock Tabs are NOT in the down or locked position. Be certaiN cart is NOt Plugged-iN tO wall Outlet. QuickClear Button • To temporarily ‘hide’ screen data to protect privacy, simply press the button on the monitor. To restore monitor image, press button again. Product Maneuvering • Only use the integrated work surface handle when moving the cart unit. DO NOT attempt to push, pull or lift cart unit by the keyboard tray or monitor mount column. When crossing a flooring threshold, Artromick suggests PulliNg the cart over the threshold to ensure a safe and stable transition. Cleaning Unit • Apply cleaning agent (isopropyl alcohol, warm soapy water, non-corrosive or non-abrasive agents) to a soft cloth and wipe surfaces as needed. Thoroughly dry. • DO NOT apply cleaning agents, whether aerosol or liquid-based, directly to any surface of the computing unit of cart. Troubleshooting Guide Computer does not have power / monitor is not working confirm the QuickClear button has not been pressed. confirm the computer has not entered stand-by or hibernation mode. check that the unit is sufficiently charged. Press button on keypad to confirm system has ample charge to power the computer. Charge must be greater than 20% for computer to function. If less than 20%, plug battery system power cord into outlet until sufficient charge is supplied to system. confirm all the cable connections into the bottom of the computer monitor are fully plugged-in and secure. Keyboard keys and /or mouse are not working check that the external USB plug is fully inserted into the monitor unit. Moving Cart is Difficult check to be sure cart unit wheels are NOT in the locked position (lock tab pressed down). check to be sure cart unit is NOT plugged into wall outlet and recharging. Cart Drawers Will Not Lock confirm the lock system is in the secure position by pressing the SECURE key on the keypad. confirm there are no items protruding from drawers or bins that may prohibit full closure. Cart Drawers Will Not Open If the bins or drawers will not open after entering the 4-digit access code, confirm the user access code is valid. If the cart still does not open, press the button. Battery charge must be greater than 20%. If the cart does not have sufficient charge to use the keypad for access, use the override cart key located on the back of the unit to open drawers. Begin charging immediately. www.artromick.com © Artromick International, Inc., 2006 Re.v. 6/07 800 848 6462 Form A-124 P/N 6840